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  1. "Same here, Muu. It just feels like-" Walden replied before Oola opens the door, swearing someone up and down. "...Guess we're all here."
  2. "Roger that, Spanner," Doc says as he finds a compactor that is covered with shadow. "Might as well find some spots for an ambush, then." Doc gets into position, making sure he has sight on where the droids are possibly coming. "I have eyes on. Any clankers come, they won't see it coming."
  3. Stealth [Ambush]: 3eA+2eD 2 successes
  4. Yeah, it'd be best to recover wounds first before dealing with the cache we got. Streetwise [Doctor?]: 3eA+1eD 2 failures, 2 advantage Guess Jace's memory is outdated, but with 2 advantage...maybe he's right about something with said chemist.
  5. Doc will take up a position in cover and aim at the general direction of the droids.
  6. Walden watched in silence as the cremation took place. I get the feeling this won't be the last of it. How many more are going to be on that pyre? After a long night's sleep, Walden heard the council summons and headed there. "Hey there, Muu. That was a fine speech yesterday."
  7. As Walden found a place to finally rest, the announcement from Master Vash appeared. Walden let out a sigh. They deserve respect. I'll have to rest later. Walden remembered Svae making his last stand on Foerost, Gunda going down in flames, and the body of Tiberius laid on the hangar floor. They gave their lives and it would have been a disservice to not attend. I just wish this didn't have to happen.
  8. Walden will attend.
  9. satkaz

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Huh, pretty cool. Will definitely keep an eye out for this, since it will also help when making sci-fi stuff.
  10. Jace helps load the boxes up on Giz's truck before hopping into the passenger side of the truck. "An apartment, huh? Well, I don't mind sleeping on the floor. Not like I haven't done it before. You?"
  11. "Thank you, Master. I've been flying ships for a while now, so I'll be taking a rest." Walden let his master be and headed to a place where he could get some sleep. It made sense that he'd be unable to focus; after all, he had been flying. And his control of the Force had been rather tenuous. It took him a while to develop his senses and his focus on lightsaber combat and flying meant he had little time in practicing the ways of the Force. Still, a tinge of disappointment was present.
  12. Walden will be taking that rest, then.
  13. I'd say we move on for now, unless someone wants to investigate the droids.
  14. Ah yeah, would be too far out. At least it'll work with @Shlambate, so everything's all good.
  15. Jace takes a look around the boxes while Hetaera looks below the speeder truck. At first glance, nothing seems to be out of place. Of course they wouldn't have it out here so easily. Might check the padding around the boxes, it could be hidden there. Jace checks the box with the carbines first. He takes out the remaining carbines and goes through their padding. "Looks like I found a tracker. Seems to be the same as what you have, Het."