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  1. No worries, all of us do. Or at least I do too. Well first off: you can't enforce creativity. Encourage them to describe what is happening through a couple of examples, but if they don't care to do that.. that is kind of their deal. If this keeps bothering you, I'd suggest talking to them about that, they'll probably at least give it a shot. However, I have a quick question: How do you set the scene? Do you describe their surroundings in details or more or less let them enter a room and let them fill in the blanks? A lot of people struggle with the utter vastness of possibilities and kind of zone out, keeping to what they know, which is usually the mere rules by themselves. If you add little details like "the stormtroopers stand under a fire suppression system" or something like that, they'll probably come up with something to get them going. After a while they may ask questions like "is there a blast door that can be shut?" or something like that and you won't have to give them as much. Just ease them into the whole thing with a little help.
  2. Depending on if you want them to have it during your sessions... It could be stored on a small orbiting storage meteor, or a satellite or anything akin to that. A bit over the top for sure, but they can get it back afterwards and nobody messes with their gear up there. Although it is ultimately out of reach for the entire thing. Exept if they manage to convince someone to transfer it down...
  3. Very interesting idea, I kinda like it. We're 5 PC's, 6 people total. Usually we swap GM's depending on whether we're doing a one shot thing or multiple episodes of one big adventure. I like the idea of finding a dead body. It could even be a corpse with an active datajack or something like that. I'm not sure if I feel confident enough to branch off too much from the beaten path with these sessions, but I'd love to hear ideas for this.
  4. Hey guys, I've run into a bit of a vague problem and I thought to utilize the great ressource of crowdfunded wisdom. So hopefully you could give me your two cents on this; in any case I'd appreciate the input. I've just started out trying to GM myself last week. As of now I've done the insane number of exactly 1 session.. Which obviously leaves some room for improvement. Though that is not what this is about. As a guy trying to hold the fort with one session games for now I've had a look into the FFG ressources on here and used the 'Shadow of the Broker I' adventure, which went rather well (although my PC's completely crushed it, but that's another story). I realize this is probably highly specific but could be broadened a little to reflect the core problem of how to keep the mystery with a character that calls for that. For those of you who don't know those short broker adventures: There is this guy called "the Broker" that bascially acts as a Mcguffin so the PC's have the chance to get a very basic, one session plot going and receive their fair share at the end. Now, in those adventures the boker is basically a guy who just calls them up, which we all thought was a little boring. I wanted to keep this guy an enigma, as I was sure I'd use him again some time in the future. Instead of calling them up, we kind of fudged around a little and incorporated a weird Datapad in the session prior to my first one; this Pad started sending out an odd mystery signal that could barely be traced. In my session I had them start off following the signal into a field full of space debris. Nothing unusual, just uninteresting. The signal guided them to an old escape pod in which there was a blackbox that held information until accessed through the pad (a two part thingi with a decoder, which has relevance later). They then got their info on the pad which wiped itself after 5 minutes, just like the blackbox. They then had to contact numerous personell, open up a specific bankaccount under certain circumstances bla bla, in order to receive payment after the job was done. Aferwards the adventure (more or less) commenced as planned. The point of the whole ordeal was that I thought it felt more immersive and a little more interesting for them having to jump through these safety measure hoops in order to get the job by this high profile guy. I thought it worked well; although I'm now starting to struggle coming up with new ideas of how the Broker could contact them (I'm doing part 2 today). Any ideas in that regard? For session 2 they'll receive the same signal, although from a planet this time. It'll lead them to this small restaurant in an alley entirely filled with Droids, who hand them the digital menue and ask them to choose a dinner. Nothing unusual again, just a bit of a weird clientell. They can then make a perception check to realize that their Datapad decoder fits into the menue and it is there where they'll get the info. After the usual 5 minutes (less if they fail the computer check for accessing it), the pad will whipe, including all Droids around them. I'm obviously vastly inexperienced but though this would be more fun than getting a simple phonecall. Any thoughts on how you'd do it differently? Or maybe even some other ideas on how to contact them in the future (if I'd desire to use the Broker again)? The only conditions I'd apply would be that these informations could theoretically accessible to others if they came first (the idea is that a selected few have those kind of Datapads and the PC's stumbled upon one by accident and now just keep using it) and that there would be as little contact with humanoids as possible. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through this oddly specific post.
  5. None are planned in our games. Still, they do tend to crop up. The casual 'Oh my goodness' always ends up being thrown if a protocol droid comes into play.
  6. I guess what you are looking for are Ion weapons; they're roughly the equivalent to EMP. Ion weaponry does (at least to my knowledge) not effect humanoid charactrs. However it does deal strain damage to droids. If a droid is hit by an Ion weapon, he is not immediatly 'turned off', but the ionic damage being done deals strain damage until it exceeds the droids threshold and it keels over. How long the character will be incapacitated depends on your circumstance; if you are out of combat on a ship for example, just give them a while to rest. If this happens within combat, the character is done for the encounter. EotE Core Rulebook P. 220 states: "At the end of an encounter, each player can make a simple Discipline or Cool check. Each success recovers one strain. Furthermore, a good night's rest generally removes all strain [...]" I hope this is what you are looking for. Not entirely sure if there is actually EMP in the most common sense within the game. If it is, I don't know about it.
  7. Evidently I've been overthinking this. Neat. I'll introduce it to my group soon. Generally you don't have to be worried, this religion thingi is not really powerful. We're playing strictly no Jedi up to now, so there are no Sith and no one can actually benefit from the whole belief ordeal; other than in character motivation of course. It's simply a bunch of people doing their thing. I used the organisation guideline rules that were posted in another thread to outline what this cult would be like. I feel cult has this weird connotation of people in robes meeting in caves. Maybe I'll think of a better term. Oh well. It looks like I'll give the guys a little Holonet entry about the religious order. We actually established our own little Holonet archive way at the beginning and haven't been using it at all. I'd loathe to see it go to waste like that. Oh another thing, how high would you reckon the obligation should be? Ad hoc I'd say about 10 maybe?
  8. Main Question: How much should my PC be able to build the world through which the group tumbles? Guys, I kind of need your opinion on this. A little bit of context: I've been part of a EotE group for about half a year now. This is actually my first real group ever, so I'm lacking a bit in terms of experience. It's been genuinely fun and none of us can see an end to this, so that is great. However, I have run into a bit of a problem with my character's story and the way we play. Nothing major, but it directly ties into my question, so I'll expand a little; feel free to ignore this if you don't care about how I came to ask this question. So my character has a neat little background. Nothing riveting, but it is a story of how he came to be this way and why he exhibits certain behaviors. I thought this was a good thing. Other PC's have pointed out though that his story is completely useless for tying it into our adventures, as it is highly specific. That is a bad thing because they are absolutely right. All of them have something they strive for, like a wife's killer that has to be castrated, a sister that needs to be found, gambling debts, specific adversaries, you know the like. My character has none of that. So I've been thinking: What to do? Well I found something to do and this is where the main question comes into play. I want my PC to join a religion. More of a cult really, but you get the idea. It has always bothered me that this isn't a bigger thing in Star Wars, so I invented one that made sense for what I wanted to reach as well as the universe of course. Should I be able to do that? I'm not the GM right now, though I will be soon. I tried to ask the others about how much I'd be able to invent stuff for the purpose of advancing my character, but I didn't want to spoil what I have in mind because this may lead to more and I want them to be somewhat clueless about it. The only thing they were able to give as an advice was something along the lines of "Don't make your character the focus of the world", which I don't intend to. Is inventing a rather small religious faction too much? I guess ultimately it's up to the GM and all that stuff, but how do you guys feel about that? It actually ties into the character's motivation to join a religious order and he's also as bright as a particularly stubborn piece of fruit, so joining a cult felt natural. Also I have loads of ideas on how this would work and what to do with the character. I just don't want to overdo it and force others to take a step back so my character can do his thing. There is just a big difference between inventing a character or two for the purpose of motivation and an entire congregation of people (well droids actually). Before you ask, no there is no comparable religion like that, or at least none that I could find. Of course I could just use my upcoming GM status to just invent that and go over their heads with it but understandably this would feel like a bit of a crappy move. So to sum it up: Pros: Decent motivation for the character (which was the main issue) A chance to further the character both in roleplay as well as stats and rules Plot hooks + Obligation + Motivation Possible adventures in the future Cons: Inventing a somewhat big thing in order to function for my character (he's not a leader or anything, there just wouldn't be a point to inventing him if not for him) Possibly putting too much emphasis on my character in a group of 5 people Juggling an organisation that has bases on mutliple planets without them getting annoying or feeling like the sheer means to an end. Although this shouldn't be hard, they are rather discrete What do you guys think? Of course I'll talk to the GM's before doing anything like that but I wanted to have a second opinion on this before I go overboard with it. I actually already invested way too much work into this without knowing whether I'll need all that extra lore that I have already laid out. I realize this is all a little vague. Just give me your first impulse.
  9. I think this is very reasonable. The only other factor that could warrant a roll would be time, or at least the only other one I can think of right now. A change of clothes on a humanoid still does not take as long as changing the plating on a big, bulky droid. Depending on the droid of course. In general I would just let players do that, but if time is an issue, maybe let them roll mechanics to see if it is fitted properly. That is such a rare occurence though; who would change armour if there is no time. So yeah, just let encumberance dictate what is possible and you should be fine.
  10. Well.. the thing IS huge, but so are starships. Considering it is buried in sand and probably somewhat attached to that (even if only emtionaly), it would have to be something a little stronger. Bascially if you can stop an X-Wing that is blasting full throttle, you can pull out the potted plant of doom. It's not like it will expect that.
  11. We tend to use something like this: http://imgur.com/tWrkea7 It is very simple but tends to work out for us. Basically the lines represent a distance unit towards the "first place" in a race and thetokens represent the characters. If someone gains speed/distance, just move the token upwards. If the opposite happens, well, just to the appropriate action on there. For a race just do this for a couple of rounds and whoever is at the prime position in the end wins. If someone is being hunted and others catch up, then act according to their desire... Well, bad luck for the one being chased. It usually works, although I realize this might be too simple for something more sophisticated than the quick speederbike chases or hunts we use this for. It also relies on you having moveable tokens, but anything goes in that regard; in our case mostly bottlecaps and stuff like that because we are lazy, but minis, personalized tokens or the like are obviously better. The rules posted by others are probably better, but this is a quick fix if you are in a pinch. Hope it kind of helps.
  12. "Capturing" this thing wouldn't even be that hard I figure. Just build a fence around it and say "This stuff is mine". Who's going to argue with you about a hectar of sand and the pit of one thousand years worth of digestion? Moving could be an issue though. Hm... No, I better just stop here.
  13. Yeah I would agree to that. Just remember: If you stat it, they will find a way to kill it. Just for the bragging rights. Dumping a cargo full of explosives right in there or whatever. I'd handle things like that more akin to an earthquake; none of them can really do anything about it, it spices things up a notch and you can't shoot it in the head. Tentacle stats are fine by me, maybe players could fight off the advancing grasp or something like that. But truly killing a Sarlaac? Hm. Only if they actually plan this for a reason other than it being there.
  14. Well the poison within gas is transmitted differently than a piercing blade, so yes there would be a difference. Gas fills the room no matter if the grenade hit you directly. The reservoir actually works without dealing damage. Huh. Who would've thought. I still maintain that this is somewhat implausible, but the book agrees at least in regards to that mod.
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