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  1. Always nice to bring old posts to life again! Actually my OL have a question about Pilgrimage. He just felt very frustrated to not be able to move Ariad out of the Alcove. There is a specific rule regarding about how Ariad can move out: by making 2 guardians with '0' health remaining. After we (heroes) manage to activate the green and white statues, and saving the blue statue to a certain death, the remaining of the quest was pretty much a walkover, no risk at all. So, did we play right? Can Ariad get out of the Alcove since the OL just broke 1 statue? Appreciate in advance any help!
  2. Atom, noticed yesterday while I was saving a travel step that the "lost messenger" travel event did not discount the 25 gold from the party. No need to worry about it, I'll just not count a 25 gold card on next quest. Just a heads up for you for future fixes.
  3. Winnable by the OL? What set up would you use?
  4. Great post guys! Sadgit and Zaltyre, Just to make sure on what ground I'm walking, can the OL use Jaes the exile or Lindel Heroic feat with a sucessfull use of Dark charm?
  5. Hm, didn't know that. Interesting Sadgit! Will edit my previous post.
  6. That's an excellent question Ispher and would makes Sign of the Last Zenith worth their 3 exp cost. Although, I'm inclined to agree with Zaltyre on this, but I'll bring some ruling to reinforce my analisys. The idea you bring that the OL could use cards on absent groups of monsters would be perfect legal if the card explicitly reffer to "monster card" in the OL play area. But enchanter cards always reffer to "monster group" instead. Observe the quest "Blood and Betrayal" encounter 2B for instance. The setup clearly enlist Lady Elisa Farrow as part of the quest, and the OL effectively put her liutenant card in his play area. There is a mechanic in the quest that instructs the OL to put fatigue tokens on Elisa "liutenant card", not having to put her in play at all to obey that rule. The point is, the developer clearly have 2 concepts here, "monster group" and "monster card", and for the purpose of enchanter cards you have to target a valid monster group, that must be in play at the time the card is played. Answering your questions from subsequent reply: Yes. No. A monster inside a secret passage is not on the main map, its not part of the original monster group of that given encounter. The secret passage is a separated event during the encounter. Edit: Yes. The secret room map tile is considered to be part of the quest map. If monsters are revealed from challenge tokens and the same type of monsters are already present, the monster in the secret room is considered to be a part of this group but does not count towards the group limit. Thus, these monsters would benefit from anything that affects the monster group, including Enchanter OL cards and monster artifacts. Yes. There is no rule that instruct you to discard the card, even with the monster group defeated. The passive effect on 2nd paragraph will trigger for the remaining of the encounter. Nice questions Ispher. Let's see what the other members think.
  7. Atom, there is a minor bug with the rumor card "Valyndra's Fury". The timing to play the rumor is perfect, however, the added threat (from playing a rumor card) does not seems to be available. I managed to edit the steps after to equalize the number of threats, it wasn't a big deal. Just a heads up. We also noticed when played the rumor quest "Bonds of the Wild", that the Troll monster group wasn't available to pick between the options for the open group, however the quest and the Troll monster group matched the required trait to fulfill the quest requirements. Ty in advance!
  8. I always liked the idea of 2 OL, not only because of a better ratio for OL side, but to share the taste of victory properly. Winning a campaign as an Overlord is a lonely joy and having someone else to be happy with you is something thats makes some sense. The real downside of having 2 OLs at the same time is that the OL plots will cease to be secret. The schemes are all in one mind, no one knows what is coming. Sharing strategies can be positive to avoid gaps and miscalculations, but is not good when accidentaly reveals a sneak attack beforehand (like which OL card to use etc etc). My opinion? The OL must embrace his solitude and be resigned to it. Heroes will always be heroes, and the evil that lurks in the dark does not share power! (I heard it somewhere )
  9. The Bard "Rehearsal" skill card is a good choice also to avoid the miss.
  10. Omg great work!! Please post the Ice Wyrms when you finish !
  11. Fully agree. My point was just to explain the damage on dices can be raised with a surge (step 4) to effectivelly deal the wanted condition (step 5), wich I presume was the main concern on the original post " 20/02/2017 at 6:07 PM, Moxel ". No discussion you can "waste" a surge on a poison condition and dont apply the effect at all, its just not smart. Ty for the continuous support!
  12. Most issues on combat were solved when your playgroup accept the combat is divided phases and follow their related steps one by one. I had myself problems with surges and such, but when I realized surges do not happen at the same time, things became much more clear. It has been already FAQ'ed before. Zaltyre perfectly stated how the combat is developed. In the example of condition dealing, if you have enough surges to add "+dmg" and to deal a specific condition, you can fulfill the 1 dmg requirement with one surge first, and then deal the desired condition with another surge.
  13. Sadgit you made a masterpiece here, thank you, SO MUCH!! Any forum moderator please PIN this post ASAP!!!
  14. You can't, since both Alice and Bob are both monsters in your example. Attacking another monster is not a valid action for Alice while dark charmed.
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