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  1. Something like that, maybe one for squadron, and another for anti-ship. Say a 6 hull squadron, lose one die of anti-squardron per missing hp, lose one die of AS for every 2 missing HP
  2. I got an offer for a share (assuming I'm able to go now). Thank you though!
  3. Thank you all. You’re all terribly sweet, and our community is easily among the best when it comes to its people.
  4. Thanks @The Jabbawookie. You made me smile when I’m legit trying not to cry right now in disappointment.
  5. Hey everyone, I just sent a message to Matt, but wanted to say something here. I feel lousy, but I just realized I was playing with an extra Y-wing on the board the entire time on Saturday. Looking back I don't think it would have affected any of my scores, not even the last close game (like it didn't do clinch damage on anything, or even get in more than a couple of hits the entire tournament), but I wanted to be honest with the community.
  6. Is anyone going to worlds that would be up for sharing a room? I need to severely minimize my costs if I'm going to be able to go.
  7. But others’ scores mattering a lot to your ranking is going to happen in *any* structure other than round-robin
  8. It's what I love the most too, and in fact is what disappoints me the most about Legion (aside from the scale). Heck, I just won Prime yesterday, first place of 26, with a 5-6 loss on my last game.
  9. You get +1 TP for each full 10TP your beaten opponents each score? So, for example, You beat players A and B, lost to C, but your score 22 TP (say a 10, an 8, and a 3). A scored 18 points from games when all is said and done, and so you get +1 TP for that, and B scored 9, so you get 0 for that, so you end the tournament with 23 BP, but player C ended with 22 also, but beat you, so they get +2 points for your 22 points (plus points from their other wins, if any), and so would still beat you in the tournament without going to MoV. Could work, but adds another layer of complexity, and thus more work for the TO's and confusion for players. But what it would do is keep players on the top tables of the final round from really being able to figure out just what they need to clinch it, as it would still leave variables that can't be accounted for, unless one player is way in the lead.
  10. Round three was against Jesse Lowther who drove down from Washington. Jesse was playing a similar build to mine, but with an AFFM Pelta, MC80C, and an extra transport, plus 4 B's, Dagger, Nora, Jan, and a YT-1200. At this point I had 20TP, Jesse had 18, and there were two 17's playing on table two, and I was 204 MoV ahead of Jesse, 354 ahead of third place. All I needed to do was really not screw it up, and a 7-4 would clinch it. We played Jesse's Fighter Ambush. We deployed left-oblique to each other, with his squad ball out on some debris almost straight to my left. I turned my fleet to port and lined up, fighters in front, as he side-stepped away from me a bit. No real engagements happened until turn four. I sent some squadrons after the right side of his fighter ball but failed to screen BH well enough with my Y-wings, so he got three BWing shots at it, but thanks to BH and some bad die rolls she only suffered one shield from it and ended up losing her scatter when the 80 took a long range shot at her. Aspiration tried to speed up and force the issue, while I got Wedge, Rogue, and the YT mixed in with some B-wings, killing dagger squadron and a few B's. Nym took the brace off the 80, and Yavaris managed to put out a ton of hurt on his squadron ball, but came one point shy of killing a token-less Jan. He managed three tokens when he used b-wings to take out Yavaris. We ended round 5 due to time. With a 6th round I would have cleaned up his 80 and another squadron or two, and I *thought* it was going to be a 7-4 loss (already knowing that table 2 ended in an 8-3), so I was thinking I'd once again earned my self-appointed moniker of "The Choke-Queen of the PNW". This game was an intense one of maneuver and counter-maneuver, with feints and lures, and was easily the most chess-like game of Armada I've ever played. But when the points were added up it was 60-117, for a 57 MoV, just barely keeping me at 5 points and netting me first place!
  11. Second game was against Stephen Wilcox. He, too, has some high level tournament experience (worlds and such). He was playing a fully tricked out Assault Ravager with Piett, Brunson, H-9, QTC, QLT, HIE, Kallus, Krennic, and gunnery team (I may be forgetting another upgrade or two) plus a Comms Netted Transport. He chose my Infested Fields. The only way to describe this game is a straight up brawl. I started off speed two on both ships planning to speed up and flank him at the hips but got gunshy turn one when I saw that speed three would leave me double arced or in medium range of his front, so I slowed down instead. I got off Yavaris once for Nym (who failed to do his crit but got Nora's), but he iced Yavaris top of round 2 and put plenty of hurt on my squadrons. Rogue squadron flew around to pick up some of the far flung tokens while I started pouring every bomber shot I could into him. The last two turns were my 75 and bombers trading shots with Ravager. Turn 5 my slightly damaged 75 with some shields freshly repaired miraculously survived a close range front/side double arc with two hull left, while Ravager was at 13 damage. I double arced him from front and side into his slightly shielded (from eng) zone, getting through a crit on the first show that let me set him to speed zero, allowing the second shot to really drive home and get a Structural, then was forced to ram myself down to one hull. His Goz tried to pop a shot at my unshielded front with two red but rolled two hits so I was able to shift them to my 2 remaining side shields. After that it took two bomber shots to get the last three damage and finish him off. In the end it was 475-82. One more hull damage on my MC75 and it would have been 475-400. This match was intense and filled me with nervous, anxious energy.
  12. My first game was against Chris Schaefer (sp?). Chris is a generally tough opponent with lots of high level tournament experience, and this time he brought Thrawn on an Interdictor, Demo, and Suppressor along with 5 Decimators and Dengar. I was worried at first about all that rogue firepower and voluminous counter. He won the bid and chose to go second, and I picked his fighter ambush. We made a cluster of asteroids and debris around the station about range 6 or so from my edge on the right, upon which he plopped his fighter ball, then moved most of the obstacles around with a grav reroute. He drifted in too close too quickly with his fighters, giving my MC75, Yavaris, Wedge, and RS, and the YT plenty of time to clean up several decimators. By the time the ships closed and his Thrawn CF dials came into play his fighter cover was down to 2 damaged Deci's. He nearly got Yavaris, but I managed to fly it away to his left, while his Demo on his right got caught up in a ship/squadron bottleneck. In the end he got Bright Hope and a couple of squadrons, but I polished off both his main ships with the MC75 and squadrons, plus had a bundle of victory tokens. Final score was 505-97. Chris ended up 20th, with 12TP and 366 MoV.
  13. Hey all! Got a request on Discord for a batrep of my three games at the Red Castle Games Prime Championship that took place Feb 8, 2020. I got first place with 25 TP and 793 MoV. I'll do each battle in a separate post, but here's my list: Commander: General Dodonna Obj: Surprise Attack, Asteroid Tactics, Infested Fields Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Flight Commander (3) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) • Yavaris (5) = 72 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Toryn Farr (7) • Bomber Command Center (8) • Advanced Transponder Net (5) • Bright Hope (2) = 40 Points MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) • General Dodonna (20) • Strategic Adviser (4) • Ruthless Strategists (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Ordnance Pods (3) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Aspiration (3) = 160 Points Squadrons: • Jan Ors (19) • Norra Wexley (17) • Wedge Antilles (19) • Nym (21) • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20) • Rogue Squadron (14) • YT-2400 (16) = 126 Points Total Points: 398
  14. It was a great match, but you outplayed me. I’m not dismayed though because I came in first place at our prime today (out of 26), beating out Schmitty by about 100 MoV, so playing late didn’t seem to hurt me too much.
  15. This is my husband, except he usually just lets me prattle on about the game while half listening.
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