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  1. I may pick up a Timeworn Brand down the road, just so I can do regular attacks for more than a single point of damage, but first things first, I think.
  2. Well, at the risk of the obvious... https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_blob Beyond that, consider: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1004906_creature_from_the_black_lagoon https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/bride_of_frankenstein https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/godzilla_1956 And if you're feeling like you want to really, truly dive into B-movies, save your sanity a bit, and try the Mystery Science Theater 3000 versions. There's a decent chance your local library has the videos available for borrowing.
  3. Ah. Still, ten years worth of product still in production for the most part is not a bad feat.
  4. That hiatus has been suspended, apparently. They just announced two new products for the line. And I think Arkham Horror makes more money for them, without needing any licenses, so you're probably fine.
  5. 4. Skip the tiring trip to the musty museum, and have a night on the town at Excelsior Hotel, instead.
  6. Did an impressive amount of healing. It was an excellent choice for the campaign.
  7. Note that changing the game state does not require you to be able to do the entire option, just enough to change the game state. If, for example, you must choose between losing an action or taking 1 damage and losing 1 resource, you can choose the second option even if you don't have any resources. You do what you can (take 1 damage), ignore what you can't do (lose 1 resource), and the damage is enough to have "changed the game state".
  8. It's all about timing. Reap with everything except him, send him on a suicide run, then play a bunch of creatures.
  9. It replaces that skill with one that's similar but more challenging: analyzing a deck you haven't seen before in under two minutes, and determining how strong it is relative to one you know. You don't get the luxury of months searching for the perfect deck. You don't get any advantages for having deep pockets. If there's a broken card out there that hasn't been errataed, you don't have to expect to see it in every single deck that makes it to the end of the tournament. No, you get none of that. Instead, you have two minutes to determine how many chains that deck you're looking at is worth. You think that doesn't take skill? It's merely a different skill than M:tG and similar tournaments need.
  10. One thing about this that I think is a plus is they're promoting adaptive format, so hopefully this isn't going to turn into yet another biggest-pockets-wins setup. And I hope they go somewhere with Reversal, as well, though that's looking like a minor side effort at best for this.
  11. 3D printing isn't very precise yet (at least not for any home printer), so you may end up with various problems attempting it. For base inserts, it would be simpler to purchase some of the triangle-style bases, such as these You can use 3D printing for bases probably (you'll probably need a bit of postwork, but it's still something you can work with). With the way 3D printing leaves lines and blemishes, you won't want to use it for dials. That's probably the best bet, long-term. You'll run out of spare Ardus dials quickly if you're making new units. And a dial is rather easy to make.
  12. Xelto

    AMA with Andrew Navaro

    Let's broaden that to more than just campaigns. There are several games that seem to not have any active FFG development going on, that those games' communities are developing content for—Runewars Minis comes strongly to mind, but there are enough people on the Heroes of Terrinoth groups that are assuming that game is finished, and are doing their own things to keep it going. Would you be willing to support (through print on demand, licensing the game, or whatever other solution is available) these efforts in any way?
  13. Just to make sure I'm understanding what you're suggesting: the Uthuk have upgrades that allow them to place Ynfearnal tokens. But instead of placing one or more generic faction tokens, they would place either an Ynfearnal [stable], Ynfearnal [unstable], or Ynfearnal [natural] token. Then ranges for game effects would vary, based on the amount of any given rune in play. So, for instance, instead of units and upgrades saying "If at range X-Y of [faction token]", they would say something like "If inside Ynfearnal influence". The effective ranges of upgrades will fluctuate during the game. Yeah, that definitely differentiates them sufficiently.
  14. It sounds like you'll want two different keywords: one for "this unit is unhallowed" and one for "place unhallowed tokens near the Waiqar-specific terrain". That's going to be a challenge. The only idea I could come up with are tokens that move, either away from or toward units, depending on how the runes come up. I'm not sure if I like the idea or not.
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