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  1. Ok, but if Anakin rocks up i'm scarpering
  2. The only issue with expertise is the way stress is making a comeback. I've looked at a HSCP build for Han and prefer predator just to he can reroll one dice if he only gets one hit on the first attack to really make sure he misses and take a focus action so gets predator and focus on the second attack. And Luke is still pretty solid, have plenty of time for him but just prefer Jake as a Han wingman.
  3. 33 point PTL, VI, Procket Jake with AT's, always fun. (I say this on so may topics it's almost like trolling now, I may even start recommending it for imperial and scum lists)
  4. Yep, could go on for a while Another option could be Red Ace w/R2-D2, Comm Relay and AT's. Pretty tanky for 38 pts
  5. If you're looking to go down the munitions route you could drop one of the munitions from a b-wing to allow you to upgrade one of the others to Nera. 360 torpedoes is not to be messed with
  6. Kind of what I was thinking. He's not really a threat early on as he's only really 2 attack. Can move last and ust keep out of trouble and to be honest with a procket Jake I would fancy my chanes against most things as he's be an absolute pain to get in arc
  7. PTL VI Jake with Prockets and AT's along with a 5 point initiative bid just because you can
  8. I have a hangar bay tournament coming up and the new rules state you cannot have the same upgrade card in both lists. Considering my favourite list is Han and Jake that includes a shed load of good cards so am looking at a generic list. Now I only actually have 3 b-wings but am temped to fill in with x-wings as IA makes them maybe a little more efficient than the b's (but again I only own 2 of them)for the following: 2 x Blue Squadron B-Wings 2 x Rookie Pilot x-wings w/R2 and IA 1 x Bandit Squadron Z-95 Has anyone tried mixing the x and b wings? Another option is to switch out one of them for a TLT HWK at 22pts just for a bit of turret fun. Finally has anyone tried dropping the Z-95 and upgrading the other ships to leave it as: 2 x Dagger Squadron b-wings w/ FCS 2 x Red Squadron x-wing w/ R2 and IA Is the higher PS and addition of FCS worth losing the 4 hit points, blocking potential and odd hit of damage from the Z-95. All input welcome as non-ace lists are very much alien to me unless they're full of a-wings
  9. I've used similar but with predator on Luke. This was before Expertise was out and there were a lot of stressbots about. The ability to mod on attack and defence and regen seemed pretty nice.
  10. I think a possible solution would be 2 different upgrade cards. These would be: 1. Taking up the cannon slot and both torpedo slots offering a 3 point squad value deduction for all ships PS5 and above 2. Taking up the torpedo slots only offering a 3 point deduction on any equipped cannon upgrade. Means can reduce cost of elites without opening door to 5 generics in a list. Also means can decide whether want to run elites with a cannon with a deduction (Ten Numb and Mangler) or just take the 3 point deduction (such as Keyan who often won't run with a cannon). Only real issue is that is leaves Nora out in the cold a little
  11. Jake Farrell (33) PTL VI Prockets Title AT's Gemmer Sojan (25) PTL Refit Title AT's But I do love a-wings so I may be a little biased
  12. I had someone make a bit of a mess of one of my lists with VI & Advanced Sensors Keyan. Advanced sensor to TL or barrel roll, perform a red manoeuvre and use the stress as a focus. Rinse and repeat. Really makes the most of a rubbish
  13. Which PS9 ships is it? Some rely on arc dodging more than others so can be hard to say in general
  14. I've been looking at this version of fat Han but would still run it with the classic Jake. He can survive fairly well if he does;t bump
  15. How about PS8 Poe w/VI, R5-P9, AT's and Black One Corran w/VI, R2-D2 and FCS Ahsoka w/VI and Captured TIE I used a similar list last year but with VI Airen instead of Ahsoka. Poe and Corran being PS10 means ships like Fenn cannot line up shots and Ahsoka can dish out focus, TL or movement actions. Not having PTL on either ship also opens up the dials but if an opponent has Kylo Ren you need to make sure he goes down quick but a Poe attack and Corran double tap should cripple a deci and I'd easily trade Corran for a deci with a PS10 Poe with Ahsoka to mop up whatever is left.
  16. Feedback and tractor beam on one and glitter on the other - I guess there's no reason why they have to be the same
  17. Loaded Ahsoka looks like a pretty good move, unless you're up against PS9+ ships no one can shoot her which means that Sabine stays on the board for longer and it's her TIE anyway. Something that has been recommended to me is scavenger crane as can then reuse the bombs once an enemy blows up - may be worth a though. I do like the idea of being able to do actions in the combat phase to be able to drop some surprise bombs. I've been trying to figure out a similar list and get Jake in there instead of the GSP which would mean a more streamlined Ahsoka I think.
  18. Wired is only a reroll for focus results and is not worth losing regen for IMHO. If you have the tractor beam on Keyan he won't be doing any damage anyway but rage on him can work pretty well. You really don't want to sink too many points into him. He is the weak point of the list (even with sensor jammer) and will go down hard and quick. Jake wants PTL and a 1pt EPT to quit your tastes. Crackshot, VI and Wired would work (he is likely to be stressed from PTL)
  19. For PS8 Poe I quite like VI to put him above other aces and then add AT's and R2-D2 or R5-P9 (according to taste) If running BB8 with him I think that PTL is an auto include whether PS8 or PS9 For PS9 Poe I would not use VI as you are paying a premium to have the elite slot. I've been using him with PTL, R2-D2, Sensor Cluster, AT's and Black One. Pretty good fun bu need to work on flying it as in most games he was outshone by Jake. Pattern Analyser may be better than Sensor Cluster but not tested yet
  20. I'd probably take Dengar for the higher PS
  21. Also I have no idea why you have red ace with wired - where is he going to get the stress from? You'll have to trust me that the best droids for Red Ace are the regen ones - his ability triggers when he loses a shield so if he has a regen droid then it will trigger more often. Otherwise it really is not worth having. For him R2-D2 is better than R5-P9 as he will want to use his focus token on attack or defence. The only ship that R5-P9 is good with really is Poe as he does not have to spend the focus token to modify (or at a push Luke as he has a build in defensive mod).
  22. You cannot do 2 of any actions. So in the first example Jake could not boost again. For the second one Jake does not have a native barrel roll so could not so that. To be honest I think you're making things more complicated than they need to be by getting Jan involved. Jake can take a focus action then from that boost OR barrel roll before pushing the limit to evade. Switching the focus to an evade is ok but I'd rather have the focus token as you may well roll more than one focus and if there are no blanks autothrusters will not kick in. Also I'm not sure what you mean by attack with wired then end Jake's turn. Wired triggers in the normal attack phase and not the combat phase. I would really recommend flying a few lists where there is a lot less going on and get used to the rules. You are trying to get so many interactions going on here that I really don't think it's going to help you much at this stage. I just started with a basic list which was rubbish but I learnt the fundamentals and from there could list build with a full understanding of what I was doing and trying to achieve.
  23. I'm really confused by your Red Ace tactics. The ability is great to lose a shield and gain an evade but without a regen droid why would you go over a rock to get the evade? You're losing a shield to gain an evade and paying 3 points for the privilege. Red Ace really wants to be: R2-D2, Comm Relay and Autothrusters. Is really tough to take down then. Keyan is tough to build around and not very durable so if you want to go with him keep him cheap. I've seen someone use him with VI and Advanced Sensors very well. TL or barrel roll, perform a red manoeuvre for the pseudo focus from the stress and lose the stress when you attack. I think this would leave 29 points - Jake Farrell in the a-wing with VI, Autothrusters and PTL would fill this gap nicely. It's not top tier but could be fun
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