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  1. Love those! I'm just starting mine, starting with the heros. I love the detail on the minis, makes for a fun paint job.
  2. I doubt we'll get the GenCon stuff, but I hope I'm wrong because that is an awesome playmat. If they have extras they could be raffle prizes.
  3. Looks like they are sold out. It's a bummer that you missed out.
  4. I expect more DLC or app changes soon. I'm hoping for a legacy element. Tariffs have been tough on board game companies, but digital content allows them to avoid that problem. I don't see them undertaking any big physical changes until that situation is stable.
  5. I agree with all the advice above! The only thing I would add is bring anything you might want signed. We've brought box tops from our favorite games and gotten them signed by the designers. They're always happy to oblige. I've seen others get rule books or game pieces signed (like cards or MoM tiles). The box tops now adorn our walls since the artwork is great and we store our games in organizers anyway. If you have any questions about the area, let us know! Tons of people on here will be from nearby and happy to make suggestions.
  6. I encountered the same glitch. We solved the puzzle first. Edit: Forgot to mention it was on Android.
  7. This is an amazing idea! I'd snap that game up, even though I know it would be insanely expensive.
  8. There's always so much to look forward to at Arkham Nights. Swag, acquaintances we only see once a year, games to play, the raffle, etc. What are you most excited for? I'm psyched to try Arkham Horror: Final Hour. My fiance and I love the longer Arkham games, but our game group doesn't often have the time or patience for them. I'm hoping this is a way to get a little bit of my favorite mythos into our game nights. Can't wait to see a lot of familiar faces next month!
  9. Haven't heard anything. Keeping an eye out though!
  10. I haven't heard anything yet, but there's no way they'll do it the same weekend as any other FFG events. I wouldn't worry about that!
  11. Wow! That's early. I bet they have some special plans in store for the event. I think last year was $35 per person, up from $25 the year before. I feel like it's definitely worth that with the swag bags and all the games and autograph opportunities.
  12. Good point. Obviously, I know no more than you, but the site does say "ARKHAM NIGHTS 2017 IS SOLD OUT. " on the details page, rather than saying pre-registration is closed (which they said two years ago, if I recall correctly). So, my best guess is that it's actually sold out.
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