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  1. as for as the rest, i think you're being a little chicken-littley. FFG has done great things with 40k and star wars, and l5r is a HUGE property for them. they've already indicated that they're going to do SOMETHING with it. maybe give them the benefit of the doubt. the lack of an rpg forum probably has more to do with the fact that the sale happened just a few weeks ago and they tend to not bother creating forums for products that don't exist yet. Cielago-san, I'll respectfully disagree with you on about WH40K, and WHFRP for that matter. FFG has cranked out several titles for 40K, supported them with a few books then dropped them [black Crusade, Only War]. I'm not a hard-core 40K grog myself, but the friends that I have that are have been *seriously* tee'd off at the mismanagement of the IP generally. Beyond that, the pricing is deucedly high for the page-count, especially for games whose binding crack so easily. The WHFRP and Star Wars systems could only be described as a mess. Between copy-written symbol dice, cards, and so on, about the only things they didn't include in the mechanic was literally bells, whistles, and a voodoo stick. Might as well just play Talisman and be done with it. No, the sky is not falling [Chicken Little], but I do wonder what will happen to a game that I do enjoy. I don't think it's particularly pessimistic to look at the evidence and behavior of the company regarding their past efforts and see a possible future for this one. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps I'll be disappointed. My position is 'wait and see, but the indications are not all that great.'
  2. One wonders what disaster happened at AEG to make them give up their cornerstone IP. I assume that I'm not the only fan of the RPG to be shocked by the sale. With the success of the 4th edition and the publishing schedule, you'd think that L5R4 would have been a healthy game. Personally, I think we're buggered. FFG has dropped a bunch of it's old games from their schedule [black Crusade, Only War, etc.] so I don't see us getting a lot of support from them. I'm not saying they won't support the RPG, but 'the lack of an RPG forum speaks volumes to me'.... IF by some chance, the RPG gets picked up by someone else I sincerely hope they unchain it from the card game. For a society built on iron-clad tradition, Rokugan's last century-and-a-half [1100-1280] has been a stone beeyotch. A culture as rigid as theirs would completely fracture under all these disasters.
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