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  1. Improved Tagge and Palpatine/IO hard counter? At the start of the command phase, every ship may recover one of it’s discarded defense tokens. Then discard this card.
  2. New Ackbar -At the start of the command phase restore one shield facing of your choice on every ship in your fleet to it’s starting value. Then throw Ackbar out of a window.
  3. Glass half full perspective. Giving us a third faction means they are spending more time and resources on Armada and we'll no long go months without an update?
  4. If they come out with 2.0 I'll play it. Do we need 2.0? IMO no. I can't find any major change necessary that would warrant a 2.0 (maybe a bit of randomness in determining initiative?) Can I expect an Armada 2.0 way down the line? IMO yes. FFG has increasingly shown themselves to major players in the tabletop war gaming industry. Tabletop war games go through editions to keep the game alive and well (whether they'll keep their models/games fairly cheap compared to the competition we'll see and will probably decide if I ever stop playing).
  5. Just for the record, the Chiss Ascendancy is now canon (check the latest Thrawn comic), fits the timeline and we’ve actually have a design for one of the capital ships (I’m not gonna link it because discussion kind of went sideways on it but if you want to see it check out my post history).
  6. Just a general query for Gencon perceptions. Is an Ackbar MC80 a bad idea in era of Raddus? I know one of the tops fleets used Ackbar but I was more curious about the general use of him in the field.
  7. Rebel One, a CIS Providence Class Ship was also Leia’s command ship for a time.
  8. That’s he problem right there. We are arguing past each other. You haven’t explained (at least to me adequately) why that conclusion is reasonable. That somehow the lack of making cross faction/clone wars YET means it is somehow more unlikely in the future. We are talking about possibilities here and somehow the lack of content is supposed to be more concrete when ffg has shown a clear motivation to go beyond rebel/imp eras/factions. Everything else I mentioned was just extra evidence why they could do it.
  9. I meant is it one of those obscure ships they let into Armada after the merger?
  10. Errant Venture doesn’t exist (and it breaks my heart) in canon.
  11. Did the mc30 come after the merger? (Serious question)
  12. That’s the evidence we have all provided by the same actor. The lack of a faction (or cross faction/clone wars) ships-now does not preclude their release in the future. In the most cynical sense ffg has proven they do t care about scale (ssd), using ships within screen time (vsd, af2 - not even counting obscure ships in xwing like the kimoglia) and already a willing to cross eras. Why would ffg have one rule for armada and another for the rest. The real question is there really any reason why they can’t ?? I can’t think of any reason why not and that’s awesome.
  13. FFG generally doesn't make a ship dual faction at first (Havok might be the only exception at release that I can think of). They released the Y-Wing, Z95s, and HWK for the Rebels first and then made them cross faction. Same thing happened for the Tie. They'll probably now make the ARC cross faction as well. I only bring this up as basically history just makes it more likely that a new faction could come in time. At this point there is probably more evidence based on FFG history that they'll bring in more factions. Lack of content now doesn't preclude nor make it any less probable.
  14. The logic doesn't quite follow FFG production history. Including Clone Wars tech now doesn't preclude the faction from appearing later. See the ARC170 in X-Wing. The we already have the Arquittens on the Imperial side. I would actually posit that the more clone wars ships we get that it would make the Clone Wars factions more likely as they'll run dry on releases and then bam!... new cardboard and upgrade cards for a new release. (Just to be clear, it's obscure but almost all of the clone wars era ships have been used by the Rebels or Imps in canon. Leia commanded a Providence class ship as well as Hera commanded a Lucrehulk.)
  15. For the record this is from the new Star Wars Comic. The art is kind of hit or miss but the story so far has been top notch. PLUS THEY JUST SET UP A DARTH VADER HAN SOLO STARFIGHTER DUEL! (I also actually like most of the new Mon Cal designs, I just really hate the snout on the mon cal in the middle of the first pic)
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