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  1. Xelto

    Cow-like Beasts and How to Use Them

    I prefer the 3x1 formation with flank fire and metered march, actually. The lack of a reroll it its weak spot, but metered march plus their innate turn-on-demand gives you the ability to roam pretty much wherever you feel like. Your opponent has to make a concerted effort to track you down, and if he does that, he's not concentrating on the bulk of your forces.
  2. Xelto

    The Land Endures

    The fact that they decided to give last year's World's winners an alternate prize definitely suggests there isn't anything new coming.
  3. Xelto

    BC Balance Package - Playtesting

    Fair enough. Can we get the graphs combined and the units sorted by descending percent of votes, so it's easier to see them in relation to the others?
  4. Xelto

    BC Balance Package - Playtesting

    Only 25% of people responded that she was overpowered. One problem with the survey, as shown, is that the bar graphs had different scales on them. Kari's 11 out of 50 responses showed as large a bar as it did because Daqan's 'overpowered' list had a scale of 20, as opposed to 30 or 40 for most of the other graphs. I'm less certain that Vorun'thul should have shown up as needing tweaking. With 20 votes out of 50 for 'overpowered', that's not even a majority, let alone an overwhelming one. And how did that end up being 48.8%? It should be 40%. And even if there's some wonky stuff going on, Reanimates had 21 votes for 'underperforming', which shows as 45.7%. Edit: hang on, 11 votes out of 50 should show as 22%. Can you tell what's going on with the percentages shown? And maybe combine the graphs so that they show all the units together, then sort by number of votes, so we can get a better comparison?
  5. Xelto

    Unit Balance Survey

    I think that another part of it was that there were really only three choices: overpowered, underpowered, or balanced. So, take heavy crossbows: I would rate them as strong. Not quite overpowered, but on the other hand, strong enough that I had to think about it before answering that one.
  6. Xelto

    Unit Balance Survey

    Ready to release the results yet?
  7. Xelto

    The Land Endures

    Of course there are other options. That's how you get prototype components, after all. But they're rarely durable, can need fixing at awkward times, and definitely lack the visual appeal that's part of the flavor of a miniatures game.
  8. Xelto

    The Land Endures

    It's the 'non-commercially' part that concerns me, specifically because there are a few components that will be hard to create on an individual level with our current tech level—the command tool being the one at the forefront of my concerns. It should be possible to create command tools out of materials other than chipboard, but, speaking as someone who makes prototype components for testing, the results are likely to be less than stellar. There are places that will make custom components... but they usually give discounts for bulk purchases. My usual go-to place will sell counter sets for $5 each... or down to $2 each if we buy 600 at a time. Oh, and they have a $250 setup fee to make the custom die. $5 each for a few pieces of chipboard isn't exactly cheap, and you have to add shipping and minimum orders on top of that, but it is doable. But you have to figure out how to get the initial $250 setup fee paid. And the logistics of trying to reduce costs by doing a group-purchase, and then group-divide, are an absolute nightmare if you don't want to risk someone turning a profit at the end of the day. Now, some of us could get reasonable quality components without all this extra hassle—for me, my local library has a laser cutter for patron use, and so long as I don't mind sanding the scorch marks off the edges, I'm good. But I did a quick look-around, and while public tech rooms have become common in libraries near me, they're not universal yet.
  9. Well, it's worth a look-at. But this conversation has sort of skipped all over, sometimes at high speed. I think it's probably time to take the best ideas, and give people plenty of time to vote on which of those ideas they think are test-worthy, and the specific one or of the test-worthy ones they would prefer seeing tested.
  10. I like this approach better than skill --> protected. If it's too strong, it can probably be dialed back a bit by having any damage happen simultaneously.
  11. Xelto

    New plastic stands

    They're a bit taller than the old ones, so they don't fit perfectly.
  12. Xelto

    The Land Endures

    I didn't see any patent information in the rule book, nor a quick patent search. And copyright doesn't cover game mechanics. Can you go into more detail about this license?
  13. That would be it, thank you. And, as predicted, I feel silly.
  14. Yeah, I'm going to be embarrassed when someone tells me, because I know that I know what they're called, but for the life of me, I can't bring it to mind right now.
  15. Xelto

    The Land Endures

    The tricky part is making decent-quality components to go with these beasties, primarily the command tools.