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  1. Unless it says another friendly ship then the ship the they are on counts as range 1, so he will work on his own ship. Great fun
  2. That looks very much like the green arrow list, very much famed on this thread
  3. The Juke build is the one I've been using most. Can't figure out if 2 GSP's with that set up are better than the 48pt Corran build. If Corran survives to the end game he's a beast but he always seem to get focused down early on
  4. I like the idea of rage tycho, just need the card! I've always struggled with Tycho to justify him over Jake but without rage wired is a decent option for him. He always just seems a point or two too expensive.
  5. Hi guys I'm running off a basic build of: GSP PTL Title Chardaan Refit AT's This comes to 22 points leaving a pretty free choice for the second elite talent when running a squad of 4 but the question is which one? Predator - may seem a waste on a 2 attack ship but is almost as good as a TL as on average with 2 dice one should be a hit or crit Outmanoeuvre - a bit situational but the reduced agility should help hits get through and has some synergy with AT's in that you want to out of arc Juke - using PTL to focus and evade means this gives more options on attack and if they're all pointing at the same ship can do some damage. Also only 2 points so could change one up to VI Jake. Anyone tried any similar lists? I quite like the predator list but haven't had much chance to test them.
  6. In my opinion Corran really benefits from fire control system as this gives him the target lock for his second attack. I'd drop Luke to gunner to get the points for that. The extra point can either be saved for initiative (there are a lot of PS8 pilots out there) or VI on Chewie. I wouldn't go for draw their fire as you don't really want to fly them both in formation and the odds are Corran will just take the crit on his shields anyway.
  7. I like it, i've run similar before but the main thing to be wary of is Poe getting pretty heavily targeted. He can go down pretty quickly under focused fire but if he survives to the end game is really dangerous. If you get the chance to get hold of the Rage card looks like it would be really dangerous on Tycho
  8. I like that list! I would have to put shields on them due to my lack of ATs. Has anyone had experience with this build using shield upgrade? To be honest the shield upgrade is a little expensive for what it brings. Without the AT's you could replace Gemmer with either VI Poe and R2-D2 or Predator Luke with R2-D2. That would give you a little more bite and end game threat
  9. Gemmer is ok but a GSP is usually better for the points available. Even with Gemmer's extra defence die Expose is really a no go. The extra attack die is ok but you have to use your action so you end up with 3 unmodified dice. Is much better long term to focus, giving you the option to use it for attack or defence. The key to the a-wing is really PTL. if looking to run 3 named pilots I would go for the following: Jake w/PTL, VI, Prockets and AT's (33) Tycho w/Wired, PTL, Prockets and AT's (35) Gemmer w/PTL, Prockets and AT's (30) If you don't have the AT's you could drop them and put the shield upgrade on a couple of them (probably Jake and Tycho)
  10. So my fellow a-wing fans. With these triple jump masters floating around how do we think we'll fare. I think if the red dice favour us we can survive the alpha strikes better than ships with 1 or 2 agility with at least 3 defence dice and hopefully focus, evade and AT's. I refuse to believe they'll become uncompetitive
  11. Drop Juke for Wired on all 3 GSP's. Presto, Procket points! Wouldn't work unfortunately as I need to find myself 5 points because I also lose the refit as well having to find the 3 points for the Prockets. Otherwise would be a good call
  12. I recently played a game with the following: Jake w/ VI, PTL, Refit and AT's 3 x GSP w/ PTL, Juke, Refit and AT's It was great fun and Juke really worked well. Unlike with the Tie/FO the ability to focus and evade makes Juke really dangerous and really helps to get the damage through. Was up against Miranda and a Gold squadron with TLT's and Ten Numb. The presence of the TLT's made the AT's essential and the damage output of the A-wings was remarkably good. 3 attacking Ten Numb in the first round of shooting took out all of his shields! Admittedly there was some pretty good rolls involved there. Obviously Jake would really benefit from Prockets but what is the best way to find the points for them: 1. Drop the AT's on the GSP's 2. Drop Juke on the GSP's 3. Drop one of the GSP's for a Prototype Would be interested to hear what you guys think. I'm leaning towards option 1. It is great to see how competitive the a-wing can still be. In my most recent tourney I used Poe with 2 x GSP and a Proto and Poe was the weakest link with the GSP's really holding their own!
  13. They want all the goodies that they can get to be honest and the GSP is so much better than the prototype. PTL is almost essential on all a-wing builds and with a focus and evade they are pretty tough to kill - but admittedly don't do too much. If I had to run a swarm of more than 4 I would just look at 5 GSP with PTL
  14. Slightly delayed feedback on this one. Ran the Poe list but without weapons guidance and AT's on one of the GSP's. Came away winless and the real surprise was that the weak link was Poe. He just got focused down far too quickly to make a difference. The GSP's, however, were absolute heroes and almost single handedly took down Dash (Poe might have done some minor damage while he hung about) whilst also surviving the attentions of two TLT y-wings. I am really starting to think that my play style lends itself to just embracing the joy of the a-wing and losing any ambition of running the 'aces' such as Poe and Corran. I'm not really sure what i'm doing with them and there are a lot of eggs in a very fragile basket
  15. Is there merit in switching the AT on Poe for IA and having AT's on both GPT. I'm not convinced
  16. I would have gone the R5-P9 route but don't have him. Same with crack shot. I guess one of the GSP's can have ATs or I can throw it on the proto just because it'll look tidier, lol
  17. The other option was to add autothrusters to one of my a-wings, either the proto or one of the GSP's. The weapons guidance was only really there for the odd occasion when I'm out of arc of opponent to maximise damage
  18. I ran fat Han and Jake at SC recently and got smashed. You really need to make sure not more than 2 ships shooting at Han at the same time. One is better though
  19. After failing miserably at my last event with Han and Jake I'm looking to go back to my reliable a-wings but experimenting with Juke. As there are a lot of stressbots about am considering Luke as ability works without actions. Which list would you go for? Poe's Green Squad (99) Poe Dameron (40) - T-70 X-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), R2-D2 (4), Weapons Guidance (2), Autothrusters (2) Green Squadron Pilot (22) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2) Green Squadron Pilot (22) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2) Prototype Pilot (15) - A-Wing Chardaan Refit (-2) (100) Luke Skywalker (37) - X-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), R2-D2 (4), Shield Upgrade (4) Green Squadron Pilot (24) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Juke (2) Green Squadron Pilot (24) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Juke (2) Prototype Pilot (15) - A-Wing Chardaan Refit (-2) Would Luke be be better with IA and predator? Thanks everyone
  20. J Viz


    i'm not sure that wired over juke is a definite. Juke can really help put damage through. I would say its down to preference. I would say predator instead of PTL on Poe if you're not using VI. Would also recommend auto thrusters for Poe. I've run Poe w/ VI, R2-D2, weapons guidance and AT's Jake w/ VI, A-wing title, PTL, AT and Proton Rockets GSP w/ PTL, A-wing title, Outmanoeuvre, AT and refit It was good fun and if you can keep Poe alive it can be quite effective.
  21. And Ibitsam has his uses too with basically a built in wired
  22. I think in the stress meta Luke would survive pretty well. His ability, unlike Poe's, is not action dependant and is armed with Predator can also modify attack rolls without actions. With R2-D2 whilst removing stress will also regen. Against a stress bit would probably rather take Luke than Poe. Only thing i'm not sure on is whether would run with a shield upgrade to improve R2-D2 effectiveness or to take the IA option. I like Keyan but not with gunner. I think he may go down too quick to make the 5 points worth while. For Hobbie I quite like the targeting astromech. Can perform a k-turn, pick up a target lock, lose the stress straight away and still take a focus action.
  23. J Viz


    Personally i'd rather run Corran with PTL, FCS, R2-D2 and EU and drop the torpedoes on the B's. But to be honest that is largely due to my lack of faith in munitions
  24. I was thinking of adding EI but as expose wouldn't work on prockets its a bit of a mute point
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