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  1. Huh, I'm up for it as a player.
  2. "Well, I think we'll figure out where to get some concussion grenades. But for our new friends, follow me." Jace said. "I got some gifts for you guys." As soon as they start getting out, Jace heads towards the back of the speeder truck and grabs the crate, checking to make sure no one else besides them was snooping around. "So, Usshkr, right?" he says to the Transdoshan. "Looks like you're one to get up close. Got this for you." he says before handing the spear over to him. "And, Shura and Hetaera, correct?" he says to both of the Twi'leks. "Got two heavy blasters in this crate. Haven't been touched, they're good. Got some armored clothing, too, if one of you wants to take it."
  3. So, you guys drop in like this:
  4. In my experience, it's usually what the OOC threads are for: declaring what you wish to do and then getting the difficulty from the GM. I personally find that approach fine: the story is in the story thread, which doesn't get cluttered up with OOC stuff, and since I'm a busy person, I don't mind dropping a message and having the GM respond a while later, since I can respond when I'm not busy. As for the lack of creativity: some players need choices in order to proceed, but the creativity is where the advantages and threats, triumphs and despairs come in where they add what they can do extra. Other players are encouraged to help figure it out, and the GM has the final say. But the system does require a GM to be flexible enough to do some game-jujitsu and find a way to best use the player's scenes while getting the general story thread running.
  5. I know, I was expecting to fail. But I didn't expect it to be that much.
  6. "That could work, but we'll need to find somewhere for those grenades."
  7. Doc looks up to the Kaminoan. "I have to admit, that was tougher than I had expected."
  8. Walden could see the flashes of a green lightsaber clearing the dock. It looked like he was able to handle it. "We'll move close and fire concussion missiles at the bandits first, try to thin them out. We'll split into 2 flights of 3 after. One will go after the transports, the other will fly top cover and keep the bandits away. I'll lead the shuttle group in." Walden says on the comms. And then it was at that moment that Walden heard Svae's last comment before he saw a fighter crash into the tube where Svae was. It felt like a part of him was torn right from under him. It hurt. "Svae was in there..." Walden said to Gunda on the comms. "He's dead..." He wasn't any stranger to death, but this still hurt Walden as much. He was a good person and always loved being one with nature. But there was little time to mourn; the high-pitched whine of the sensors shook Walden back to reality: there were enemies that intended to kill them just the same.
  9. Doc nodded. "I can only imagine, brother." He hadn't lost anyone in his squad yet, but death was bound to happen. And Doc had to admit it. "I wouldn't know how I'd feel if I lost someone close to me. The thought scares me." "Jiyk will need you guys to help him work the pain out." Doc said to the clone. "I don't want to see him locked up or worse."
  10. Alright, will roll for initiative. After all, the defense of the station is the primary goal. Cool [Initiative]: 1eP+2eA 2 successes, 3 advantage
  11. Leadership [Here we go again]: 2eA+2eB+3eD+1eS 2 failures, 3 advantage Guess I don't quite get my point across, but at this point, hopefully the other trainee will back me up.
  12. Doc took the rage as best as possible. Trying to be empathetic didn't work as well as he had hoped. Another path was needed. "Alright, slam me to the wall, I get it, you're angry." Doc said coldly. The truth of the matter was this: Widget was dead, that was final. "But do you think that getting 'justice' on the one who committed the accident would bring Widget back from the dead? Do you think that's what he would have wanted you to do: commit assault and possible murder on a fellow trainee and having you thrown in jail or worse? Tell me. Would that bring him back from the dead?" Doc looked at the fellow trainee straight in the eyes, waiting for an answer.