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  1. Eh, might as well show mine. Konstantine is lonely and needs a hug... Author: Arcanis161 Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 397/400 Commander: Admiral Konstantine Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Fleet Ambush Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory [ flagship ] Interdictor-class Suppression Refit (90 points) - Admiral Konstantine ( 23 points) - Interdictor ( 3 points) - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams ( 6 points) - G-8 Experiemental Projector ( 8 points) - Targeting Scrambler ( 5 points) = 135 total ship cost Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams ( 6 points) = 91 total ship cost Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams ( 6 points) = 91 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Suppressor ( 4 points) - Admiral Titus ( 2 points) - Slicer Tools ( 7 points) = 36 total ship cost 1 JumpMaster 5000 ( 12 points) 4 TIE Fighter Squadrons ( 32 points)
  2. I would like to side with Lyraeus here with the VSDs, but I don't want to continue the argument, so I will leave this: This is a game about skill. This is a game about planning and anticipating the moves of the opponent. Whether a Liberty is going to successfully flank a VSD that is within earshot of a Interdictor depends on whether the Rebel player can anticipate where the VSDs move and maneuver to flank without its side arc being caught in the front arc of a VSD (or another ship) and whether the Imperial player can see the flank coming and maneuver to counter it. Both outcomes are possible. Player skill matters. EDIT: Wrote this waaay too slow. Beaten by Ophion
  3. I tried to do quite a few things with the Liberty, but none of them seemed to "feel" right. First I tried to do Madine with Mon Karren and Admonition and Yavaris + B Wings (and Bright Hope token support), but I didn't feel 2 X-Wings and Jan would be enough to stall/shut down a Rhymerball. So I switched Madine for Dodonna, heavily built Mon Karren and Admonition around crits, swapped Yavaris for Salvation, but I noticed that the crit focus might not make up for the dice lost from losing the two B Wings. Next, I tried Liberty in a carrier centered fleet, but noticed that I'd only have two non-flotilla ships (and I feel that the Liberty class in general seems fragile). Then, I tried Mon Karren with Home One and Madine + engine techs, but wasn't sure how just two non-flotilla ships would do versus something like Demo (come to think of it, I should have had the flotilla have Slicer Tools, that might have made it work). Then I tried bum-rush redcoat gunline dual Liberties and dual Neb-b's, but the weak side-arcs on those ships would have made the fleet crumble. Finally, I tried this fleet: Madine: Whale Rescue Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 397/400 Commander: General Madine Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points) = 72 total ship cost Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points) = 72 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Toryn Farr ( 7 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 27 total ship cost [ flagship ] MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points) - General Madine ( 30 points) - Mon Karren ( 8 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Quad Turbolaser Cannons ( 10 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 175 total ship cost 3 X-Wing Squadrons ( 39 points) 1 HWK-290 ( 12 points) The problem is, there's just something off here. I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something about this list that makes me feel like its missing something important. Perhaps it's the naked AFMKIIs? So I couldn't come up with anything I liked, and went with my Imperial list that I came up with almost immediately after I learned about the contest. I'm happy to post it if anyone's curious. In the meantime, I hope my experimentation and theorizing helps at least someone come up with a successful fleet!
  4. Imperial list submitted. I was working on one for each, but I had trouble with the Rebel list and I found that I couldn't make a more interesting Empire list, so I sent that in (literally the first idea that popped into my head for the contest, all fully formed in all its glory). I really want to see what people did with the Liberty. I experimented with different ways of doing it and with different supporting ships, so I want to see which direction was the right way to go, or even if I came close to it.
  5. Hello! A few years back, I discovered that Star Fleet Battles was still alive and kicking. While exploring what all it had now, I found out that there was a strategy board game called Federation and Empire, that played very similar to broad strategy games I've seen on PC in that you can explore, have to manage an economy, engage in diplomacy with other players, and build up fleets to take territories and eliminate enemy players. I did not buy it because 1) it was designed around one specific conflict in the SFB lore and 2) it had terrible balancing, i.e. one side would always win if they did not make very specific mistakes that were in the SFB lore. However, this kind of deep multi-faceted strategy gaming interests me. When I described Federation and Empire to others, they described it as "Axis and Allies in space" and pointed me in this direction. So, I have to ask, is Twilight Imperium also a "Axis and Allies in space" game? Is this the kind of game I'm looking for with better balancing than Federation and Empire?
  6. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rebel_One Legends, yes, but it's a possibility. I'll be surprised if Rebels using Clone Wars era ships does not make it into the new canon. It's not like you can keep picking up Nebulon-Bs from Imperial shipyards whenever you please.
  7. One of my favorite brushes to use atm is an 18/0 brush I got from a local paint supply store. I pretty much only use my other brushes if there's large patches of a color besides the basecoat. Virtually all of the details on my currently painted minis were done by that brush. It'll be perfect for painting my squadrons (once everything else is out of the way, and once I've found good storage for them).
  8. The Liberty... When I collected old Micro Machines in High School, I had a rebel fleet with a CR-90, Neb-b, Falcon, Lady Luck, 4 full wing of fighters, and the Liberty. My flagship has returned.
  9. Well, the Interdictor is meant to be a way of controlling the battlefield. In canon, it's meant to pull ships out of Hyperspace, thereby forcing a (often one-sided) battle. Can't really do that in a game where the battle is already happening. This is probably the best they could come up with that kinda matches the theme of the ship.
  10. No, I'm not trying to sell mine: I'm just trying to get the stupid things done. These here are individual x-wings (red 1 through red 12) rather than "genero red markings". Here in the states, if you can get access to micro sol/set, and use a good gloss coat before attempting to put the decals on, its TONS easier as you can reposition the decal to your heart's content. I highly commend giving it another shot after watching a youtube tutorial or something like it. For anyone printing their own decals, I highly recommend getting laserjet (i think that's what it's called) compatible decal paper and using a laser printer. I made my own decals for SFB stuff and used decal paper for inkjet printers. Even with sufficient gloss coats, if I mucked up something and had to re-position the decal, or if I took too long using my brush to get any bubbles out from under the decal, the ink would come off. I've still got a couple of ships with semi-mucked up decals.
  11. That's why I had asked about the "Take the Station" scenario. 200pts per player, no commander, just get to the station and hold it for as long as possible.
  12. Do you guys think the Take the Station game would be a good intro tool?
  13. I live on the central coast of California. It's hard to get an Armada game going; all of the times I've played so far have been intro games for other people. I can't say I'm surprised though; this area seems to only like the "popular" games, like Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Warmachine, and X-Wing. The other games like Infinity, Firestorm, Dropzone/Dropfleet, Star Fleet Battles/Federation Commander, and this game seem to have solid communities in the neighboring areas (Monterey, Santa Barbara, the Central Valley).
  14. I'm working on multiple fleets that can take on the Clonisher and my Rebel activation-based counter. My carrier fleet has come close to killing a ship at least!
  15. Just more of a question out of sheer curiosity than anything else. I had assumed, based on early games I'd seen, that the MC80 was the best (but not only) chance of killing an ISD relatively quickly. However, after seeing the "Hot Take: The MC80 is still Terribad", I'm kinda now curious as to how Rebel players without an MC80 deal with ISDs. I have my theories, but I'd rather hear directly from you guys.
  16. Yeah, the only thing I've encountered with Simple Green is that it'll discolor metal miniatures you dunk in it. ...But you can paint over that. ...And the FFG models are all plastic. So, it's just all good.
  17. Don't forget the Chiss and the Hapes Consortium! Nova class Battlecruiser anyone?
  18. I look at the amount of destruction that a ship's weapon deals, how much of the enemy weapons-fire they can absorb, and the size of the ship. With this scale: The Original Enterprise/TMP era Enterprise would not stand a chance against an Imperial-I Star Destroyer The Enterprise-D/-E could hold it's own versus an ISD-I for a time A small federation fleet (~12 light-ish ships, or 2-3 Galaxys) could beat an ISD-II 3 Omegas would vaporize an ISD-I an ISD-I could kick a single Omega's behind Turbolasers of an ISD would sadly eat the Galactica alive, but not before its Vipers wiped out the ISD's TIE squadrons. ...and the Imperium of Mankind would roll right over everyone else without even noticing. In all seriousness though, The tech of a sci-fi series depends on what that series needs. Star Trek needs astonishing technologies to use as "mundane" to give the audience a sense of awe and hope of the future. Star Wars is a space epic/fantasy, so the tech needs to be "epic" (in the aesthetic sense, not necessarily in power); its there to make the story more fantastical. Babylon 5 uses realistic tech for the Earth Alliance to enhance the alien-ness of the galaxy, and keeps it as powerful as some of the alien tech to make it believable that humans are a big part of the galactic scheme. Battlestar Galactica (the newer version), is a dark, gritty drama, and thus the tech needs to be realistic to keep that gritty tone. The tech in Warhammer 40,000 bests everyone else by design, mainly due to fanboying on GW's part (see: Oh, the ISD can do that? Well, mine can RAM PLANETS). However, GW doesn't realize the true potential, the true meaning of that fact: the Imperium of Man's tech is as powerful as it is, because it's the best humanity can achieve. And humanity still struggles against Chaos and any number of other alien species assailing it from all sides. Technology, while useful, isn't what's keeping humanity alive, its the Admirals, Generals, Commisars, Techpriests, Space Marines, even the weak, lowly Guardsman. Humanity struggles on because of the brave actions of heroes, bold decisions made at the right time and place, and the willpower of the Imperium's Trillions of members to stand strong and hold the line against all odds. (Although let's be honest, they're all gonna be eaten by Tyranids )
  19. Now you're making me want to buy one! And I'm already stretched between 5 starship miniatures games! Curses!
  20. That's your mistake, though. Fighter stands do not represent 10-12 fighters, they represent closer to 3. If they are three, it makes perfect sense that the Millennium Falcon could destroy a stand or three during the game. Remember in RotJ, when Lando has a fully crewed and fully gunned Falcon, there's a six or seven second long scene in which the Falcon vaporizes three TIE Interceptors. So that seems very thematic and realistic. If you make the ludicrous assumption* that a fighter stand is like 12 Fighters, than you have to assume the Falcon represents like 4-6 modified freighters. See Reasoning, for instance, here: Why I Choose to Believe Squadrons are 3 Fighters Synopsis: + In the Battle of Endor, Blue Squadron kills two ISD Star Destroyers. If Blue Squadron was a single Fighter Stand, they'd not even be able to get past an ISD's repair dial even if they were rolling perfectly. If Blue Squadron was four or more fighter stands, it becomes more plausible that they could kill an ISD. + If fighter stands were an entire squadron, then a relatively tiny fleet with 10 X-Wings would have something like 120 fighters, which is quadruple what the entire Rebel Alliance was able to throw against the Death Star, and about five times what the entire Resistance could throw against Star Killer base. It's also more than the massed Rebel Fleet could deploy in the Battles of Endor or Coruscant. So why should some little skirmish exchange between a half-dozen ships have substantially more fighters than the most grand engagements in the Galactic Civil War? + etc, etc, etc, (read above for the full case) Once you accept that a fighter stand is about three fighters, so many more things in the game make far more sense, including the relative power between the Millennium Falcon and a fighter stand. *Of course, all of this is tongue-in-cheek, because I could not care less how many fighters others think are represented by an abstract stand, as long as it's what makes them happiest when they play NO! Don't make me buy another 4 of each faction's fighter packs to have full hangars on my ships!
  21. FFG could also introduce bi-factional ships through an expansion like they had for the Rebel/Imperial Aces packs for X-Wing. Maybe have an "Imperial 286th Escort Group" with 1 Neb-B and 2 CR-90s in more "Imperial" colors and include cards for the (newer) Imperial and (existing) Rebel versions of those ships, and a "Peregrine Attack Group" with a Dreadnaught and another Imp ship with cards for both Rebel and Imperial versions of those ships. (They could also introduce a S&V faction through these packs as well: in the old EU, pirates were known to steal both Rebel and Imperial (small) ships.)
  22. There's some that can be argued as being cheesy. Clontroper5's famous fleet is currently under review by the members of this forum to determine if it actually is cheesy, but it's probably going to wind up like most of the rest of the "cheesy" combinations people have found: its a combination of both synergy and skill, and much more of the latter. That's really why I like the gameplay of Star Wars: Armada so much. Many other games I've played have always suffered from certain factions/combos becoming dominant because nothing can beat them. Here, cheesiness comes from player skill, and cheese can be beaten with skill. This does not happen anymore due to the Rogues and Villains expansion bringing excellent squadrons to synergize with the basic squadrons from Wave 1. While, again, it is possible to win without using any squadrons due to skill factor, most fleets now have a minimum of 2-3 squadrons to hold off enemy fighters. You can do that and have it be effective with Rieekan, but there are a few problems with this: 1) Named squadrons cost much more than the basic squadrons, meaning you'll bring fewer squadrons. 2) If you don't plan efficiently, your squadrons will likely be spread too thin to deal with any significant amount of enemy basic squadrons. 3) Going all named squadrons, while powerful with synergies with each other (empire) or specific ship upgrades (rebel), also leaves your squadrons overall more vulnerable. The only difference between a named squadron and its basic version is a special ability, possibly a speed upgrade, and defense token(s). Concentrated attacks from basic squadrons WILL kill named squadrons, especially when the opponent brings more basic squadrons than your named squadrons. All in all, this is a very balanced skill based game where the victor is the one who recognizes the potential of the enemy fleet, the strength of his own fleet, and plans (and adjusts the plans) the best way to win the scenario. "Thus it is said that one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat. One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement." -Sun Tzu
  23. Has anyone tried running them as a Destroyer Escort? If so, how did that go?
  24. Reb: 1x MC-80 1x AFMkII 2x MC-30 2x Neb-B 2x CR-90 4x Rebel Fighter Packs, plus X-wings from starter Imp: 1x ISD 2x VSD (One with broken antenna, now only used as VSD-II) 3x GSD 2x Raider 4x Imperial Fighter Packs, plus TIEs from starter 2x Rogues & Villains Trying very hard not to go into my "fleet-building mode" (ie: buying ships based on what I'd put in an actual naval fleet) when collecting this stuff. It's bad. My wallet has resorted to holding me at knife-point as I pass by the FLGS.
  25. 4.5 for me. The squid ball monster scene seemed pointless could have been replaced with something else. I mean, I know they have to put something in to show what Han has been up to this whole time, and to show how little he's changed, but that could've been something else. A 3rd Death Star was just silly. I noticed when watching all of the scenes on Starkiller base, I was less concerned about the thing blowing up Leia and Ackbar and more concerned about whether or not Chewie, Rey, or Finn were going to survive (Han was a goner in my mind as soon as he was revealed to be Kylo's dad). On the subject of Kylo, I think he was a terrible villain, but an excellent character. I didn't see him as an angsty emo with daddy issues, but as someone on the path to the dark side who is still conflicted about the decisions he's made. It's also refreshing to see a baddie who isn't nearly as experienced yet. He has the power and ability to be a terrifying enemy to face, but lacks the control and experience necessary. In my opinion, it will be cool to see both heroes and villains grow and develop throughout the new movies. EDIT: Also happy that I wasn't the first person to mistake the planet that was destroyed for Coruscant. Until I stepped into this thread, I thought that scene was JJ giving a middle-finger to the prequels.
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