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  1. I can fire the missile launcher? I would have thought the ammo and the launcher would have been separated on transport, so I'd need to open the second box to actually get the ammo for the missile launcher.
  2. Hey, not gonna stand out there and get shot at opening a box. If it's in italics, it's internal.
  3. Doc was at the range, taking some of this time to practice his aim. When the alarm sounded, he cleared out of the range and grabbed his weapon, armor, and equipment. He took a deep breath when he held his helmet and stared at it. The squad could be wounded at this point. I just hope my shots protect them. Putting the helmet on, Doc rushed towards the designated location Cyclone was assigned to and saw Mynock there. "So, might be the real deal, eh, Mynock?" he said, waving a hand.
  4. Walden answers the medic, "Not sure, I just picked him up. But thanks all the same. I can take myself to the triage center. And you, Muu?" Walking towards the guards, Walden took a look at the shuttle. The techs can pour through that one and hopefully find out who our enemy was. Wonder what happened to the others...
  5. Jace could only get off a whistle as he saw the contents of the biggest box inside: a launcher. What, expecting Hailfires in Nar Shaddaa? The sound of Giz's shot interrupted his train of thought as he ducked to cover. I'll have to mess with the rest of the boxes later. There's got to be ammo in one of them.
  6. I bet it doesn't have missiles in it right now.
  7. Alright, gonna take that action into a maneuver and take some cover near the boxes for now.
  8. Since I have lost the free maneuver, I'll take an earlier spot then. What's in the package?
  9. Walden would park the captured shuttle into friendly territory, making sure that it would be easy for medical personnel to reach Gaze. He would get out of the shuttle, calling out, "Medics, we need assistance. We got someone injured on the shuttle, please assist!" Hopefully, they would be able to hear him and get to Gaze.
  10. Got a bit confused there?
  11. "I'll try not to. And whatever you're doing...may the Force be with you." Walden wasn't sure why K-1SO and Oola would intend to board the Interdictor, but Gaze needed help badly and Walden was the best chance they had to get him back to Republic space.
  12. Cool [Initiative]: 1eP+1eA 1 success, 2 advantage
  13. Walden does have to fly the ship back...so can't go with you there.
  14. Doc checked his equipment countless times, just to make sure it would work. The medical backpack he was assigned was also checked over countless times. The fact that it had the red cross on it reminded Doc what he was about to do: save as many lives as he could.