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  1. But this is abstracted for ease of use, not accuracy. Your looking at a hammer and getting mad it's not a screwdriver. Near, far, really far, and too far to matter. That's all that really matters. Lots of really good games use range bands (or abstract zones) rather than any kind of accurate movement tracking. Come to think of it movement rates are kind of like exuberance rules: you either think they are really important or are a huge waste of time. There are lots of people in the second camp.
  2. How many are there? With a system like this you should only be rolling if success and failure are both important possible outcomes. You don't roll athletics to see if you can cross the log, we assume base competency.
  3. You're saying they monks fell behind bushi in effectiveness really doesn't match up to my experience. Monks in general, and tattoo monks specifically quickly beat out bushi in combat effectiveness. Plus having more options outside of direct combat application. Shugenja had the same problem in 4th edition as well, but they get access to overwhelming combat potential without even needing to invest in combat abilities.
  4. Here we go! Character creation: love the 20 question set up, but needs a quick reference sheet for those who have done it more than a few times. I keep going back and forth on whether or not we need more xp thrown in here or not. While characters may look very similar on paper, just the difference in one or two rings will make them play very different at the table. advantage/ disadvantage: keep them as is, absolutely love the way it's done. Please never go back to the way it was done before. weapons: fine, would like some more please. schools: just need more. SUPER interested to see how you guys deal with advanced schools or alternate techniques (if you feel you need to at all with the way rank progression is currently handled.) Also, keep the current rank progression system. school types: one of my biggest issues with the previous edition was how monks and shugenja could dominate the dedicated courtiers and bushi at what they did. This doesn't appear to be the case anymore... Please, PLEASE don't go back to that design idea. base system/ dice/ strife: it's fine. Maybe a little adjustment to how quickly strife is gained but otherwise fine. This system is designed to inform the story, not just to resolve actions. it's effective at it, to. You may not like it... and that's fine. But don't say it's bad. It's very good at what it's made to do.
  5. I'm like this to. Lion stereotypes are basically just the worst of the matsu family. The akodo are pretty well balanced, the ikoma love to party drink and brawl, and the kitsu are...... weird.
  6. One of my biggest disconnects from old l5r setting was the idea that magic felt like it was, quite literally, everywhere but most people had no way to deal with it. Dealing with rogue Kami, spiritual beasts, ghosts/ ancestor spirits, magic races. ****, one of the plot hooks from the core book is "a fortune appears before you on the street and demands you set right the misfortune that has befallen their shrine/ temple. " only shugenja and monks could deal with them. Now as a lion I can commune with my ancestors, or secure my traveling camp against angry ghosts.
  7. Things I feel the game needs: 1) either more skills variety OR make it explicit that the biggest area of customization is going to be techniques and make sure there are A TON more to choose from. 2) more "choose between these options" during character creation. 3) more schools (but those are coming so... eh.) 4) making subskills into emphasis. I can have aesthetics-> ikebana, and that lets me reroll any one die, or ignore a single point of strife, or some other minor bonus
  8. So I've always wanted mechanical actual things to do with leadership abilities in l5r. Reading through the shuji it seems this is where those things have been put! Lion bushi deeply invested in social/ leadership abilities, Hooooooo!
  9. One thing about the old d10 system... I saw sssssooooo many gms, and even mods from HoR written in such a way that rolling high, even without calling raises, was treated as MORE successful than just beating the target number... even though the basic system calls this out as doing it wrong. This removes all the risk from the system (as represented by raises).... not that there was much risk once you had a decent die pool calling 2-3 raises almost every time you rolled.
  10. I'm pretty happy with the lion having compassion as their failing/ weakness whatever. Lion land peasants are some of the safest and best cared for in the empire.... but Lion outriders will still run them down if they don't clear the road ahead when the warning bell is rung. bridges and roads are well maintained..... but also have criminals tossed into the cement of the foundations to transform them into guardian spirits. Leadership teaches that a samurai should not give orders they would not follow.... but also that their personal sense of right and wrong is to be sacrificed to their lord along with the rest of their self.
  11. Who new Rejuvenating Vapors was a skill trolls could learn?
  12. Used this last night! Thanks a lot for putting this together!
  13. Is that.... Dio? Or... Yujiro? Or..... Hisoka? Regardless the rest of us are pretty screwed
  14. I am beginning to feel that this version of the game is best going to be played like Apocalypse World and its derivatives. In other words fiction first, than mechanics. In other words describe what your doing, THAN pick the mechanics that best match the fiction described. Not a bad thing, just very different.
  15. I think most of these observations are correct, but are leaving out the opportunity cost of not, well, doing anything fun or interesting while turtled d down in earth stance. No fishing for critical strikes, no evasive movement, no counter attacking.... Just hiding behind hit points and enduring. No making subtle jabs at your rival, no turning two foes against each other.... just passively weathering the stormy seas of a court. My play test is coming up tomorrow so I don't know if its too good in practice yet. I'll see
  16. shugenja (in most instances) are always described as holding a social position as priests. Makes sense they get access to the social power set.
  17. On further thought: I think why I like this stuff so much is cause this is where the best Lion stories come to life. A whole societal structure built to nearly worship a code of behavior set down by a literal god, that no man can honestly uphold at all times, because that very code ignores the idea that the adherents of it are, in fact, human. With desires, drives, selfishness, and fears. Playing in that realm of TRYING to be the pinnacle of bushido, but knowing all your own little failures. Obsessing over them because it was YOUR founder who set all this in motion, and that's why you put up the face of perfection. That's why you hold others to such high standards. That's why your clans public failings get treated so harshly, and why the failings that occur around your brothers and sisters of the clan are politely looked over. Its your job to uphold bushido perfectly, and you fail. And if you, a lion, have failed petfection, how bad must the others be? A true paragon of bushido is not human, they can't be. They can only be a monster. But I like tragedy.. And samurai stories in general, and Lion stories specifically, are the best tragedy around.
  18. That's fine. Just having a little fun with what is clearly an lcg question in the rpg forum.
  19. Not all games support all character ideas equally well. Old l5r was just making a person and letting them loose on the setting. You could care about the cultural ideals, you could cast them to the side, whatever. It didn't care. This version is very focused on getting your table playing like your game IS an old samurai film full of violence, drama, and personal choice. This isn't bad, necessarily, but it certainly is a more FOCUSED idea than the previous versions. Kind of reminds me of the game Dogs in the Vineyard.
  20. She stares intently at the honorless cur of a courtier who cancelled the upcoming battle. Sipping her tea wordlessly, she slams her fist into the table over, and over again until her blood and splinters of wood begin dripping over the edge of table onto the floor. She goes home later, happy, with a bandaged hand, the head of the courtiers yojimbo on her belt, and a letter promising the lion the rice rights for the town she should have conquered that day.
  21. Which is fine! I loved the idea of the lion kensai path in 4th.... but so many of the kata were pretty bad for their prerequisites. Now the idea of switching kata round to round is pretty good.
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