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  1. they just award the flight to the winner the year after?
  2. the inquisitor dies to 4 elite trooper shots (my opponent plays 9 elite trooper figures)if he does not dodge...and his main attack against zillo technique usually does not kill a trooper in one go (if trooper rolls 2-3 blocks)...so a waste of points (tried it many times)..usually he rolls 5 dmg and 1 surge (and that is not a bad roll)...so with downgrading pierce 3 to 1 and discard of a card the trooper takes just 4 dmg
  3. you can probably buy it at worlds for cheap 30 USD
  4. QD is in honesty not worth the points...he dies so fast...against a tokend out defenderx2 range 1 (with both shots) he maybe does 3-4 damage total (on r2-3 way less) and in the return fire of 3 defenders he is toast with 5hp left
  5. as there was always a new faq + map for Gencon and worlds in the past...i assume there will be a new faq plus rotation 2 weeks before worlds...but just a guess
  6. a good player will deny you any hidden with murne... I have seen it done everytime I play her...and i would do the same...as you are a spy list your opponent will obviously factor in that you will cancel some stuff..so why bother playing? and if you cancel you still will not have more cards than him...
  7. Statistics on number of ships played: (NL nats) **Empire** TIE Defender: 22 Lambda Shuttle: 9 TIE Advanced Prototype: 9 TIE fighter: 8 TIE Interceptor: 5 TIE/fo: 5 TIE Punisher: 4 TIE Phantom: 3 Decimator: 3 TIE Advanced: 2 TIE Bomber: 1 Firespray: 0 **Rebels** VCX-100 Ghost: 9 X-Wing: 8 Z-95 Headhunter: 6 A-Wing: 6 Y-Wing: 5 T-70 X-Wing: 5 YT-2400: 4 YT-1300: 4 E-Wing: 3 B-Wing: 1 Phantom attack shuttle: 1 HWK: 0 **Scum & Villainy** Jumpmaster: 24 YV-666: 7 Agressor: 6 Firespray: 5 Misthunter: 3 Z-95 Headhunter: 3 HWK: 2 Khiraxz: 1 Y-Wing: 1 Starviper: 1 Scyk: 0
  8. wampas don't surge...it is known
  9. paul heaver 17. not making it to top 16 only on opp/opp score tiebraker...shame
  10. He will probably have a black die and gets another if you forsake his brutality...like the ability says
  11. lazyness should not be encouraged
  12. I know what the new expansion is gonna be...so I hope they gonna spoil it on Gencon
  13. yeah don't be lazy come up with your own ideas
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