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  1. But you only have to win the game anyway. Kill one thing with prockets or get half points on a large based ship and don't die
  2. Oh yeah, you'd have to hit the right list. Jake against anything too beefy will die quickly. He did really well against a Kanan, Kayan list as he was manoeuvrable enough to avoid the autoblaster/accuracy corrector and was able to keep out of main arc. Then it was just a case of plinking a shield and a hull off at a time for about 60 minutes once Keyan had been procketed. And definitely Lone Wolf (or Predator) over Expertise with Luke but expertise Han does hit harder if you can keep the stress off
  3. For an a-wing I'd almost be happy for the chardaan refit title just to add another missile slot. It needed the 2 point reduction (at least) at that time but the penalty it adds when you add munitions takes it out of an ordinance heavy meta
  4. First I totally agree with Tbetts, Han needs the engine upgrade. I'd probably also throw Gunner on there instead of Chewbacca. If you're going to play as a solo Solo you don't want to be in a war of attrition. I think it's going to be more important to take things out quickly and to avoid getting shot at rather than try to avoid the shots altogether. As far as the challenge itself goes I have pretty much single handedly taken out a few lists with just the standard 33pt Jake Farrell after his wingmates have gone down in the first round of shooting. And it would be a pretty decent initiative bid
  5. Mine would be for the a-wing. Amend/replace Chardaan Refit with a card at -1 cost that allows you to attack with an extra dice. Then flip the card. You then have to spend a token to flip the card back over again (so a little like intensity) but does not just bump them up to a 3 dice attack.
  6. J Viz


    I've done fairly well with the following: 4 x Green Squadron Pilot w/ PTL, Juke, Refit, Title and AT's. This comes in at 24 pts each but there wasn't really much more to add. I have tried replacing one of them with either a PTL, Swarm Leader GSP or PTL VI Jake but this seems to work best. A-wings don't do too much damage but if you get 4 pointing at the same thing with Juke triggering they can do some damage. I've tried the Snap/Juke list and found it too fragile but I may have been flying it wrong. In the munitions department I usually favour: 4 x Green Squadron Pilot w/PTL, Prockets, Title and Guidance Chips. At the time I had Adaptability as triple jumps were a thing and I wanted to have the PS advantage but these days trick shot may be a good call, not that I play much these days.
  7. Hi all I've been out of the game for a while due to the distractions of fatherhood but there is a wave 1-3 tournament coming up that I am very much tempted by. As the name would suggest it is for wave 1-3 ships and upgrades only plus Rebel and Imperial Aces. I'm looking to stick to what I know and run a Han and Jake list but it's currently missing C3-PO, Autothrusters and Predator. To be honest the elite abilities from these waves are pretty underwhelming apart from VI and PTL. This is what I have so far: Jake Farrell VI PTL Title Prockets Hull Upgrade/Shield Upgrade/Stealth Device Han Solo Marksmanship/Determination/VI Gunner/Luke Skywalker Chewbacca/Navigator Engine Upgrade Title Jake is easy as he is just a toss up between the 3 mods, stealth device could be really frustrating for my opponents as he is likely to be equipped with focus and evade most turns but the others are more 'reliable'. For Han there are still elite talents and crew up in the air. Elite - I have kind of talked myself out of Marksmanship as my actions will mostly be used to evade or boost and Luke offers some offensive mods. VI is a solid choice but it may be a benefit to have both ships at the same PS for easier manoeuvring. The Falcon does not have enough green's for PTL really but given the large hull value Determination could useful. Crew - I think the only way I would take gunner is if I was using marksmanship so it is likely to be Luke. Chewbacca offers some more defensive options and will allow me to dodge a nasty crit whilst navigator should help to avoid bumping (although I've never used it). ATM (and for sheer fluffiness on the falcon) I'm looking at: Jake Farrell (34) VI PTL Title Prockets Stealth Device Han Solo (63) Determination Luke Skywalker Chewbacca Engine Upgrade Title Any thoughts on this are more than welcome though as I was not playing at this stage so not sure what to expect to see there (except probably TIE swarms)
  8. They were rolling pretty hot
  9. Well this is pretty fun but also a right pain if you try to get too clever with it: PS9 Poe PTL, BB-8, Pattern Analyser, Black One, AT's Jake PTL, VI, Title, Prockets (or Cruise Missiles), AT's Ahsoka VI, Capured TIE and up to 5 points of extras (Rey, BMST, EMP Device) All PS9 and slippery as heck. Poe revealing a green, BR with BB8 strip a target lock and then can PTL to adjust line with a boost and drop another lock and can then focus. However, I have tried to get too clever with this in the past and parked him right infront of an Inquisitor with Prockets and also flown him off the board. However, Poe really hates TLTs
  10. J Viz

    Fat Han

    Heroes of the Resistance is a great expansion
  11. J Viz

    Fat Han

    Well if you buy two autothruster cards FFG throw in a free Starviper
  12. Intensity is an elite where once per round when you perform a barrel roll or boost manoeuvre you can acquire a focus or evade token. Once you do this you flip the card and at the end of the combat phase you have to spend a focus or evade token to flip the card over again.
  13. Or adaptability Luke w/R2-D2 and Shield Upgrade
  14. It's only really wedge but he would die even quicker. If you could find another 2 pts could have Corran w/adaptability, FCS and R2-D2.
  15. I'm referring to it as the 'fun' 5 point bid. I forgot saboteur was 2 points, thought it was just the one. I think saboteur is prob the best option then
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