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  1. Haven't heard anything. Keeping an eye out though!
  2. I haven't heard anything yet, but there's no way they'll do it the same weekend as any other FFG events. I wouldn't worry about that!
  3. Wow! That's early. I bet they have some special plans in store for the event. I think last year was $35 per person, up from $25 the year before. I feel like it's definitely worth that with the swag bags and all the games and autograph opportunities.
  4. Good point. Obviously, I know no more than you, but the site does say "ARKHAM NIGHTS 2017 IS SOLD OUT. " on the details page, rather than saying pre-registration is closed (which they said two years ago, if I recall correctly). So, my best guess is that it's actually sold out.
  5. I guess we didn't need to worry about people not coming because of the late date. The ticket site says they've sold out. https://www.showclix.com/event/arkham-nights-2017 I'm excited to have a full house again this year. That made last year even more fun. Plenty of games to drop in on or watch, lots of excitement and just generally more energetic!
  6. Got it! Thanks. I hope we get it early in the week!
  7. Does anyone remember when they released the schedule in past years? I thought it was about a week out, but we don't have one yet. I'm just curious if they're behind on that this year as well or I'm wrong about when I should have expected a schedule.
  8. Great! They're yours. Let me know when/where to meet you at AN and I'll pass them off. Any interest in some wooden clue tokens? They won't have locations on the back, but they're high quality and could work well if you need extras for the bigger game. We use them for a lot of Arkham games, but have way too many.
  9. Last year they had decks premade for playing with Matt Newman, but it was new and we were just learning the base game. I would suspect that they will have decks made for any organized events (they did that when they had the Call of Cthulhu tournament in 2015) but if you want to play between then, you'll want to bring your own. Hopefully when they announce the schedule, they'll have some more details about things like that, but I wouldn't expect it.
  10. Hi fellow Lovcraftians, My partner and I are clearing out duplicates and unused items in our collection and would love to trade/sell/give away some things at Arkham Nights. I can add pictures if you're interested in anything, but here's an overview of what we have. All items are in good condition, many are unused. Items for sale/trade: -Eldritch Horror Mountains of Madness Expansion: Beta Copy (the rule book says BETA, tokens are unopened, all pieces/cards appear to be present) I believe this was only used for playtests and the tokens are entirely unused. -7 Call of Cthulhu playmats (from regionals, worlds, Arkham Nights and a variety of art) -Cthulhu figures (6 CoC core set domain markers, 12 mini figures) Items for free: -Player sheets for all Arkham Horror (board game) characters and monsters (from all expansions, but no event exclusives) -Boards for Arkham Horror base game, Dunwich, Kingsport and Insmouth expansions -Some cards from Arkham Horror (board game) and Eldritch Horror -White card boxes in a variety of sizes Items we would be interested in for trade: -AN promo items from before 2015 -Eldritch/Arkham dice -Mansions of Madness dice -Other Arkham themed things (feel free to offer something) We would also accept cash. If you buy anything, I'll probably have some other stuff to give you for free with it. There are some wooden and plastic tokens, promo cards, alt art cards etc. that I haven't gone through yet and I'd love to clear some of those out. Let me know if you want pictures or more info about anything!
  11. The swag looks awesome and Richard Launius will be there! I'm feeling much better about things now. I definitely feel like the stuff we get makes the higher price tag worth it.
  12. Exactly! We have played with designers the past two years, heard about works in the pipelines (one of which turned out to be Fate of the Elder God's) and gotten boxes autographed. Richard's first edition is super cool and he's fun to chat with. I really hope he and Kevin Wilson are still there. I'm sure Nikki Valens and Matt Newman will be there, as they're FFG employees (at least I think they still are) and they'll have a great OP team, but I still wouldn't want to miss out on the outside talent. I hope that all our fretting is for nothing and it's just as awesome an event as always!
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