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  1. It all depends on my next campaign which won't be for a while yet and I haven't decided the details of. But I will post any I make!
  2. I know, I'd like the Fox Clan mon. =P
  3. Most magistrates aren't really going to run into anything labeled Kolat at all really. They'll run into elements of the Kolat disguised as/running various operations, but the Kolat keep things so compartmentalized that even the people the PCs arrest/deal with won't even know they are Kolat, with maybe the exception of one person. They might even find a clue or two that hints at some greater conspiracy, but the thing is so layered they could spend a lifetime trying to work deeper into the whole thing. And if they do run into a group called the Kolat, they might think they have defeated it like is the case in the Bells of the Dead/Hare Clan Trilogy when the PC's topple Daidoji Dajan's renegade Kolat cell. As a plot device IMO it's supposed to be this enormous multi-layered conspiracy that you spend forever trying to figure out - but never quite doing so. You can disrupt some of their plans, defeat some of their agents, but there's always another layer. Another cell. More agents. It's why I think they had such super powerful artifacts like the Oni's Eye (which can be thwarted under very specific circumstances). I guess it's a bit X-files-esque in a sort of way, especially if you're going heavily for something focused on investigation.
  4. Hidden Shrine is my website. It is basically based on my campaigns I run - so when I run a new L5R campaign I will add more to it. It will be a while because the group I play with are doing pathfinder at the moment (and there was a big break between me RPing too). I have a new campaign in mind which will be set in Naishou Province, But I'll post any maps or other material here and on my site for people. Also I may map Botsu Mura before then - not gonna lie. I like the concept of a swamp village. =P On a side note - my Takauro maps were for an introductory adventure which was the Falcon's Hollow Pathfinder module, but heavily converted. Some third party adventures do work in L5R with a bit of.... work. =P
  5. I was very skeptical about FFG having the L5R license but so far they are doing ok. For my next campaign I dunno if we will be doing 4e or 5e but this adventure is one I will probably run.
  6. My favourite thing is they used the same setting as Honor's Veil, one of my favourite 1e adventures.
  7. The Kolat are very much opposed to Maho and the like - it was established from the start and they have agents specifically trained to eliminate tsukai and such. In that way the two elements could play in to each other. =P Generally I would prioritise the tsukai but it depends on other things. Does honour demand the would-be assassin be brought to justice? You can always justify not going after the tsukai by suggesting it is better handled by jade magistrates/inquisitors/witch hunters.
  8. It's really nice to see some adventure modules again. My group is undecided what edition we'll play when I next run but I'll definitely be picking this up.
  9. Yes, Ran is always the example I point to when players ask about the jesters because the word jester comes with a lot of assumptions in western culture.
  10. The lack of an RPG forum speaks volumes to me. I am trying to be patient but there is currently NO OFFICIAL home for the RPG now. It's not like 4e has been out of print for years or something - they only just recently released the Atlas. So are we going to get a home for the RPG? Or is FFG just dropping the whole thing? I (and I imagine several others) would rather not clutter up the CARD GAME forum with RPG related posts but it is not like there is anywhere else to go right now. Additionally it seems we have lost all of the information and material that used to be on the old forum too.
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