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  1. I really like what you put together, but this seems a bit much to me (52 minutes = a year later). Sorry should of explained my reasons for this. we have two more players interested in joining and my thought process is that once the chaos kill team arrives they will start a covert mission to overthrow the planet and start a rebellion. This will trigger the watch station to send two Death Watch Marines ( ie the other two players) to investigate the cause and root it out. these players will arrive the same time as my main group. Also Chaos is playing the long game so they are not in a rush to expose their hand. I think 3-6 months would sound better though, 3 months being the best time right on their heels and 6 months worst case scenario. thank you guys for the input as always
  2. well i was honestly shooting for a short game session. My players are all showing up before a birthday BBQ so i was hoping to try and advance the story before the rest of the party guests show up and i figured this would be a great way to create some tension with the chase and buy me more time to create a fully fleshed out session either on the planet the chaos ship is headed too or with a boarding action.
  3. ok so what I have so far is the team starts from the loading bay of their ship. while en route to the command deck the kill teams ship is hit with a psychic scream ( similar to the weapon used by the night lords from the books) this will kill the workers who are stationed at the weapon battery terminals and ship power terminal. when the team arrives to the bridge they will have to decide who will man the two stations leaving behind two members and the rest will be used to repel boarders that the enemy ship is firing at the kill team. the weapons battery controls will allow for energy allocation to the following systems the total cannot exceed 100% Prow weapons- torpedo's ( un able to aim, requires leading the target and hope the ship stays on that course) Star board macro cannons ( 4 macro cannons to be used if the ship can get along side the enemy) Port Side macro cannons ( 4 macro cannons to be used if the ship can get along side the enemy) Defensive batteries ( for every 10% of power allocated here this will reduce the number of boarder that attack the ship making it easier for the rest of the kill team to clean up the attackers. Nova Cannon ( this will require one to two full turns to charge but will allow targeting of the engines to and will most likely result in major damage. Engine power will control how fast the ship can catch up to the enemy but must weigh either dodging the enemy attacks, catching up or staying on course for better aim for the weapons. engine power - if this is kept at above 70% then the ship will start to close the distance with the enemy for every turn it stays that high. This will negatively impact the weapons being fired and make the ship more susceptible to enemy fire. starboard thrusters - moving more then 35% power here will help the ship avoid torpedoes and assault craft. port side thrusters- moving more then 35% power here will help the ship avoid torpedoes and assault craft. Booster - Full burn will give the ship a full turn worth of extra speed lower chance of being hit but making the weapons almost useless while the ship is boosting. Booster will require 4 full turns to recharge before it can be used again. The goal of the enemy ship is to escape. depending on the kill teams actions this mission will end either with a boarding action on the enemy ship or following them into the warp. If the kill team doesn't stop them then, depending on how damaged the ship is and how far behind they are they will arrive at the enemies destination to find a planet and varying degrees of revolt against the imperium. the stage of the revolt depends completely on the time the kill team needed to catch up. but because of warp travel every minute they are behind will be one week time passing for the planet. As always any input is greatly appreciated and I will be recording this session when I do run this mission for everyone to critique and view.
  4. Genius Sir, The chaos ship will unleash a new kind of weapon sending a shock wave through the Kill teams ship. Which will kill servitors and some of the crew but also knock out the crew responsible for Damage and shield control as well as all the weapon batteries. This will require two of the team to stay and man each of those stations but free up the other members to help repel borders. im going to start today in creating all the different modules. Might have to check out battle fleet gothic armada for some more ideas. Thank you again Praetor for putting me in the right direction.
  5. FFG has confirmed that there will not be a digital version for deathwatch on hero lab.
  6. Thank you Praetor The Daemon knight was something I had to write up real quick on the fly when they bypassed all the major obstacles. But due to there drive to hunt down the Chaos Marines I do need help from everyone on how to narrate or keep the characters engaged for the impending space chase and combat. Has anyone done a encounter like this before? If so how did you write it up and what did you have the characters do to keep them entertained. Also I will be recording our next game session and putting it on my youtube channel.
  7. Today while playing Deathwatch, we were sent to a secret illegal Adeptus Mechanicus facility to save the day. After an early encounter with gene stealers, things turned very strange. First, my Dark Angel Devastator noticed a Chaos Space Marine leveling an autocannon at us from down the hall, out of range of my heavy bolter. Luckily, I noticed in time that we were able to dodge, and his attack was wasted. After that the Traitor Marine vanished down the hall, and was not seen again for quite some time. We turned a corner and proceeded through a couple of rooms that were surprisingly clean for a station that was suffering from an infestation from both Tyranids and the Ruinous Powers, especially since we later found evidence that the patron of these Chaos worshipers was Grandfather Nurgle, the Plague Lord. After a near unfortunate occurrence involving some turrets and me, our Assault Marine was dragged back into the hallway by a Tyranid Lictor, though he retreated when we all came to his aid. In the next room we found a computer bank that told us that this facility was devoted to three things: Heresy, Heresy, and More Heresy! The tech-priests running this station had been trying to perfect the Tyranid form, and were also trying to develop a means by which they could be controlled. After discovering this, we came under attack by the Chaos tainted servitors that had once served the station. They came through vents, through the floor and the walls by the dozen, but our hand flamers and my heavy bolter saw us through, and showed that a hundred servitors were no match for three Space Marines. It would have been four, but our Techmarine was fighting his own battle. The next room would have held the device in question, but it had already been looted by the Traitor Marines. At that point we'd run out of path, so we turned back and went the other way. It was pretty smooth sailing, aside from the fact that we almost forgot about a trap we'd set, and thus, nearly blew ourselves up with it. On the other side of the station, we found very little information, but there was a horror show. We found an elevator going down to what was apparently a biome where the captured Tyranids were allowed to run free, and we found a number of vats where the Tyranids were being stored. Further on, we found the slabs where the operations were performed, and in one of those rooms, it looked like a procedure was interrupted, though there were no bodies anywhere to be found. At that point, one of the Traitor Marines contacted us, suggesting that they were waiting on the lower floor, though our Librarian reached out into the Warp and located them nearby. After slogging through the near liquified remains of the tech priests that had operated the station, we found the Chaos Space Marines, just in time to see them flee through a Warp portal. The Sorcerer leading them summoned a Daemon Knight to cover their escape. It was a terrible fight, and none of us made it through unscathed, but in the end our Librarian slew it. At that point, we would have proceeded to the lower levels to cleanse the station of its Tyranid infestation, but we were contacted by the captain of the Battle Barge that had been our transport and told that they were moving to pursue a fleeing Chaos vessel. Not wishing to be left behind, we chose to extract at that point, leaving the Adeptus Mechanicus to clean up their own mess when they retook the station. Long story short, it was a hell of a time. That last fight with the Daemon was so hairy that I started thinking about what my next character might be, if we were to die. My initial thought was a Space Wolf Apothecary, but apparently Space Wolves are too hopped up on Viking stuff to be healers, so that went out the window.
  8. Hi everyone it has been a long time and i have not forgotten about you guys just work kicking my butt. I will be copying and pasting a synopsis that one of my players wrote for the mission we ran, obviously things did not go according to plan as the group completely by passed the biome set up on the lower floor for Testing which is where some of the heavier hitters where lying in wait. Overall it was a great mission and thank you all for the input.
  9. 40k Crusade? I think a great Idea would be to have a new 40k game but to incorporate all of the previous ones into a new campaign. Lets say a new sector of the galaxy has appeared that was previously non existent. This would lead the Imperium to send a massive contingent of the Imperial Guard to conquer it (only war). The Inquisition would take notice as there are worlds in this sector that are still loyal to the imperium but they would need to be checked for corruption and what use they could be to the Imperium, not to mention what artifacts or chaos being lurk in this sector (Dark Heresy). The new appearance of watch stations in this sector leads to the death watch's involvement. also there could be a xenos threat weather new or old in this sector lets say hive fleet that was previously unknown also appeared in this sector more than enough reasons for the deathwatch to be involved (Deathwatch).last but not least the rogue traders, a new sector means new worlds to explore, tech to steal and sell, and any number of ways to make an insane amount of money would be here as well. Granted I have never played rogue trader my self but I assume that is the basis of the RPG. For the other side of the coin you have the black crusade lets say a handful of planets in this sector all in the same area are all aligned with chaos or maybe just not loyal. this would create a great base of operations for the black crusade and another reason for the all the previously mentioned good guys to be here. I think this would be a great way give all the 40k RP something they want, plus updating some of the older rules and interacting with other players making the cross playability easier. If you wanted to include the mechanicum in this that could be done by having a exploratory fleet being the one who discovered it.
  10. Thank you MaximusFlavius I am actually looking at playing as Chaos and Dark Eldar. I just wanted to own enough for the other armies for when my friends wanted to play as well and it still be relatively fair across each deck. But I will be checking out these websites.
  11. I asked FFG over two weeks ago and did not receive a reply as to weather or not they would allow or would be coming out with a DW digital character sheet. I also asked if Lone Wolf would ever be getting anything in the future. When I do receive a reply I will make sure to post it here.
  12. ok awesome thank you for the quick reply and clearing that up.
  13. So a buddy of mine purchased the first core set and we had a blast playing. I want to get into since he moved away, and I was looking at getting one of each of the core sets and one of each of the separate packs. Some of my friends have expressed a lot of interest in playing and everyone likes different armies so I figured this would be the best way to get sort of a complete set. But one of my friends was telling me that in order to actually be complete we would need 3 core sets and 3 of the same war packs because of how many cards come in a pack and how many of the same ones are allowed in a deck. Is this correct? has anyone broken down what comes in each pack and how many packs it would take to complete a whole army? I am looking toward chaos and dark elder for myself and between my other 4 friends we have most of the races covered but buying multiples of the same pack kinda upsetting. If this was asked before than please just link it I just don't want to waste extra money if I don't have to.
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