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  1. I am just looking at Poe based lists and am really struggling to decide on the best build. I'm also not sure what to put him with so it's a bit of a mix and match post to decide on a list. Firstly to accompany him I'm looking at one to these 3 (I like the Jake and Poe combo for fun more than being meta defining): 1. 33pt Procket Jake with VI Ahsoka (52pts + illicit or crew if wanted) 2. 28pt Jake with Biggs (54pts) 3. 28pt Jake with Stresshog (54pts) My Poe options (all PS9 Poe) are looking like: a. Predator, R2-D2, Black One, Sensor Cluster, AT's (45pts) b. PTL, BB-8, Black One, Pattern Analyser, AT's (43pts) c. Lone Wolf, R5-P9, Black One, Pattern Analyser, AT's (43pts) What do you guys think. I've used 1a a few times and quite like it but think that I need to improve how I fly Poe as he generally goes down quick and ale has to bail me out - which he usually does. The idea with the Biggs option is that can try to take something out before Biggs goes down and then Poe is a little more comfortable with less guns in his direction although Jake has less kick. Stresshog is just because really. Thanks all
  2. Easy - Jake with PTL, VI, Prockets, Title and Autothrusters although intensity may be viable as a replacement for PTL when it comes out. I'm not so sure though
  3. How about Red Ace w/R2-D2, Comm Relay and AT's. You sacrifice a bit of PS vs Poe but you get a ship that your opponent really does not want to leave until the end as if you take a damage on shields you get an evade token and then regen it with a green. But if your opponent goes after him then it leaves Han free reign to go after them. I'm currently looking at similar with Gunner on Han and IA instead of AT's on Red Ace. I still love the classic Han and Jake build though
  4. I know, my collection seriously needs updating. Just for fun it is so tempting to throw Psycho Tycho in instead of an x-wing. Likely to get crushed by BMST and anything with Latts crew but it would be so much fun finding yourself in range 1 of an autoblaster turret ship and just daredevilling into it to avoid the attack.
  5. I normally run them with PTL and Juke which just makes them really annoying, focus and evading each turn. Ran 3 of them with a swarm leader a-wing and although only went 3-2 no one managed to take them all out and there was only one match I lost 3, it is quite amusing watching people get wound up by them
  6. I didn't want to make the post too long but I was going to say that I don't have HotR or an Arc as there were really good options in those. If I had one I may have been tempted to just add a really tanky Miranda loaded out with bombs but I think the ship carrying all the k-wings has run aground somewhere!
  7. H I have a tourney next weekend which is for 150pt lists. My initial excitement has been dampened by the fact I have no idea how to go about anything more than the standard 100 point list. I am aiming to build it around Han and Jake as it is my favourite list and after flying generics last week I realised how much I like flying aces. So far I have: 64pts - Han Solo w/Predator, Luke, C3-PO, Evade Title and Engine Upgrade 33 or 28pts - Jake Farrell w/Push the Limit, Veteran Instincts, Title, Proton Rockets (or Chardaan Refit) and Autothrusters 19pts - Ahsoka w/Veteran Instincts and Captured TIE This leaves me with either 34 or 39 points. If running Prockets on Jake I am looking at: Ello Asty w/Veteran Instincts, R2 Astromech and Autothrusters (All PS9 and Ahsoka sticks with Ello to feed him actions and Jake and Han arc dodge and shoot) If no Prockets I'm looking at: Ello Asty w/Outmanoeuvre, R2-D2 and Autothrusters (Taking advantage of the white talon rolls to reduce opponents agility and Ahsoka can let him boost where needed in the combat phase) Red Ace w/R2-D2, Comm Relay and Autothruster (Just really tanky and Ahsoka can again feed extra actions - and I have an alt art card I need to use at some time) Poe Dameron (PS8) w/Determination, R2-D2 and Autothrusters (Especially designed to take on Kylo Ren pilot/crew) Any advice would be gratefully appreciated as this is a totally new format to me!
  8. Yeah, I'd love to run those 2 lists as well but hey ho. I don't get a chance to play much so the only reason to take the 2 swarmy lists is to practice 2 lists at the same tourney. Thanks for the feedback
  9. I'm playing a hangar bay tournament where the two lists can be the same faction but cannot contain the same ships or upgrade cards. My second list is pretty much set as: Red Ace w/ R2-D2, Comm Relay and Shield Upgrade 2 x Red Squadron Vet w/ Predator, R2 Astro and IA My options for the other list are Han Solo (Original) w/ Expertise, Gunner, C3-PO, Engine Upgrade and Evade Title Jake Farrell w/Push the Limit, Veteran Instincts, Prockets, Title and Autothrusters or GSP w/ Swarm Leader, PTL, Refit, Title and AT's 3 x GSP w/ Juke, PTL, Refit, Title and AT's The ace list gives some arc dodging shenanigans and is my main list. The GSP list is something I have been meaning to try and should be durable and if they are all pointing at the same opponent ship they should cause trouble with Juke and Swarm Leader but would leave me with two mid-level PS lists. What would you guys go for?
  10. The risk may not really be worth it but it is still really good fun.
  11. It depends how durable ship No. 3 is. I'm always reluctant to add a third ship, even a blocker, that is likely to get shot down quickly and leave me behind on pts (that's the beauty of VI Ahsoka vs anything but aces). The joy of this is that they are both durable and may even be better than my preferred Han and Jake list as they get nothing for half points. Everyone is different though and a lot of people love having a blocker. I've sometimes been tempted to run Poe and Corran with a 10+ point bid just because i'm not sure I want a blocker in there to get shot down early, but i'm weird like that
  12. If you're looking at Corran and a K-wing as the basis then Corran & Miranda are proven to work (worlds finalist last year). You would be looking at: Corran Horn w/ PTL, R2-D2, FCS and Engine Upgrade (48 pts) Miranda Doni w/ TLT, Sabine Wren, Homing Missiles, Ion Bomb, Connor Net, Extra Muntions and Advanced Slam (52 pts) Tricky to pick up but can work really well. But either standard Corran (the 48pt above or the 42pt with VI and no EU are solid so you shouldn't have any worries about it being worth giving him a paint job
  13. As tempted as I would be to go with 4 GSP A-wings with PTL, AT's and Juke they can be pretty stressful to play so if it's my only list that may be a bit too much so i'd go with: Han Solo w/Expertise, Gunner, C3-PO, Engine Upgrade and Original Title Jake Farrell w/PTL, VI, Title, Proton Rockets, Autothrusters Was tempted by the standard fat Han but you never know when you'll need that extra point initiative bid and if you can avoid stress it does hit harder
  14. A-wing mini swarms are pretty adaptive in that you can mix and match double elite talents in order to meet the varying challenges in the meta. Just a shame you can't switch elite talents in between rounds
  15. I like it, but I maybe should have said I only own 2 copies of IA...but I guess I could borrow from somewhere. T-70s may be weaker than defenders but doesn't make them any less fun
  16. I have been considering something similar for a hangar bay event where unfortunately my other list has most of my favourite upgrades. I was looking at something like this Red Ace with R2-D2, Comm Relay and Shield Upgrade 2 x Red Squadron with Predator, R2 Astromech and IA No AT's on Red Ace as using them on my other list but the Shield upgrade really does leverage the pilot ability. It may work, it may not but I think it's at least solid (and I get to use my alt art red ace)
  17. For that point gap how about VI Procket Jake to help deal with opposition aces
  18. Or if you're expecting some turrets you could trade out Sensor Cluster and IA for Autothrusters
  19. If you want to run the a-wings with a swarm leader ship then the best option I have found is 3 GSP with PTL and Juke along with Jess Pava. All PS3, Jess gets rerolls from the neighbouring GSPs and she can attack after the a-wings so they get the benefit of Juke. You could also run with Juke and Snap Shot a-wings as well but I just prefer the PTL/Juke so I have the focus or TL for a bit of attacking mod
  20. The a-wing - hits like wet spaghetti but the fix with the point reduction and allowing double elites has really made a big difference in balancing it out. The dial with a green 5 straight also lends itself to the feeling of a ship being agile and manoeuvrable. However, their biggest issue is the high defence prevalent in the current meta which, even with the tricks from double elite slots still makes it really difficult to push damage through on some lists (Defenders/Parattani). Having to pay 5 points for Prockets due to the fix is a bit frustrating too but I still love the little fellas
  21. This is definitely the best way to go. I've seen some people suggest R2-F2 but that is really a droid to avoid as he takes an action that you would be better off focus or evading on. Rolling 4 dice the would average 1.5 evades but with 3 dice and a focus you would average 1.875. At range 3 this becomes 1.875 with the droid and 2.5 with the focus. Add to this you lose whatever effect you go for with the droid of choice and it really is not looking too good when for an extra point you can have R2-D2. R2-F2 is a bit like Expose in that without the dice mods you don't really get much benefit from the extra dice (but I guess with R2-F2 if you are defending multiple times the benefit of the extra dice will add up but really by then you're just in a $hit load of trouble anyway as he really does not like focus fire)
  22. I'm currently a big fan of: Han Solo (46) Expertise (4) Gunner (5) C3-PO (3) Engne Upgrade (4) Evade Title (1) Jake Farrell (24) Push The Limit (3) VI (1) Proton Rockets (3) Title (0) Autothrusters (2) Comes in at 96 points so a good initiative bid and is a lot les draining than the usual 4 GSP builds that I've been running lately. More consistent damage output than the standard Fat Han but it is more susceptible to stress so need to be careful around Asajj. Also loving HotR Poe, Jake and Ahsoka but struggle to keep Poe alive sometimes. Usual ends with Jake soloing for the win
  23. PTL, VI and AT's are my main ones with a little predator thrown in for good measure
  24. I guess as it's hangar bay rules with none of the same upgrade cards in the 2 lists a few people may go down generic lists route so at PS4 could take a ship off the board before it shot, but not likely to happen that often. I've got a few T-70's so could run them. Would be committing to a 4 ship list then though
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