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  1. I know, it's tricky to figure out what to do with it. Fitting Corran in somewhere would add more firepower but I'm almost more tempted by Rey than the EMP. I had one round against Bossk where everyone ran into him so Ahsoka had no focus but if Rey was there to add the focus at the start of combat phase Jake could have taken a focus action and barrel rolled off Bossk, PTL to TL for a procket shot with no return fire (as was in at the side/behind him). Definitely worth more practice as I get the chance
  2. Did not expect anyone to choose a spec ops tie, I like your style
  3. Hi all Just interested to see what peoples favourite or 'go to' ace pilot is. I'm keen to limit it to small base to avoid bringing in large base 60+ point aces which are just one ship wrecking crews. Also looking to consider value for points as well - i.e. 48 point Corran is popular but is he 13 points better than a 35 point Soontir build? In trying to think about it i'm considering that foe head to heads initiative would work the same as for regular games to lower points would get initiative choices. I got thinking about it as I used a list recently where overall over the 5 game tourney my 33 point Jake pretty much had to carry a 45 point Poe so I was wondering what other people favourite aces were
  4. Well I ran the list without the EMP device so at 97 points but the initiative bid was not really needed. Only other PS9 I ran into was Whisper with a PS10 Hot Shot Kylo RAC and the PS0 crit was added with Kylo rapidly. Sensor Cluster i'm still undecided about as it didn't trigger as much as I thought it might but it did help me out a few times, pattern analyser may have been the better option to give more movement options. I really need to work on my flying with Poe as in my first two games he went down quickly but luckily Jake was to solo the lists. I really think that the list has potential as my losses were against a VI RAC and Whisper which is a fairly hard counter and a brutal Ketsu and Bossk list. My early wins were against 2 T-70s and 2 TLT Y's and a Kyle Farlander/Autoblaster Turret Kanan list. Final game was against double decimators which I won without taking any damage. So ended 3-2 and won the tourney overall as team members went 4-1 and 3-2 so get my alt-art Ketsu and tractor beam tokens. As I saw a lot of large ships EMP could be good to try to force them off the board but Jake remains worth every one of his 33 points. Spend a whole game dodging the autoblaster/accuracy corrector Kanan build and gradually chipped away at him for the win after Poe got trapped in the corner. There is definite scope for improvements on the Poe build, if I see too many more Kylo Ren's he will be getting determination! Also need to fly Poe and Ahsoka better together as they were quite often separated.
  5. A-wings nowhere to be found, except in the semi's of the worlds last year and the Chihuahua lists that won a handful of regionals before then too
  6. J Viz


    I like the use of Tycho, as at PS8 he should work with Miranda. If you have access to rage I'd go with that instead of wired as it is more or less made for Tycho and is like having focus and TL all in one. I'm not sure about the b-wing as the tractor beam can move the opponents ships but you won't be able to make use of the reduced agility. In fact I'd probably drop the b-wing and put in an a-wing blocker so that you can pile more points into Miranda. If you can get her a couple loads of bombs and advanced slam and Sabine instead of Gunner she will be a much bigger threat. At the moment bomber k-wings are nasty. Just my thoughts though and I've been told many times that I'm wrong
  7. It's almost like I just browse through the threats looking for opportunities to say this (but I don't, honest) but 33 points = procket Jake
  8. I was thinking about EMP device on my way to work this morning actually, the threat of Ioning a ship off the board if it gets too near the edge is tempting and it would fit. Question wise there are two main reasons I went for R2-D2 over R5-P9 1. Hot Shot Co-Pilot just makes R5-P9 useless as does someone like Wes or Carnor. HSCP was the main reason though, there are a few people in my meta running HSCP Chirineau and it's a horrible matchup with R5-P9 2. Sensor Cluster means I'm likely to be spending the focus on defence (you can get great pleasure out of rolling double blanks against someone like Dengar using At's for one, Sensor Cluster for the other and then regening the third if they had 3 hits). I'm running this tomorrow at a tourney (but I may add the EMP) so should be 5 games. I've not done this before but I may try to keep count of how many times it triggers. I'm not so sure on using Lone Wolf as I reckon Jake has more than enough action economy without Ahsoka. She's there more to give Poe a TL or more likely to allow him to focus and then boost to get out of arcs, get better shots and to trigger black one. Re the initiative bid I had thought of BMST but without a way to hand out stress may not be worth it and also Rey but she is more useful if I'm taking the BMST and want to trigger them and have a focus. Even with movement options in the combat phase I'd much rather have the initiative to make sure I move after Fenn. The 3 pts is a little much v Parattani lists but I think is a bit more needed against Fangaroo.
  9. Also if I'm running this list I'd probably look at: Standard 48pt Corran VI Captured TIE Ahsoka Jake with Prockets, AT's, PTL and your 1pt elite talent of choice (I'd go VI but trickshot and crackshot are good options and at a push wired in case he gets double stress (AsaJJ) and cannot perform actions). Alternatively Adaptability puts him at PS8 with Corran and a 1pt inititive bid
  10. I'd be reluctant to regard Jake as a Procketing sacrificial lamb. A GSP maybe but I think that 33 points is a lot of points to invest in a 5 dice attack and I'd much rather set up my attack in a position where he's not likely to get shot back. Even if his attacks are pretty ineffective against high agility ships he is still pretty hard to hit and can chip away (albeit very) slowly. I do get what you mean though. I guess Jake is like a little terrier that's nice to have around but really ain't gonna cut it as a guard dog.
  11. I'm a big fan of VI Jake but Juke Jake is a nice change up. I'm not sure how you could fit it in there but with Corran if you could get Ahsoka flanking him with caputed TIE and Kanan Jarrus It would really open his dial to be able to catch people out with the hard 2 whilst stressed but not sure where you'd get the points from
  12. i hadn't twigged that you could use the ion engine on Ahsoka but I guess it isn't imperial only. I'm more tempted by Rey on Ahsoka in case of blocking then if you can build up the reserves you can still focus and then take one from the stack if needed. As for Jake i've flown him PTL and VI for so long it would feel wrong to do otherwise
  13. I've been looking at a Poe build with Predator, R2-D2, Black One, AT's and Sensor Cluster but I quite like the idea of Lone Wolf on him. Would not work in my current list as looking at having Ahsoka pass bonus actions off to him but with Rey or another large ship (maybe a Dash build) that would make him really tough to take down
  14. Oh yeah, if it's a tourney proxies are a no no but most people will have a refit and I'd recommend rebel aces anyway if only for Jake Farrell. alao not sure if you have clocked this but with PTL BB8 you can reveal a green manoeuvre, barrel roll with BB8 and PTL (let's say for a focus) then execute the green manoeuvre clear the stress and do another action (maybe a TL). It's great fun
  15. That's not a bad idea with Jake but does tie Ashoka to him a little. Munitions on Poe could be fun though but may have to drop the prockrts from Jake. Also hadn't thought of the initiative issue with the free action and Asajj stress. Need a few practice games to see which is the lesser evil
  16. With a Han and Jake list not really. Change prockets for something that works at range 3 or cheap munitions on Han. The bid is useful v Fangaroo lists (and it was actually a 4 point bid with expertise and gunner on Han)
  17. That's ok though, it's a rebel list. Jedi mind tricks and all that
  18. Also proxy chardaan refit for any a-wings, it's a 2 point deduction and most people will let you have it even without the card
  19. I'm afraid it's on the link below as I tried to copy and paste across and had a formatting disaster. http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!86:18,73:7:15:U.27;196:57,-1,3,187:39:15:;222:27:-1:29:&sn=New Squadron General idea is that Ahsoka stays close to one of them, probably Poe, and feeds second actions to him at the start of the combat phase (most likely boost to trigger the black one title and get out of any arcs). If needed she can also escort Jake allowing him to evade or TL as his action and then at the start of the combat phase can focus to barrel roll or boost for 3 actions and no stress or PTL for a 4th. I originally had BMST on Ahsoka but I'm not sure it's worth it, I think she's better as an action feed and saving the points for an initiative bid for matchups against Fenn lists (as I'd still rather move last even with repositioning options in the combat phase. Is this likely to too lightweight for the current meta? I had considered BB-8 PTL Poe but the Asajj stress is likely to shut that down and the rebel aces really need regen options. Could be fun, could be a disaster.
  20. It's boring but if you've got at least 26 points to spare it's hard to look past Omega Leader w/Juke and Comm Relay.
  21. Also really prefer the GSP build in this one. Once the HSCP has cleared the focus tokens the a-wing with juke is able to put through some damage and can also block where needed
  22. I didn't spot the hot-shot co-pilot on the original post, so I get it now. It's tempting to add BMST to her and Rey crew so that can use that as an action and still pass off focus for extra actions (which I didn't realise she can apparently use on herself too) but then you're left with the issue that it's and extra 4 points and I'd rather have the initiative bid or points used elsewhere. On a PS9 list I want at least a couple spare points to be sure to move after Fenn and keeping Ahsoka as an action feed only seesm the best place to do it (I had been running a PS10 Corran, Poe and Airen list where this was basically Airen's job and any damage he did was a bonus. I think Ahsoka would fill this role so much better
  23. First thoughts are: Hull instead of shield upgrade for Corran, his 2 hull is a real weak point with ships able to slip damage through shields. IMHO a-wings really want PTL unless they being run cheap (Crackshot/Adaptability)
  24. She only has to hide so much though as can only be attacked by PS9 and above if running VI but I've been looking at similar with Jake and Poe with Ahsoka
  25. She came in pretty much from the side after Han had been skirting the edge of the board and I think managed to turn it just at the right time. The EU helps a lot though and I don't think it was the finest example of flying. I think in the end he started panicking and just shooting straightforward as I was up on points which made the last few minutes a lot easier. I think in the end I took out Asajj and had half points on Manaroo. Fenn was floating around on 1 hull. He may have just got half points on Han by the end.
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