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  1. "They've been evacuated." Doc moved with the rest of the squad as Gunslinger had them move out.
  2. Any civilian casualties in the area, @Rabobankrider, before the squad heads up the turbolift?
  3. Jace moved towards the back as the higher quality stuff was something he may not be able to afford at the moment. Seeing the one in the back, he said, "Hello there, sir. What would you recommend for someone who needs quick healing, but a little short on credits?"
  4. Yep. Got to heal some people, so we're good. Anyway, are there any civilians that were caught in the crossfire in the area we're at?
  5. Doc let out a deep breath. With the fight over, he moves over to Spanner. "Take a deep breath now, get your bearings. Let's get you fixed up for the next fight." A stimpack and some treatment later, Doc is finished with Spanner. "Looks like you're as good as new. Nice job with the trap, brother."
  6. Alright, gonna move up, pull up a stimpack, inject you for 6 HP as a maneuver, then do a medicine check Medicine [Medic Time]: 2eP+1eA+2eD+1eB 2 successes, 1 advantage That should put you all the way back to full, as well as letting you recover 1 strain if you had any. Will also roll a discipline check for strain recovery. Discipline [Strain Recovery]: 1eP+2eA 1 success, 3 advantage That means that Slugger and Spanner get 5 HP the next time the stimpack is used, the rest are still on 6 HP.
  7. Jace got off of the the speeder bike when Shura parked it in front of the pharmacy. "Well, that was fun," he said, trying to steady himself. "Never really liked being on BARCs in the first place." "Anyway, it's time to head in. Shall we?"
  8. I'm with K1's group, but yeah, I'm not sure what to do myself.
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