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  1. I'm pretty psyched up for it. I'm going to light it, paint it, and smash through some ISD's with it!
  2. Got my first game against an SSD last night using my Dodonna 3-ship with plenty of bombers. Killed it turn six. Had to strip practically all of its shields and was able to draw it in over an asteroid for four straight turns.
  3. I hope you’re wrong about cracking it open. So far the hardest to do was the AFmkII, but I managed that one
  4. My (totally unfounded) guess is that it’s going to be a separate arc, range long-infinity. You’ll be able to combine it with the front arc but only shoot once, and there will be a token you place on the ship that you don’t remove until after the next activation that keeps you from firing the laser.
  5. I’ll know better once I get it in my hands and popped open. I have some pretty small drill bits for my Dremel (and there are some 0.1mm bits on Amazon) and some pointed punches that might do the trick. im thinking 8-12 hours of work, give or take, per SSD, so $25/hr would put it at $200-300 on top of cost (which I get a discount on)
  6. Trying out a Raddus Profundity-GR75-EHB-Bomber game. The idea is that the second transport puts itself in optimum position while Raddus keeps his distance. Lando is to reroll accuracies so it can survive, then drop Raddus and trans from it. If the Bright Hope dies I still have the 90 to roll out from. Hwk and Nora in the BCC, come out first, then the Profundity drops the Scurrgs for the real damage, followed by the heavy double arc. Shouldn’t much be able to survive that. Raddus (395/400) Rebels - Author: Theia Commander: Admiral Raddus Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Fleet Ambush [flagship] CR90 Corvette A (44) - Admiral Raddus (26) - Jaina's Light (2) - Major Derlin (7) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 86 total points MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) - Profundity (7) - Electronic Counter Measures (7) - Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) - Rapid Launch Bays (6) - Toryn Farr (7) - Assault Concussion Missiles (7) - XX-9 Turbolasers (5) - Fire Control Team (2) = 154 total points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) - Bomber Command Center (8) - Rapid Launch Bays (6) - Adar Tallon (10) = 42 total points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) - Bright Hope (2) - Slicer Tools (7) - Lando Calrissian (4) = 31 total points Squadrons (82/134): 1x HWK-290 (12) 1x Norra Wexley Y-wing Squadron (17) 1x Havoc - Nym (21) 2x Scurgg H-6 Bomber (32)
  7. Note I’m not asking if you want one, just wondering what people think is a fair price?
  8. Just wanting to get a feel from the community: how much do do you think you would pay for a fully lit SSD model (without the cards)? I’m talking flickering engine lights, plenty of fiber lighting throughout (24-36 spots, at least), and maybe a few more bells and whistles. I’m looking to offer some as a side hustle and am wondering if it would be worth it.
  9. So, played my first game with rebel pathfinders the other day. My opponent deployed one unit in the middle of the board, then I deployed mine on one flank of his deployment zone (Battle Lines). He deployed Chewbacca right next to them. Scout moves happen, he moves Chewbacca into melee with them. I scout move and do a speed one move back out (both units had the upgrade) as a withdraw. Turn 1 Chewie goes first and charges them. Question is... Did we do this right? Did we mess something up there?
  10. That's nice (I've not tried to incorporate Lando yet). When I ran straight-ish rogues I ran Hera, Tycho, Shara, Ketsu, Corran, and Jan. They were a great, tanky, fun combo of squadrons no unlike yours.
  11. My current setup is Nora, Gold, Green, 3 A's, 6 Y's. It's beefy, will tie up the enemy squadrons for a while, can mostly absorb flack, and can pound ships if left to their own devices. I run this with an MC80Cmd, a Pelta, and a transport, with Dodonna. I see this as the Rebel version of the Imp 2-ship, the Reb 3-ship, if you will. Out of six games my worst score is a 7-3, I believe, tabled my opponent 3 of those six games.
  12. Or @Cruzer I believe could use them.
  13. I'm running an escalation league and I could offer these as a prize, if no one else. We are in our first round (300 points, increasing 150 every two weeks).
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