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  1. Yeah, that was my concern. Although, at this point it would be more to enjoy tbe material, than for any real time-savings... Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Appreciate the feedback. Since there's nothing new on the DH2 horizon, I'm interested in looking through some of the First Ed. material. Although in truth, my group does far less playing than I'd like, and I've got loads of material that's still untapped...I still like to be prepared. Even if I don't get around to running it for a looooong time, the Haarlock stuff definitely looks cool. Think I'll check it out - thanks again!
  3. For those who've run Haarlock's Legacy in DH2: 1. Did you adapt the adventures to Askellon and/or incorporate any of the DH2 fluff, or stick to the Calixis Sector with DH2 mechanics? 2. If running in Askellon, how did the translation to the new sector work out? Any tips? 3. Is Haarlock's Legacy worth picking up, all things considered? I'm interested in the trilogy, but started with DH2 and have no immediate plans to move the campaign out of Askellon. Any feedback would be appreciated - thanks!
  4. Great introductory music for a large, supernatural enemy force (like daemons or the risen dead) is "Hall of Saurian Entombment" by Nile. Easily one of my players' favorites. For an uncomfortable social or exotic diplomatic setting where things don't feel quite right, "Suspended in Light" by Neurosis lends a weird, shivery kind of atmosphere. And if your game includes any epic battles against overwhelming odds or rousing action scenes - especially on Feral, Feudal, or Death Worlds - it's hard to beat the original (1982) Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. I'm sure I have more, but those are what popped in my head sitting here at work. Happy gaming!
  5. Here's a follow-up question: Since fatigue covers a number of situations (mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion and non-lethal injury), does it make sense to apply the recovery mechanisms accordingly? Don't have my book on hand - but I believe recaf will remove a couple levels of fatigue. This makes sense if the Acolytes have been up all night researching in a data-vault; less so if they just got their clocks cleaned in unarmed combat.
  6. i rarely use Fatigue, except when it's a pretty obvious complication for the Acolytes to consider. For example - they've got to get from Hive A to Voidport B in only X amount of time, and I'm making a production out of the difficulty involved - running, hopping from mag-train to auto-carriage and fighting through crowds, etc. so that when they reach their destination, it makes sense that they are tired / sore / breathless, and could impact their combat ability (or whatever). I like the Fatigue mechanic, too, but some of the gains (and the recovery process) seem kind of arbitrary, so like many of the rules (I've got an easy-going group of Acolytes), I just wing it.
  7. Yeah, I'm a little nervous that it's the former, while holding out hope that it's the latter.
  8. I'd be happy to see anything now that the Enemies supplements are complete. Bestiary, expanded gazetteer, another long adventure in the vein of Forgotten Gods. Come on FFG - drop us a hint!
  9. How about a surveillance model? Integrated pict-recorder and vox receiver/transmitter. Would be useful to get the lay of the land before bursting in bolter first...
  10. Great encounter - I will plunder accordingly for my game. Many thanks!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! No problem! Purchased my copy last night. Good stuff, and happy to complete the series.
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