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  1. When will Outer Rim be coming to the Star Wars Dice App?
  2. You're correct, sorry if that wasn't clear in the article. You have to finish the maneuver overlapping to 'activate' struts, which then let's you ignore the obstacle that you moved through. If you don't land on it, you can't flip struts to ignore it
  3. Wow that's pretty cool, nicely done! Certainly isn't a simple card
  4. A hopefully useful and wholesomely educational article about how all the crazy cards and interactions in droid swarms work! https://nathanxwing.home.blog/2019/12/01/how-stuff-works-droids/
  5. Blog Tournament Report from the Auckland (New Zealand) Hyperspace Trial a couple weeks ago! https://nathanxwing.home.blog/2019/11/29/auckland-hst-roger-rogering-again/
  6. Pretty much what @Kordos said. The mirror against other droids has been the scariest thing I've faced. I can imagine other swarms (TIE or Sinker) giving it some trouble, but would need to play the matchups a few times to see who was favoured. Also well flown super patient aces could probably do it, but can very often simply block/corner the aces and kill them.
  7. Thanks for the game, was a good one! Yeah, working as intended there, do my best to make sear an unattractive and hard to get to target
  8. Hmmm no idea what's happening there, seems to work for me. Maybe try this link to the homepage https://nathanxwing.home.blog/
  9. Here's my tournament report from my trip to Australia's Grand Champs last week https://nathanxwing.home.blog/2019/11/19/australian-grand-droidfest/
  10. LOVE THIS! (stealing for later if I write about Nantex again)
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