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  1. Hello, long time no posting. I've been going through my extensive collection and found it's been awhile since I got anything new for my Armada collection, mainly due to the inability schedule a time for a game between myself and the other Armada players in my area. However, I noticed in various BatReps posted months past that the meta has greatly shifted since I last bought (or paid attention to what I bought) for Armada. Going through my collection again, I realized I...may have bought more out of what I would like in each respective "fleet" rather than what I would actually put to use in Armada. I think it's about time to do an overall "update" of my fleet, basically get rid of stuff I don't need and get stuff that I would likely need. I think I have an idea, but I want your take. My collection consists of the following: Empire: Chimera 2x ISD 2x VSD Interdictor 3x GSD Arquitens 4x Raider Gozanti 4x Imperial Squadrons 1 2x Imperial Squadrons 2 Rebels: Home One Liberty Profundity 2x AFmkII 3x Mc30 2x Nebulon B 4x CR90 2x Hammerhead (that's 2 ships, not 2 packs) 2x GR75 4x Rebel Squadrons 1 2x Rebel Squadrons 2 2x Rogues and Villains Corellian Campaign So far what I see right now is that I could afford to get rid of 2 Raiders, 1 GSD, and 1 MC30, with possibly also getting rid of 1-2 CR90s and/or an additional GSD. Based on what I've seen in BatReps, I'd likely want an additional pack of Hammerheads, Arquitens, and a Quasar Fire, so overall no net loss in size/storage needs, but more variety in what I can bring. I don't think I want the Pelta as, honestly I'm not seeing the benefit of getting the ship itself over the upgrade cards in it. I could probably do without 1 pack of squadrons per faction, but there's a stubborn part of me that says Squadrons should be represented by 6-12 fighters, not 3. But that's what I'm seeing thus far. What do you think? Anything I have excess of that I can afford to get rid of or anything else that I would need?
  2. I've got a sizable collection of Star Wars Armada stuff, but there's only two other players in my area that I know of, and they seem to play other games regularly. I'm also running out of space for Minis, and might have to prune my collection down a bit. I've already got a list of things to sell off, but I may also need to sell some Armada stuff. However, there are plenty of RPG players here, mostly Force and Destiny/Age of Rebellion. If I end up playing either of those, I'd be willing to use some Armada stuff to represent whatever space bits in those games. If I had to reduce my collection, what ships (and how many) would be best to hold onto for that?
  3. 1 Quasar and 2 Hammerhead. Lots of little ships to blow up. (Although a new job and updates in other games may delay me from getting them right away)
  4. I figured I needed the firepower on the ISD. With Screed I can guarantee OP and 6 damage from the ISD. With Vader I have a high chance of OP and 8+ damage from the ISD. It's personal preference really. Once I unpack my Star Wars Armada stuff, I'll give my fleet and your ISD-I idea a try. As far as combos go, yeah that always gets me. Armada is a miniatures strategy game that takes a lot of mechanics from deck-building games. The cards and my experience with Magic the Gathering always makes me want to combo stuff, even though I've had many more years of experience with strategy and tactics games.
  5. I appreciate the constructive criticism! However, my logic behind the Boarding Troopers in the ISD was the combo. Boarding Troopers knocks out defense tokens, Avenger makes the opponent unable to use them, SW-(s turn now useless blue accuracies into damage, and Vader rerolls fickle reds. I guess in a way that makes it a close-range deterrent. I was mostly thinking it would instantly kill most ships in the game. I've seen a two ship list win as second player at Gencon that had an ISD, so with some careful maneuvering I should be able to one shot something. As far as killing stuff in between, I've honestly seen MC30s and larger survive front arc ISD Vader; heck, I've even seen a Gladiator do it. Raider is mostly for important non-redundant tokens. I know when building it I picked Boarding Troopers before choosing to make it a Raider-II with Overload Pulse, but regardless the Raider-II would be playing more of an escort/support role to the Avenger, giving it targets before and after the Avenger uses its boarding parties (and staying alive much longer than most Raiders with Tua and ECMs). We may just have different playstyles, but I feel a more tanky Raider that's already helping the Avenger lends itself to more upgrades suiting that, instead of doing a good move by giving two crits. Even with all of this, I have to admit, something's nagging at me. Nowhere in my (granted limited) look into Tournaments and Gencon have I seen Avenger with an Overload Pulse equipped Raider-II. I'm surprised since that alone seems like such a powerful combo. Why doesn't that regularly win games?
  6. Extra damage. I'm already removing the defense tokens, so I don't needthe accuracies. Might as well turn them into straight damage.
  7. SHIP: Imperial II 120 Darth Vader 36 Boarding Troopers 3 Electronic Countermeasures 7 SW-7 Ion Batteries 5 Avenger 5 TOTAL POINTS:176 SHIP: Raider II 48 Minister Tua 2 Boarding Troopers 3 Overload Pulse 8 Electronic Countermeasures 7 TOTAL POINTS:68 SHIP: Gozanti Cruisers 23 Comms Net 2 Suppressor 4 TOTAL POINTS:29 SHIP: Gozanti Cruisers 23 Director Isard 3 Slicer Tools 7 TOTAL POINTS:33 Howlrunner 16 TIE Advanced Squadron × 1 12 Sontir Fel 18 Mauler Mithel 15 Valen Rudor 13 Lambda Shuttle × 1 15 TOTAL POINTS:89 Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Planetary Ion Cannon Dangerous Territory Strip the opponent's ability to use tokens with Avenger and supporting ships, and possibly break their will to live. Thoughts?
  8. It's mostly trying to take advantage of their four dice out of their front arcs. I figured three of the Raider-1s with Ordinance Experts flying close together would be cheap and nasty for any medium or large ship.
  9. Has anyone brought 2-3 Raiders in a list recently (post Wave 5) and run them in a Wolfpack formation? How did that work out?
  10. So now I finally have validation for buying well over $500 worth of Armada stuff! I've got enough to lend whole 500pt fleets to other players.
  11. Can confirm. Mine had most of the X-Wing stock all bought up (though I did snag half off TIEs), but all they had for Armada was a Home1, MC30, and a Glad, all stuff I did not need more of.
  12. Don't forget that the the winner of Gencon this year had only two ships.
  13. Which reminds me. Where did the rebels get the rest of the Y-Wings? Were they all stolen? Were some of the ones taken by the ghost crew reverse engineered? Did the rebels build more, or were they always a limited supply?
  14. So I'm a newer player and want to try new stuff. Since I'm new, I know I won't do too well in tournament stuff anyways as I'm still learning the tactics and nuances to the game and the ships I have. However, my main goal with this game is just to game with the local group and have fun. We have regular regional tournaments here, so I'm not concerned about tournament play at the moment. I'm new so I don't mind losing too much (again, main goal is to hang out and have fun). What I really want to know is not what's good to fly but what's fun to fly. So I'll ask you guys, what ships/lists have you guys flown that you had fun flying?
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