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  1. Hi all I seem to have a love of the A wing which is in no way backed up by results. This led me to an AAX (T70) in my last tourney which did not go well, largely due to a lack of firepower and rubbish rolling when unleashing my proton rockets. I've now taken another look at what i've got (TFA Core Set, A and B Expansions and Rebel Aces) and have come up with the below (I've got a friend with a lot of ships and cards I can borrow but I would rather rely on my own as much as possible): Jake Farrell (24) Outmanoeuvre (3) Chardaan Refit (-2) Ten Numb (31) Fire Control System (2) B Wing/E2 (1) Jan Ors (2) Keyan Farlander (29) Push the Limit (3) Ion Cannon (3) B-Wing/E2 (1) Kyle Katarn (3) Basic idea is Jake is a distraction/pest arc dodging to get out of firing arcs to make use of outmanoeuvre. Ten can use Jan to evade rather than focus, relying on FCS when attacking and generally flaking crits with Keyan using stress as focus for attacks then gaining focus from this to use in defence. I'm a bit concerned that the B's could be a little fragile. Any ideas/recommendations?
  2. Thanks, I will go forth and practice with what I have and get used to manoeuvring. my habit of landing on asteroids is a little worrying
  3. Thanks, I hadn't considered the yt as the falcon looks better but the extra evade die could be useful and using a cannon/turret negates the down side of the 2 attack.
  4. Also I assume that the huge ships are only really for high point games, specific missions. So frustrating that they seem to have some good cards with them
  5. Hi guys This has probably been covered off on other threats but here goes. I've not been playing long and so far have the new core set and have the A-wing and B-wing expansions (I preferred the pilot options to the rebel aces). in short the question is would you recommend? 1. Buying the original core set - Luke and R2-D2 seem like good options and would get the extra dice 2. For a 360 degree firing arc would you go with the falcon or go for the K-wing route with a turret. I played against Miranda with TLT and it was pretty brutal Thanks for any advice and apologies if this is going over old ground.
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