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  1. Initially I would trade autothrusters on the a-wing for R2-D2 on Luke
  2. This was my biggest problem. I got utterly trounced in my first three games with Rey (with engine upgrade and Finn) because I was trying too hard to keep the enemy in arc. I ended up being overexposed and promptly outgunned. My one real opportunity to Sloop in my previous match I instead right turned 1 and caught my opponent by surprise, who was expecting me to use the Impressive title card. Sure I was only firing with 4 shots (w/Jan) and one re-roll, but I wasn't in his arc at all. Never-the-less I appreciate the advice and will keep Rey Slooping until I improve my piloting. Will try her a bit more with 3PO until I get my confidence up and then try going full "Buzz-saw". I'm assuming the other lists were either rock solid, too poor to bear mentioning or less contentious? EDIT: Side note; what about swapping Expertise and Predator in that first list? Jan gets the re-role while Rey takes full advantage of her re-rolls? Also, point taken about Corran, I just don't own an E-wing. Corran is great but any other e-wing is just a waste of points unless you're playing epic when Etahn becomes pretty good
  3. But if it's a green manoeuvre then I will concede you end with no stress after PTL as long as you weren't stressed to start with
  4. Unless I'm very much mistaken: Perform a red manoeuvre Perform an action PTL to perform a second action - take a stress Take the delayed stress for pattern analyser. I make that two stress, where am I going wrong with it?
  5. My default is a 33 point VI, PTL, AT, Procket Poe, but there's probably better options for someone not obsessed with a-wings
  6. Looking at Rey the shield upgrade is largely a waste of points when you factor in the cost as against how easily it will be lost. I would definitely take Engine Upgrade instead and take it off the HWK. The Rey sloop is potentially really good, particularly with Kanan. I agree with a lot of what gennatoas says and would do the following with her: Swap out Predator for VI - now you can sloop and you will now where those pesky PS9 aces will be and can turn/boost accordingly Swap shield upgrade for engine upgrade - it is so much more beneficial to large ships and the extra ground they cover make a big difference If you can get confident keeping the opponent in arc I would swap C3-PO for Finn. If the opponent is in arc it is effectively an extra agility point for defence and an extra attack point as well. As a wingman I would drop Jan and go for someone like Corran but with VI to keep the PS the same as Rey. At 42 points you can have Corran, FCS, VI and R2-D2. Not as tanky as the PTL build but the double tap is still there and the barrel roll at PS10 should help you keep out of arc and your dial will also open up as not tied to green manoeuvres.
  7. I'm with Ter Ter on this. Even though the talon roll/PTL combo is nice you are ending that with double stress which is not where any ace wants to be really (I will concede this is not always the case - Dengaroo Dengar and Tycho don't really care about stress)
  8. Yeah, that's my bad. And if it was only AT's on Poe I would probably drop them for IA but I guess if I dropped them on Jake as well could give him some guidance chips to make sure of the 5 dice strike (but then any initiative bid goes too)
  9. I guess it would protect from Deadeye ordinance but not when using TL's. I hadn't really thought of that, maybe black one may be more useful that I thought. I know a lot of the Fengaroo lists are about the 97-98 mark so it may not make that much difference between 98 and 99 points
  10. Hi guys Is this likely to have much in the way of life at regionals? PS9 Poe Predator Sensor Cluster R2-D2 Autothrusters Jake VI PTL Refit Title AT's Biggs R4-D8 IA I would have liked procket Jake but would lose AT's on Poe and Jake which I think may be of more use than one attack with an extra 2 dice. I was hoping to run Poe, Jake and Ahsoka but that seems unlikely now. Any feedback/criticism appreciated
  11. What's the build? I've tried an R2 PTL T-70 which is ok but a bit fragile
  12. Weapons guidance on Poe for me is a bit situational in that you only really want to use it when out or arcs as otherwise you won't have the token for defence which is really useful is being shot at by more than one ship. I'd be tempted to switch it out for VI and then keep the one point initiative bid. Also remember to add Integrated Astromech to Poe. You wouldn't really want to use it until the last possible moment bit it's an extra hit point for free
  13. Yeah, I just like Jake but he's not really that dangerous
  14. Yeah it's not the easiest list. It's one that I've been running on and off for about a year now but keep getting drawn back to it, and I'm no way anywhere near Jack's class with it but at the moment I'm not able to play that much so happy to have a list that I can hopefully win more with that I lose (which is about where I am with it)
  15. So I'm continuing to struggle to find a rebel list that works for me in the current meta. I had decent success with a Poe, Corran and Airen list but I think R5-P9 Poe may be dead in the water with Hot Shot co-pilot (HSCP) out there (as well as other token stealing shenanigans). I tried a GSP Juke/Snap Shot list but it still really lacks the punch to do any real damage and the lack of focus and evade means they go down far too quick and lack any attacking modification. I've run Jake and Han before and it's quite a fun list. Looking at running: Jake with VI Prockets PTL AT's Title (33 points) Han with Predator Luke HSCP Evade Title Engine Upgrade (65 points) Usual build but HSCP replaces C3-P0, sacrificing durability for potential extra damage. Predator means if roll only 1 hit initially can reroll for 0 hits and force opponent to spend the focus and then Luke can kick in. So I guess in short the question is whether in the current meta this would be better than C3P0. The other option is replace Predator with Expertise and drop Luke down to Gunner (both would work just as well with C3PO or HSCP). Any input greatly appreciated
  16. I used a GSP Juke/Snap Shot list last night and it got absolutely torn apart, probably largely because of rolling double blanks on snap shot nearly every time. Even if it's a bonus attack there is something frustrating about rolling unmodified dice
  17. If you're looking to spend 33 points for rebels you could take a look at Jake with PTL, VI, AT's and Prockets. Much arc dodging fun
  18. Second this, it's a no brainer really
  19. I can't really comment much on the U-wing but I agree that the Prockets on Jake would be better than the Proton Torps on Heffer. I would run Jake with VI and PTL and Tycho with PTL and Rage both with Prockets. If you can given them both AT's too. Should leave you 32 points for Heffer which is spot on if he loses the torps
  20. I wouldn't run R2-F2 on Wedge, the fact it takes an action means no TL or Focus and an extra green die is not that great unless you can modify it. R2 astromech with IA would probably be better and I'd also recommend dropping Gemmer in favour of a crackshot GSP. More blocking options and Gemmers ability works best with PTL so he can token up.
  21. I like this but would be tempted to spend the extra point for R2-D2 as there is quite a lot of focus stealing mechanics going on that would just kill Poe's regen potential.
  22. It all depends on what expansions you have but I would drop the z-95 and put proton rockets on Tycho. Also I would put PTL on Poe if you can, with BB-8 that means he can do 3 actions and end the round without stress. If you haven't got a second copy maybe someone could lend you one. If you're not putting a regen driod on him that's probably the best way to go. Losing the Z-95 should free up more than enough points
  23. Unfortunately Tycho is likely to be already stressed so cannot perform the red manoeuvre as will just be converted to a 2 straight (unless there is some obscure rule that gets round this as it was initially not a red manoeuvre)
  24. I'm the same, I really like Corran and made it my mission to win the Corran alt-art card with Corran, which I eventually managed, yay! My love of a-wings has always led me to try to combine them with him but I always want more points than I have. The points left leave it in a strange place where the a-wings are either quite low on points or a little on the high side. Currently looking at 48 pt Corran with: 2 x GSP w/PTL, Juke, AT, Refit and Title coming in at 24 points each. The general idea is that the whole list is capable of turtling up with a focus evade and the a-wings are tough to kill and can strip any remaining focus tokens from the opponent with Juke before Corran double taps. Also like the idea of Ahsoka when Wave 10 lands, I've use Airen Cracken with a PS10 Corran for extra actions and she seems a much better option (albeit a little more expensive)
  25. I like the idea of Juke-Comm Relay Poe, but for this I want to stay with PTL Poe. I will keep your the BB-8/Juke/CR in mind though if this version doesn't perform or isn't fun. I know that I have heard a couple people who have had success with that build in more of a Rebel Regen. In my opinion the only T-70 you want to put Comm Relay on is Red Ace. The others need someone like Jan to supply them with the token and, with a Juke/Comm Relay build on Poe once Jan is of the board/out of range you have 5 'dead' points on Poe that cannot be used or you have to hold onto an evade whether or not it would be helpful to use it. PTL Poe really wants BB8, the ability to perform 3 actions (boost off the green and PTL to perform an action, clear stress with the green and perform normal action) is great fun and being able to boost before or after the manoeuvre means you can really adjust your position. Having said all that I would still favour R2-D2 Poe The Jake build is the one I go for (and is actually only 28 points) and really is great fun to fly, slippery as anything
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