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  1. So there are times when we all build a nice Ship-heavy list, and just want enough squads to keep the opposing squads off us for a round or 2. What do you think the best 50(ish) point squad is right now? Blount and 5 headhunters give you numbers. And for Imps I don't know if you can ever do better than good ol' Howlrunner and 3 Interceptors. What else do you use?
  2. They only get conflict points. It isn't really that bad, certainly not nazi bad. My players will usually rack up 2-4 conflict on force powers in a session, and they are all shining paragons on the light side scale. Are you doing conflict right?
  3. Yeah, that's really the objection. I want Captain Mal to have a good shot at someone's head without killing the hostage. Threat is a good idea, I would like to think of a way to do Despair/Triumph so it worked as well. Since by the rules they don't cancel, it might make sense to split the damage or damage both like Zypher suggsted.
  4. Have you thought about making it so that the gun just does the base damage instead of taking the successes into account? This would be a way to drop the "I am an awesome shot so somehow hit my ally for more damage" problem. If you did that combined with advantages reducing damage I can see that being a solid and easy house rule. It would reward more skill while keeping the risk intact.
  5. So I have this player that hasn't gone down the melee/lightsaber path, and uses a repeating blaster. So when he shoots, he has 4 yellow dice. That's pretty wizard. Now when he shoots while a friend is in a combat and rolls that red despair he hits them - and does a whole bunch of damage because he is such a good shot. What? So when he told me he was going to forego aiming because it might do even more damage to his buddy, I realized that this is inherently broken. Why would a 4 skill point person have the same chance of hitting their mate as a 1 skill point person? Does a trained Navy Seal really shoot his melee-fighting friend as much as a drunken blind man? And also, when they do hit, why does the trained soldier do more damage to the person they are NOT trying to hit? Anyone have a good house rule to this one? I was thinking of letting Triumph cancel Despair or something. I like the threat of hitting your teammate, I just think it needs to take your awesomeness into consideration.
  6. He did have 2 decent minions actually. I simplified this to illustrate what happened. You are 100% right. I needed to play him with a better self preservation instinct instead of acting like a video game character. That said, I can see a very viable tactic being to disarm and then have the gunner gun.
  7. So long story short; i had a build up to a dark side force user that was engaged by my players. This was going to be a fight for their lives. Then this sequence of events occured: 1) Player1 gets 3 advantage and causes BigBad to drop his lightsaber. 2) Player2 force pulls weapon away 3) Player3 fires light repeating blaster. Rolls awesome and with no weapon a reflect isnt possible. 4) Bigbad goes for an unleash strike. Ouch, but not that ouch. 5) Player1 stabs his face off. No parry. This really made me see the advantage of disarm. I am not sure what the defence against it is. Also unleash is underwhelming.
  8. Yeah I hear you. It reminds me of playing Knights of the Old Republic. "What the hell? We can fight Jedi with regular swords?" "Oh sure mate, we have this Macguffin substance called Cortosis. Now in a spray bottle!" Actually I would consider the use of Reflect even with that shield thingie to be a display of Force Sensitivity. When this player was doing some undercover work I made it very clear that reflecting a blaster bolt, even with gauntlets, would be as much cause for alarm as whipping out an energy blade. Obviously one is more subtle, but he still only did it in situations where the other player would have gone "Full Saber".
  9. I don't feel witch hunted, I feel like some people are so scared of people making Drizzt Do'urden that they lose sight of what's FUN. I asked in my original post some house rules could be to make what I felt was already somewhat thematic (Vader, Sunrider). Then I get to read this mesmerizing piece of text: ...blatantly twisting the system to gain a game-breaking advantage... Yes, I am going to continue to let this character use his Cortosis gauntlets to reflect laser bolts. Clearly FFG have decided that not using a lightsaber isn't the most game-crushing unbalancing issue since they introduced another gauntlet that does exactly that. So far the lightsaber wielding character and the one with the repeating blaster have been pumping out twice the damage that the martial artist is. If this was game breaking then I would change it right away (I was forgetting the extra dice in auto fire initially but merrily added it in). Look, I don't mind the opinions - but maybe I am missing how this is game breaking when FFG have introduced a gauntlet-based mechanic that does the exact same thing. Then again, I am still in shock people were arguing about parrying with gloves that literally exist to parry.
  10. Characters should be special. I mean this is Force and Destiny after all, not "the mediocre adventures of garbage scow captain Petey McGann". I encourage players to give me a cool story, and not be afraid of fun and unique concepts. I want them to be snowflakes! I have a new player that is going to make a character based on Kilgrave from Jessica Jones. Doesnt carry a gun, and is a master Influencer. The conflict points will be crazy - but it will be a blast at the table. If it adds flavor to have him be able to implant a trigger command by spending a destiny point or something I will usually go for it. Munchkinhood not acceptable of course!
  11. I agree. It isnt game breaking, and it actually *feels* thematic in its own way. If it was a powergamer I may be more pushy, but this player isnt min maxing or anything. Edit: not a bad idea master fish!
  12. Can we all agree to read the first post before going nutters? Ok to reiterate. This player wasnt being a super snowflake or whatever derogatory term gives you a space boner. He had a concept about a fringe fighter that didnt like to kill so learned how to take down people with martial arts. We were playing beta and some stuff got done wrong because, you know, learning. He aquired a fighting tree and had parry and reflect. As his character was wearing a set of mighty cortosis gauntlets i figured that they could act like vaders glove or even parry a sword. Because frankly, i am assuming that cortosis gloves that are meant to disrupt a lightsaber may actually have to touch it at some point. Thanks for the good responses though. Some good ideas.
  13. Ah - Thanks! I guess that answers my question. I haven't picked up that one yet. Still curious if anyone allows for other kinds of "flavor" though. It sounds like FFG have decided that it's not game breaking to use something else.
  14. I have a campaign running where 1 of the players is going with a kind of Force-Monk concept, where he fights only using hand to hand with some Cortosis Concussion gauntlets for good measure. Honestly, I have found his dedication to this concept admirable as even though he has some cool tricks in combat (fighting strain instead of health) he is hardly the damage dealer the saber user or the repeater blaster wielder are. Early on I missed the fact that Reflect says you MUST use a lightsaber (I assumed that everyone could do it like Vader did in Ep5 if they really wanted), and I have been allowing him to use the gauntlets to Reflect. Clearly I am not going to change that now, but I am wondering if you guys have any house rules for how you permit reflect to work in the group. From what I read some force users could Reflect without ANY item at all (Nommi Sunrider). I was thinking that taking Improved or Supreme Reflect should let the player no longer need an item to reflect with. Would that be unbalancing? Or how about a Shield Gauntlet for the blaster wielder in your group? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shield_gauntlet
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