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  1. Me too, see signature!
  2. How about letting the "victim" set their maneuver when the ship activates, that is a pretty big punishment for the offender without breaking the game.
  3. My full feelings about your nasty link with pop ups on mobile can't be expressed due to the profanity filter. Benefit of the doubt says you didn't realise, but others on mobile at least shouldn't bother.
  4. Clearly Snoke is Boba Fett, for no reason other than it's slightly less ridiculous than some of the other theories out there. Rikk
  5. I ran a very similar list at a tournament a little while back. It's pretty solid, but... 1) People don't like Defenders, need will get focused down hard. 2) If he doesn't, he's actually the worst ship to have in the end game as he relies in the other two to generate Locks. 3) PS is a big factor, you will suffer against PS9 plus Rikk
  6. What are opinions on: Maarek Stele, with Adaptability +1, Title, Advanced Targeting Computer, Guidance Chips and Advanced Homing Missiles. ? The reasoning so far: -Also PS8 which makes coordinating the Squadron easier. -Lots of Target Lock Generation. -Almost guaranteed to push Crits through against Tractored targets. -Advanced Homing Missiles give a good chance (with Maarek) of punching 2 damage past shields onto a target quite early on, this is especially good against my bogey pilot that always ruins my day, Corran (the regening monster) Horn. Rikk
  7. Thanks guys, I suspect the lack of Target Locks on Interceptors rules them out as far as list synergy goes, also the flanking point is a fair one. I'm going to give Tomax another run out or two, just in case I've been a little harsh in my opinions when I'm used to playing Aces rather than heavier ships. Failing that I think the pair of F/Os will also keep the synergy running and offer some blocks along with a few more red dice and some hit points to bulk out with. Rikk
  8. The combination of TIE/D Vessery and the Inquisitor is fantastic. Everyone seems to loves to focus on Vessery early on which leaves you with The Inquisitor for the "End Game" where there are few better pilots. Corran Horn, Soontir Fel, Poe, Wedge and Whisper are probably the only pilots that really top The Inquisitor one-on-one and its close. Use TIE/D Vessery to upset people and force them to make the wrong choice, if you can get a "piece trade" of Vessery for any of the others I listed and leave yourself with the Inquisitor and 30ish points of something else then you should be golden. Rikk
  9. So, I've been running a list for a little while with a few variations, and I'm happy with 68 of the points I've spent, it's getting the last 32 "right" that I'm struggling with. The fixed bit of the list is: -The Inquisitor, Autothrusters, PtL and Tie/V1. -Vessery, Tie/D, Tractor Beam and Vet Instincts. For the remainder I've tried: -Omega Leader, Juke, Comm Relay. He just doesn't seem to pull his weight. -Tomax Ben, Crack Shot, Homing Missiles, and Guidance Chips. He's good, but struggles once things get "close". What would you guys suggest? I want any ship I add to be able to Target Lock. And while I do have a shuttle and Palpatine, I don't really find him that much fun to have on the table. I've considered a brace of Tie F/O to go with them, but not sure they really fit. Rikk
  10. How would people feel if all the current Ordnance became dual cards? My idea being that the "discard this card" text is replaced with "flip this card" The B-Side has something like - Action: Flip this card. For most pilot and munition combos this would mean at least a full turn before you could fire them again, and no offensive or defensive mods on the turn you're rearing. That seems pretty well balanced. Extra Munitions would then prevent you from flipping the first time so it would still have value. Rikk
  11. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little feedback on the following list: TIE Adv Prototype - The Inquisitor 25Push the Limit 3 TIE V/1 1 Total 29 TIE Defender - Colonel Vessery 35Veteran Instincts 1 Tractor Beam 1 TIE/D 0 Total 37 TIE Bomber - Tomax Bren 24Crack Shot 1 Extra Munitions 2 Guidance Chips 0 Advanced Homing Missiles 3 Ion Pulse Missiles 3 Total 33 List Total 99 The idea being that Tomax and the Inquisitor both generate Target Locks on whichever ship I'm prioritising that turn, Vessery will either put a tractor token on them or clear a few defensive mods with both the T-Beam and standard weapons. Neither of Tomax's missiles require spending the lock so I should be able to get 3 hits (at least one naturally, t-lock reroll for 2 and then chimps for the third) most times with them, vs no more than 2 dice if there's a T-Beam token, followed up with Crack Shot to push through if needed. Tomax is pretty loaded up with missiles, but I figure most people would rather try to take the other 2 out first, meaning I should be able to get at least 3 of his missile shots off. And the Inquisitor is fantastic late game with action economy and a great dial. Any recommendations for tweaks? Rikk
  12. Nope, it's "Limited" so only a single one per ship. Rikk
  13. For overall efficiency I think that hits are the way forward, you just need to burn it down as fast as possible. Having said that, I'd go for Crits every time, it's more fun for everyone. Rikk
  14. From the pic it looks like you put it straight back in the little plastic "case" it came with. Any form of "super-glue" will give you the same white chalking effect when left to dry in an enclosed space. Fun fact, it will also show up finger prints on surfaces as it won't stick to the grease from your fingers. Rikk
  15. 19 points for Kylo in a Tie Shuttle, interesting bit of filler with Rexler
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