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  1. Different games for different folks. While it is expensive for what it is, some of my best gaming experiences have been with the app-driven Mansions of Madness 2e.
  2. Oh, well yes. I was around during FFG's golden years. It didn't take long to Asmodee to completely suck the soul out of the company. Actual FFG has not been a thing for so long now, i'm done mourning. It's why i'm happy to see this game: It's not yet another LCG release. All I can say is regardless of how well it does, it'll take forever for expansions to release compared to previous editions because that is how Asmodee operates.
  3. Yeah, definitely looking forward to this. My only reservation is that it may be a bit to similar to Journeys in Middle Earth, but I'm optimistic. Artwork: I'm indifferent. As someone who remembers how much hate 2nd edition received for its artwork when it first came, people hating this artwork is to be expected. For the record, I was never a fan of the previous editions art either so this is a moot point personally. No overlord. As someone who is a forever GM, I like this. There are other dungeon crawler games out there and I've always personally preferred the pure coop ones. If you want a GM, Genesys and it's Terrinoth expansion can do a far better job than an overlord player in a restrictive boardgame. App-driven- yup, this is a thing these days and its fine. Should all board games have apps? **** no! But app-driven games are now a legitimate sub-genre of the hobby. For people concerned about app life span: If the game is popular enough, someone will find a way to keep the app working. I mean, I can still play my Star Wars VHS board game if I want as the video it requires is on the Internet. I don't however, because games have moved on and it's a very dated design. This game will either be successful, and will get future editions which update its design (or people will find ways of supporting the app as we have precedent for), or this game will fail and will simply take up space on peoples' shelves until they get rid of it: another thing well within the realms of normality. I can understand why some fans of 2e may be disappointed because this is different. I feel your pain, Arkham Horror 3rd edition was a big letdown for me compared to previous games (such as Eldritch Horror), but back then, like now, all it was, was a duff boardgame in a time of many wonderful boardgames that scratch similar itches. The sky is not falling! Let's see what happens
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