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  1. Possibly simplistic but the A-wing still has one of the best dials in the game, loads of greens and 3 and 5 K turns. Shame they hit like a wet flannel
  2. Yeah, that's the main reason I haven't used that list yet. Tried all 4 with Snap shot instead of juke but wasn't overly convinced
  3. I think will get ate up with only an evade token to protect it. That is what i've been thinking, I first read it as working on defence and attack which would be amazing. This is the same GSP build that i've been using and I love it although it's really hard work at times and need to remember to disengage and not get caught in dog fights. How has it been working for you? I've been considering using Wes with the 3 22 point A-wings as above - probably with VI, R3-A2 and IA. Strip the focus and then let the Juking A's loose. My other option is based on a bit of a classic Corran build: Corran PTL R2-D2 FCS EU 2 x GSP Juke PTL Title Refit AT Corran hopefully strips focus tokens so GSP's can do some damage. If not then they can strip the focus tokens ready for the Corran double tap.
  4. How do we think this would work? GSP (19) x 4 Expertise (4) Juke (2) Refit (-2) Title (0) Autothrusters (2)
  5. On the Jake build i'd much rather have Veteran Instincts than cool hand. Being PS9 make a big difference in avoiding arcs and not getting shot at
  6. I hear you. Since I've started running Nien Nunb I can't really place Ello anymore. Which is gutting because he was my favourite card in the T-70 expansion, hands down. One variation of Ello I ran a few times was: Ello Asty (30) Push the Limit (1) Proton Torpedoes (4) R2-F2 (3) Intergrated Astromech (0) Granted, no regen and 38 points heavy. The general idea was decent movement, hopefully using PtL off a lovely white T-Roll and pumping torpedoes out. Yeah, such a great ability and if not for the defender fix would be good but with so many of them around now he just can't compete
  7. Yeah, I think that R2-D2 is much better, especially at the moment with the various ways tokens can get stolen, at least you know where you are and it creates less match ups where you're basically done for as soon as you sit down. Would like to get Ello Asty to work but just seems too fragile.
  8. 4 x GSP (25pts) all with Expertise Juke AT Refit Title Evade each round and let expertise do its work
  9. Hi guys Recently have been using R2-D2 Corran but with Kylo making an arrival soonish he may have to go into hiding for a while. With this in mind which T-70 build is looking the best with R2-D2. Poe Dameron (38 points) VI R2-D2 (hot shot co-pilot puts me off R5-P9) AT Ello (37 points) VI R2-D2 AT Red Ace (38 points) R2-D2 AT Comm Relay Looking at these Poe with VI just seems better to me than Predator or VI as I don't really want someone like Fenn Rau lining up a range 1 shot. I can't decide whether Ello would be good against the defenders. He can turn around easily and keep them in arc and run and regen if needed leaving the opponent guess whether the green move or a talon toll is coming Red Ace is just a little tank. Can take a lot of damage with the bonus evade coming in with the regen. The lower pilot skill i a bit of a worry as i'm used to flying aces. Also for generic T-70s are either of these any good? They seem to be seriously lacking compared to the generic X-7 defenders but would really like them to work. Blue Squad Novice R2 Astromech IA Red Squadron Veteran Predator R2 Astromech IA I just can't see that they have enough action efficiency to not get dropped like a flash, but I may be wrong...I normally am
  10. That makes a bit more sense now
  11. I'm currently running: Corran w/ VI, R2-D2 and FCS Poe w/ VI, R5-P9 and AT Airen w/ VI All PS 10 and regen surprises a few people. Really want to get Jake into a list but always struggle to get a good list with him that does not compromise except from Han/Jake
  12. J Viz

    A-wing fun

    I do like the Han/Jake build. I'm currently experimenting with 48pt Corran and 2 PTL/Juke/AT a-wings. Not a high damage list but not the easiest to take down if there aren't any slicer tools about
  13. Glad it's not just me then
  14. That's why Miranda makes such a good partner for him as well. You can go with:Corran: PTL, FCS, R2-D2, Engine Miranda: TLT, Homing MIssiles, Extra Munitions. Rey, Adv. Slam. NOTE: This is not a full build, there are still points left over for customization. Basically Corran goes in first and does his thing, taking damage and getting his double-tap off. Then he runs away to regen, presenting a difficult choice to your opponent. Do you turn and chase Corran, leaving yourself vulnerable to Miranda's missile/TLT or do you leave Corran alone to regen and chase Miranda? Miranda is really good at running away herself with SLAM since you can just SLAM out of arcs until you have the opportunity to take unanswered shots at your opponent, therefor triggering her ability without the possibility of taking damage back. Rey helps make sure Miranda has mods for her missile, as well as have focus+target lock for her TLT later in the game. It also combos well with Adv. SLAM, since when you are doing the aforementioned SLAMming out of people's arcs, you can also grab a focus to be later stacked on Rey. You still have points left for several bombs of your choice as well should you so choose. Also, when given the chance to shoot Miranda's missile, note that you can boost it with her ability to 5 dice. Homing doesnt require you to spend the lock, so you end up with 5 dice with a lock + plus the focus that you stacked with Rey. Yeah, now that looks like pretty good fun. I really have to get myself sorted out and pick up a K-wing
  15. I used the squad benchmark trainer recently and for some reason the A-wing title doesn't work as the second EPT doesn't work, which is a shame as it can be quite good for a practice or getting the squad synergies going
  16. J Viz

    A-wing fun

    I really like PS9 Jake to make him more effective against someone like Whisper who does still appear in my local area. I tried Daredevil Tycho but never really got on with it. Mostly due to only using him a couple of times and not getting the nuances right at all. As an advocate of A and E Wings everywhere have you managed to get an A and E wing list to work? I've done the same to Soontir with a non-procket GSP, is always great fun when that happens.
  17. I've been using Corran flanked with Airen to increase his action options but PTL Corran is a lot more dangerous. I just often find that I have issues getting him turned round once he's stressed and someone sneaks in behind
  18. I don't normally run with munitions but think that they will help get through the defence on a defender. Am now experimenting with: Corran w/ PTL, FCS and R2D2 2x GSP w/ PTL, Juke, Prockets, Title and AT's Is actually pretty good fun
  19. Hi guys Looking to try out some a-wing fun in the next few regionals as no matter what I run at the moment I seem to get flattened by defenders so may as well run my favourite little ships while it happens. The foundation of any list is Jake at 33 points. Jake Farrell PTL VI Prockets Title Autothrusters For the Tycho build still want to use Autothrusters due to the amount of TLT's that seem to be reappearing. This leaves me with: PTL Prockets Title Autothrusters For the second elite which would you guys think would work best: Rage - as he doesn't give a monkeys about the stress is effectively a target lock and focus for one action Expert Handling - gives extra ability to dodge ships arcs and in a Vessery heavy meta can also drop a target lock. I guess there may be an argument for using vectored thrusters instead of auto thrusters to allow him to barrel roll out of arcs but unless anyone has a good reason to chose it over AT's it is likely to stay on the side lines. This is likely to leave 31-32 points which I have lined up for either: 1. 2 Prototype blockers at 15 pts each - just there to be a pain and to try to drop on the line of the defenders 4k turns. 2. Gemmer w/PTL, prockets and AT's - normally focus and evade each time and be hard to kill whilst letting off prockets when possible, PS5 so could get initiative over Ryad 3. Arvel w/ PTL, prockets and AT's - just for the fun of having him parked in front of someone at higher PS who then pumps and then oops, you're getting prockets! Anyone tried any similar lists or got any ideas on the best way to go. My normal is Jake, Rage Tycho and Gemmer although against higher PS ships Gemmer does really struggle to get a shot off. Never really used arvel but could be fun. And one last thing - intimidation on arvel instead of PTL - bad idea due to his highish PS? Thanks and sorry for the really quite long post
  20. Not tried them yet. I think they may be useful on someone like Tycho with his higher PS, although expert handling is arguably better as can also drop a TL which is quite useful with Vessery about, although it does take a useful elite slot. For the GSP's i'm not sure that their PS is high enough to make the repositioning worth it. As an aside what sort of a-wing builds are people going for to take down these darned palp defenders
  21. How would this work do you think? Corran Horn (35) VI (1) FCS (2) Plasma Torpedoes (3) R2-D2 (4) GSP (19) x2 PTL (3) Crackshot (1) Concussion Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) Title (0) I quite like Corran with munitions as he can focus and save when attacking (unless roll 2-3 eyeballs). If not using the focus for defence for the double tap then have plasma torps with focus and guidance chips. The GSP's have concussion missiles for the extra range as may be easier to get a shot off than with prockets. Crackshot should help get the damage through and they should also last longer than Z95s and can also TL and focus in one turn to get the shots away. Still not sure if prockets may be better for the extra attack dice and with TL, Focus and Guidance chips must be an almost definite 5 hits unless manage to have 2 blanks left after the TL re-roll
  22. Some really good ideas there guys, thanks a lot. I overlooked the hot shot co pilot danger but I guess if I ran my list I would just send corran after that ship as much as possible (although he'll probably be getting flattened by Kylo Ren condition cards). Def like the idea of trying to get an alpha strike in, it's not a build type i've really gone for before but worth a go
  23. Oh yeah, I forgot about Kylo's whole darkside thing, I guess will just have to avoid getting shot at
  24. As it seems that rebel regen is back following the nerf to the jumpmasters looking to prep them for the regional season. Recently i've been running: Poe (31) R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) VI (1) Corran (35) R2-D2 (4) FCS (2) VI (1) Airen Cracken (19) VI (1) It's quite good fun flying everything at PS10 but Cracken is an obvious first target and a bad nice roll normally means the end for Corran although if he can avoid sustained attached the double tap is brutal. Am tempted to change to: Poe (31) R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) VI (1) Red Ace (29) R2-D2 (4) Comm Relay (3) Autothrusters (2) This then leaves 25 points to play with could use variations of: PTL Gemmer Sojan Blount with something like assault missiles A couple z-95 blockers Blue Squadron T-75 What do you guys think, will Red Ace hold up better to defenders with the extra evade or is Corran still the best way to go (PS if i had a K-wing I may go the Miranda route but I don't
  25. I'm tempted to run Jess in the as below: Jess Pava (25) R2 Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) 3 x GSP (19) all with: PTL (3) Juke (2) AT (2) Refit (-2) Title (0) The idea is that the a-wings are really hard to kill and juke means that they can deal that bit of extra damage while also giving Jess her re-rolls. All being pretty hard to kill
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