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  1. Gotta agree with the comments here. Missing Biths and Jawas here was a major FFG misstep.
  2. Right from the very first 20 minutes of the Star Wars univers, we saw a droid being stubborn, willful, and antagonistic. These are not just mere data driven machines. Droids in the SW universe have a whole different twist to the androids of the rest of science fiction. For that matter, as OggDude said, Chopper is nearly psychotic! I'd say run with going off script. Your character isn't getting paid? Hack the credit accounts of your crew mates and have crates of droid upgrades showing up from the holonet's Amazon equivalent. I would very easily see Chopper disconnecting a key system of the Ghost when the crew is trying to make desperate escape and then "asking" if they could talk about his status as a full member of the crew. At a docking bay, simply order items to be charged to the ship's fuel account. But it doesn't have to be combative, just let him wander. Let your droid have a short attention span flutter. He's left behind to "watch over the ship" while the team goes to a 'no droids' cantina? Let him watch but then wander off to follow a group of squibs with a repulsor cart full of scrapped parts. Maybe it simply has no concept of credits and is routinely taking what it needs inside the ship and off it and the crew needs to be accountable for the actions of their "property." What does your droid want in the end ... beyond equal rights. Is it a thrill junky, or revenge motivated, lonely, or even a prankster? I'd suggest have fun with it. It's a Star Wars droid which can be vastly different from a simple robot.
  3. Not sure why Devaronian hasn't been mentioned yet. Start 3 in Cunning, free streetwise, and free advantage to Perception checks - all the thief's bread & butter.
  4. I'm learning rptools but hav seen it played on YouTube. Is it possible to import into the tools - like can I use the dice settings someone has already created? If so, where are these?
  5. Julianne, cool thoughts. These are capertainly ones that get the brain going ... Or where we let our brain go when on the edge of sleep; possibly some of our finest thoughts! In thing your points all hedge on that question of what is and will be really be possible. Certainly what we are able to see computers and mechanics do today certainly show amazing possibilities for the next twenty years. So why then on Star Wars do we see light speed ships which can navigate galaxies of moving objects, thinking droids, and yet M. Falcon guns which require a gunner operating WWII style anti-aircraft turrets? I'm not sure about others on this forum but I think the answer is simple; Star Wars is a movie. Some aspects which would make more technical sense are abandoned because Lucas wanted something far more visually appealing. Of course an integrated Ai component linked to scanners and targeting telemetry with MF would have been far more effective than Han Solo's hand/eye coordination. However, the drama of the human dynamic is what drives the movie. What does that mean for us as gamers in FFG Star Wars? It's an interesting concept. Possibly it pushes us to make sure that the game is not simply a technical excercise but a fantasy thought obstacle course .... sometimes those ones we find ourselves on at the edge of sleep. I know that gets a little esoteric but maybe it means that as gamers we need to not only think of what can be done, and have fun with that, but to impose some self limitations or quirks to our processes and characters actions that may not make as much logical sense but fit within the Star Wars conceptual-verse.
  6. I really like the idea of Education being and overlap to the droid construction. I can see it being a whole series of roles, even possibly setting up boost or setback dice headed into roles for Computers or Mechanics on the droid construction rolls. I think that adds a very real component of the research behind the programming or construction. Great idea
  7. So Spanner, would building out a new droid take rolls in both categories?
  8. Hi folks, Wanted to pick your brains. Whatchya think; I have a character who's big into building his own droids with unique purposes. Do you think that this falls into Computers or Mechanics ... or is calling it either one just fine because it really is a blend of both? To me the rule book doesn't seem to address this so clearly. What are your thoughts?
  9. Just a FYI to anyone considering this track - its dominant! I played the first episode of a new campaign with a Bith Scientist who I spent 90 Xp to boost Intellect to a 5 and simply took the specialization and career points for 2 skills in Computers, Education, and the last 10xp to bring Mechanics to 2. Let me say that this character is the most dominant character I've ever started and is only going to skyrocket. In the first night he hacked major security systems, dropped in spying subroutines, built a new droid from scrap (in exchange for fixing the scrappers' shoddy droid), hacked 2 security droids who instead of killing us are now our muscle, and even added ourselves to CoreSec's payroll! Folks, that was episode one! This guy doesn't even own a weapon! He is a weapon. Seriously, if you're even thinking of this track, it is wicked awesome! No joke. Think on your feet just a little and you have a monster.
  10. Daze, I almost seeing this specialization as the old D&D Magic user. Weak at the start of a campaign but increasingly deadly as it goes on. With an inventor who can create droids, hacks, equipment, and armorment - what a force they can be!
  11. Im looking to start a new campaign with a Bith Engineer Scientist. What have you done with yours? I was thinking of a quirky Tony Stark/Adrian Monk cross taking his intellect to 5. Anyway, what have you done with yours? What inventions did you create?
  12. If anyone is interested in trying a campaign in the states I'd still be interested, I just can't work a schedule with that many time zones.
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