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  1. Emperor Palpatine - Commander 240 pts (With Upgrades 280 pts.) Health - 6 Move - 1 Defense - 1 Black Immune: Suppression, Pierce Keywords: Fueling Hatred -Whenever an enemy squad if defeated gain 1 aim token, and perform a compulsory move 1 action Melee - None Range - Force Lightning - Range 1-2 - 3 Red Dice, Blast 1, Impact 1, Non-Commander units do not roll defense against this attack. After the attack is resolved, deal 1 wound to the targeted squad. Keywords: Block 1 Upgrades: 1 Force Power, 1 Trooper. -Royal Guards 30 pts: 2 health, melee 3 black. While active the leader of this squad cannot be engaged and does not suffer engagement penalties. -Full Hatred Sith Lightning: 10 pts -> This card replaces Force Lightning. 3 Red Dice, Blast 2, Impact 3, defenders do not roll defense against this attack. After the attack resolves deal 1 wound to the defender and any squad within range of 1 of the defender receives 1 wound and 1 suppression token.
  2. Old Ben - Commander 140 pts. (With Upgrades 185 pts) Health - 5 Move - 2 Defense - 1 Red Immune: Suppression, Pierce Melee - 4 Red dice, Pierce 3, Impact 3 Range - None, instead see Old Ben's Mind Trick -Old Ben's Mind Trick: Choose a non-commander, non-vehicle squad within 2 range and force them to take one action of your choosing, afterwards apply 1 suppression token, if able. Keywords - Deflect, Master of the Force 1 Upgrades 3 Force Powers -If You Strike Me Down... (Old Ben Only): 20 pts, Instant -> When defeated Exhaust All enemy Force Powers, Remove All suppression tokens from Allys and refresh all friendly Force Powers. -Force Meditation: 15pts, 1 Action ->: Gain 1 Dodge, Token, 1 Aim Token, and Remove 1 Wound Token. -Force Push: 10pts, Free action-> Choose an enemy trooper unit at range 1. Perform a speed 1 move with that unit, even if it is engaged.
  3. I cant believe how many people are still going on about pre-painted minis.... No one complained when Imperial Assault wasn't painted why is this the exception? You can literally have tabletop quality in 3-4 steps per troop, I say embrace the fact you can customize your troops as they do with imperial assault. Let me break it down, as a previous imperial assault player/painter. -6 stormtroopers Paints: Black, White, Grey, Black Wash, Black primer, and 2-3 cheap brushes = $15-20 Prime Black -> Base coat Grey -> Wash in Black -> highlight white -> Paint Base Black Following the above method lets say a total of 30 minutes per figure in total 30x6 = 180 minutes or 2 1/2 hours. 2 1/2 hours to get 6 of your minis to pre-painted-esc quality because we all know most hobbyists have a higher standing than a factory can produce, i mean look at the pros... If you are put off by painting your minis, then Im sorry to say you are not the targeted market which was stated by the creator himself Alex. A business would not change their target audience 2-3 months prior to release. If you are also put off by not having time to spend 2 1/2 hours to paint 6 minis, then I feel like maybe you shouldn't be playing wargames? This is not a boardgame that you can just buy the box and play with 0 further investment, this is where wargames shine it allows for the creativity of the player to take hold in Terrain, Squad Schemes, etc. which also is more of a time/money sink for casual people. TL:DR - Painting is not difficult, Painting to pre-painted quality does not take long at all, If you dont have time to paint maybe you shouldnt be playing a wargame, you will also need terrain on top of painting your minis. QQ elsewhere this game is not for you because you are not the target audience, the designer of the game has said so.
  4. The main thing that will cause people to go to time is if you sit there and examine your options for 5 minutes a round. Consider it chess, you make your move hit the clock, opponent moves hit clock, repeat. This mentality is what you need to have, not analysis paralysis... I have only played a game past 35-40 minutes when I was teaching the game.
  5. Wow really? People are so impatient these days, the tournament scene hasn't even taken off yet. If the game was released on January 1st and enough supply for the demand, would people still be complaining? Yes. I have only played a handful of times and most with just the starters, its not like the next cycle is coming out in january and the current one will be out of print. People need to learn some friggin patience. If they are quiting the game that easily let them, they arent in it for the long haul.
  6. I am just curious to see what everyone is including/running to counter this deck. I have yet to play it but it seems very difficult to play against in theory.
  7. I am debating a second starter of each just for Finn, force throw, mind probe, lightsabers, and use the force. You could however get these on the singles market as well, doesnt really matter either way.
  8. Lando: X Ranged X Ranged X Disrupt X Discard 1 Blank 1 Blank Ability: Before rolling this characters dice you may discard any number of resources, X is equal to the number of resources discarded this way. Ability: Whenever this character resolves a character die, you may spend X resource to reroll that die back into your dice pool.
  9. Greedo: 1 Ranged 1 Ranged 1 Resource 1 Resource 1 Blank 1 Blank Ability: Before this character resolves a damage die showing the (Ranged symbol) your opponent must resolve a die showing ranged damage to this target. Ability: Whenever this character rolls a blank, you may spend 1 resource to turn it to any side. Ability: Before this character is defeated deal 2 damage to the character who dealt defeated him.
  10. Anakin Skywalker: 1 Ranged 1 Melee 2 Melee 2 Focus 1 Special 1 Blank Ability: Before this character deals damage, you may remove a shieldfrom that target. Special: You may resolve this die matching any blue ability upgrade as if it was yours in play.
  11. Revan: Neutral 1 X 1 X 2 X 1 Disrupt 1 Discard 1 Blank Ability: You may include Blue Villain and Hero Ability-Upgrades in your deck. Revan ignores play restrictions on blue ability upgrade cards. Ability: When resolving a die with X you may choose what damage source it represents (Range or Melee)
  12. Ahsoka: 1 Melee 1 Melee 1 Melee 2 Melee 1 Special 1 Blank Ability: Whenever this character deals melee damage, gain shields equal to the amount of damage received by the opponent. Special: You may move all of the shields on this character to a another character.
  13. Darth Sidious: 2 Range 2 Range 2 Discard 2 Disrupt 1 Special 1 Blank Special: Discard an ability upgrade from an opponent to the discard pile. Ability: You may exhaust this chard to deal each enemy character 2 damage.
  14. Yoda: 3 Melee 1 Focus 1 Discard 1 Disrupt 2 Shield 1 Blank Ability: You may remove one your matching character dice to play a blue upgrade - ability on this character with no cost.
  15. Darth Maul: 1 Melee 1 Melee 2 Melee 1 Shield 1 Resource 1 Blank Ability: You may resolve on your character dice showing melee damage and deal that much damage to 2 different targets.
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