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  1. Why not just color the turn numbers on the dial eliminating the need for another thing to flip?
  2. You might have IP issues with the logos...but looks nice!
  3. Thanks for hosting the game Steven! I had a great time and hope to give you a better challange next time I'm out east. I really liked the balance that your fleet had.
  4. Unless you deliberately tried to make the death of Armada and self fulfilling prophecy, then there really is nothing to apologize for.
  5. I've been running MM a lot lately. I won a small local tournament a week ago but was 13 of 16 with that list at regionals. Some poor objective selection messed me up at the regionals, but then used the same list to beat Rieekan and Motti ISD lists the next week. My fleet was CR90s and MC30s and am confident with it vs all save a low bid DeMSU. MM just takes a lot of patience. You won't feel like you're winning till turn 5 and 6.
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/5/6/a-different-sort-of-strength/
  7. It's here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/5/6/a-different-sort-of-strength/
  8. Good luck Mike! Wish I was going to be there, but this chance to go to the Derby is a once in a lifetime deal.
  9. Given the amount of custom painting and modifications we have already seen in Armada, I have no doubt that this will occur. I’m currently planning to rotate the “U” by 45 degrees and then counter rotate the ships 45 degrees in the other direction. This will stagger the two ships. I might also look at adding in some “extensions” like from the Rouges & Villains packs to set the two ships as different “altitudes.”
  10. I've been playing something similar, but I usually have a big bid for 1st Player. I like to save my MC30s for last and move one in so t can activate and shoot at the beginning on the next turn and leave. That MC30 needs no defensive upgrades as its just one shot and then it generally is out of the rest of the fight. My 2nd MC30 "trail" and repeats what the lead one did in the previous turn often vs. the same target. So form me I'd put Lando on Admonition and let it be the "trail" MC30. I just find that after the flyby, my MC30s just don't get back into the fight.
  11. Any and all Imperial lists I build will have a Demolisher!
  12. That's why you generally start with a Broadside showing, and then Choose When and Where to turn into a Slash... Flexibility is the Key, as it is dependant on maneuver. That's exactly what happened in my AAR above. I had not planned to do a "slash" from the get go. I was planning on doing the typical kite maneuver but my opponent tried to cut in front of me to cut me off and essentially forced me to turn into his fleet. So it was an "accident" but ended up working really well!
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