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  1. I swear I read that you can assist others in rolls to give them a bonus or something. Am I crazy? If not, what page is it on?
  2. I looked up Necromunda and Redeemer, I am thoroughly entertained. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably start with a modified version of an existing plot and build from there as I get more familiar with the game. Finding out some worlds are Medeival in the Imperium with Knights running about on castles was entertaining.
  3. I know a great deal of Warhammer 40K lore, but not as much as most. I wanted to try GMing a Dark Heresy game but one thing I worry about is the depth and fluff of the game. Having no experience running it I wondered how other groups handled this. Fluff in this sense is the color of the setting to help shape RP interactions and feeling. Looking at the books it seemed like it just focused on the utterly main plot point of go from point A to B, fight this, follow this trail and it is done. However, the group I'd be running with appreciates the small things. What sort of things can I color a Warhammer 40K world with? You go through a hive of poor people, how do they live? Is there television? Radio? Do people have bars they get drunk at? Do people shoot craps in the street? Do drugs? Do people have ANY entertainment? What are their jobs like? Are there things like gas stations to refuel? Restaraunts in high born areas? Rat Burger booths in slums? Does sports exist? A lot of this stuff never comes up, and sometimes just having a flash or taste of the lifestyles of people beyond "The area is filled with refuse" helps make it more engaging and inspiring for the ROLEPLAY aspect of the story. Otherwise it might just feel like a tactical battle game like the tabletop. Any thoughts or advice from experienced people and players?
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