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  1. I'd say that the Targeting Astromech is designed for Hobbie Klivan. Do a K-turn and take a stress. Acquire a target lock and due to his ability lose the stress. And then you're free to focus with your action. At least I think you can do that. Even if you can't you still have the TL and lose the stress when you use it
  2. I am wrong, token stays. Not as good as I thought. Oh well
  3. I think that is because a small ship with an ion token is considered 'ionised' so keeps the token but a large ship is not so discards it. I may be wrong though.
  4. I prefer the second list as it stands but have you thought of: Poe w/BB-8, PTL and IA (36) Ello w/R2-D2, Outmanoeuvre and Weapons Guidance (39) Blue Squadron w/Advanced sensors or FCS (24 or 25) Poe doesn't really want weapons guidance as h wants to save this for his pilot ability and BB-8 and PTL makes him very manoeuvrable. Ello can sneak in behind people with his pilot ability and can use outmanoeuvre and weapons guidance to maximise the damage. The b-wing will probably go down quick but should do some damage first.
  5. I was thinking about that. Is the ion effect after the second boost a problem? No, as at the end phase you lose the ion token so are clear for a boost the next round. he only issue is if your opponent has an ion cannon/turret. If they do I would use it sparingly but otherwise shouldn't be any issues.
  6. To be honest once I hit about 6 or 7 we just agree that he is permanently stressed for the rest of the game but I have heard epic tales of tycho one shooting a phantom with about 16 stress tokens in tow.
  7. How about Leebo if you have him, basically a 2 point engine upgrade and if you can boost out of arc no need for the evades
  8. If you're expecting to see swarms against you as well i'd look at assault missiles on Blount. Guaranteed 1 damage on all ships within range 1. 6 ship swarm? that's 5 damage plus whatever the initial hit does. Leaves the Tie fighters one direct hit away from oblivion
  9. May just be personal preference but I'd switch PTL to Ello and give Poe predator. With Predator and his ability there's a good chance of getting 3 hits in. PTL and BB8 work really well as you can get 3 actions and still end up with no stress. Add to this Ello's white talon rolls and it is v hard for your opponent to guess where you're going to move
  10. I like it. It's a fairly straightforward list not relying on too many tricks which I think is good to start with, means you can focus on just playing the game and more importantly having fun. I played my first tournament a few months ago having only played 3 games previously and everyone was really good and helpful about the fact I really wasn't that sure what I was doing!
  11. I've been looking at running that exact list but don't have R5-P9 which makes it tricky. I'd definitely keep the droids as they are. Not sure if crack shot is a better call than wired for an A. Can help you get damage in when needed but I don't think PTL makes an A-wing predictable as a blocker. All straight and 2 turns green make for a lot of variety and being able to focus and evade with AT's on top of that make then really hard to put down (if someone gets 2 hits at range 3 you can roll all blanks and still take no damage, never fails to frustrate people)
  12. I pretty much played list 2 in the first round of my local store champs last weekend. Poe and Miranda took out my Corran between them in the first round of shooting but the Y-wing did not get a shot off until the final round before time was up. Between Jake and the GSP the Y-wing just couldn't get them in arc and Miranda never got to use tactician either... That said without Corran I killed nothing and lost 70-0
  13. I second this one, Jake is pretty handy. Used him in a squad against a BTL stress bot y-wing and it only got a shot away once. Jake is ridiculously manoeuvrable
  14. I'd have to agree with this but just make sure you don't forget the IA on Poe, seems a shame not to
  15. That 5 prototype with prockets list looked like great fun and pretty good work to take out a firespray and a decimator. Long live the a-wing! I had my store champs yesterday with Corran, Jake and GSP list yesterday. Was a pretty tough day with plenty of Miranda k-wings floating around making a mess of Corran. He was also one shotted by Soontir (3 hits and crit which was inevitably a direct hit!). However, got my own back when my GSP one shotted Soontir in the same game, great fun. Looking at a 4 a-wing list which option looks better (I only have 2 outmanoeuvre cards and 2 AT's) Option 1 4 x GSP with PTL and Prockets Option 2 2 x GSP with PTL, Prockets, Outmanoeuvre and AT's 2 x GSP with PTL Option 3 2 x GSP with PTL, Outmanoeuvre and AT's 2 x GSP with PTL and Prockets I'm currently favouring list 3 with the 2 Procket A-wings getting in close and firing off fairly early and then the other 2 can hang around a little longer with the AT's and take advantage of outmanoeuvre where possible. Option 1 cold be absolute chaos though. I prefer it to the 5 prototypes with prockets as more likely to be able to TL and focus to get the max effect from them
  16. Have you got auto thrusters? If so I would lose the gorps and use those instead. I'm not really a big fan of munitions as is really quite unreliable. If not i'd be tempted to switch the talas for 2 x prototypes at 15 points each. Better dial and will hang around little longer with the extra agility.
  17. The meta seems a bit strange at the moment where I am. Not many high PS ships and 98 points normally gets the job done for initiative. I'll see how it goes and maybe change for next tournament. I've been reluctant to use advanced sensors as like the post manoeuvre movement but I get that it's not so beneficial with other ships moving after. Will try to give a rundown on how it goes. Just waiting to get another a-wing so can unleash quad a's!
  18. Finally discovered this thread and some great ideas. My love of a-wings is pretty much unconditional although never likely to get a quick game. I've got store champs tomorrow and looking at running the below list (apologies for the presence of a rogue e-wing). Any thoughts? Horn A (98) Corran Horn (48) - E-Wing Push The Limit (3), R2-D2 (4), Fire Control System (2), Engine Upgrade (4) Jake Farrell (28) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Veteran Instincts (1) Green Squadron Pilot (22) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), Autothrusters (2)
  19. Ask anyone who has played against me lately and they would probably say a-wings. Focus and evade. They attack with a blaster turret and get 3 hits but after the evade token and AT's kick in is still only the one damage. By the end of the game they were pretty frustrated (and the a-wings survived)
  20. I've run a similar list to the first but would recommend VI and R2-D2 on Poe. Stress really kills Bb-8
  21. Given the amount of stressbots about Luke is far from obsolete. Predator/Lone Wolf and his ability mean that he can modify attacking and defensive rolls even when stressed and whilst making green manoeuvres to shift stress will also regen. Against a stress heavy list I would probably chose him over Poe
  22. By my reckoning Corran should be either PTL or VI and if you go for VI I would drop the engine upgrade. The torpedoes could be fun but not essential. I agree that the Poe build looks interesting but with the points saved on Corran you should be able to upgrade the third ship
  23. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Final question. Which would you favour between Poe and Corran if it was: Corran with VI, FCS and R2-D2 for 42 points Or Poe with VI, R2-D2 and AT for 38 points
  24. I wouldn't bother with the moldy crow title. Recon spec will get you two focus a turn, so use one and hand one out. I also wouldn't bother with munitions fail safe on Jake as its a point wasted. If you miss with 5 dice (and should have TL as well as focus) you may as well just pack up and go home! If you can get/borrow auto thrusters do it. They are really useful. Also try to get VI at least on Poe. Tactically it can be good fun pushing the limit with Jake st the start of the combat phase to really mess with opponents but if you do this you don't really need VI as you will most likely move last with him anyway. Hopefully some of that is helpful
  25. Yeah, I normally focus first up then DD/PTL in whichever order works best
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