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  1. That is a cool idea. This has probably already been addressed, but for tournaments and something like worlds will there be separate days or tables for Clone Wars? I wonder if GCW era or Clone Wars will be preferred by tournament folks?
  2. So now do we get Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers? FFG can make the card any size they want. 6 footer, no prob ill still bring it along. FFG seriously thank you for the Clone Wars and this little sneak peek!
  3. Can we please keep Chuck Norris out of this. His agessions trigger me and I want this to remain civil as in the Galactic Civil War.
  4. Like Mega Maid in Spaceballs? We could be onto something here...
  5. Yes but do they have the see-thru window in the box?
  6. The only thing I want proof of is Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers in Armada. Everything else is classic Ben.
  7. It's an older but tough ship. Give it 8 hull with 2 shields all around. It's going to be slow with speed 2 and 3 command with the high crew compliment or automations that helped doom the Katana fleet.
  8. Until FFG gets us a Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser I'm not brushing my teeth or sobering up.
  9. If officer Darth Vader is used on a VSD II attack with Miniter Tua being discarded on the VSD II attacking to reroll dice does the VSD II get to keep the ECM that Minister Tua allowed it to equip? In this case officer Vader being on a Gozanti at distance 1-5
  10. That's too bad as the old heavy cruiser has more history and would make for a great expansion. I'll take the Support Vessel over nothing but the heavy cruiser is my first pick.
  11. If FFG will make a Dreadnought heavy cruiser I promise I will buy at least 15.
  12. With an ISD II that has Avenger title and Overload Pulse if I role a blue crit does that trigger the Overload Pulse and then per Avenger title no exhausted defense token can be spent? So essentially a blue crit with this combo can equal no defense tokens for one attack?
  13. I've kept all my stuff and was just checking if anyone in the area was around.
  14. I know this is an old topic but I'm a little thick and not really understanding how to set this up and play it. Could I ask for a how to on exactly how the corona objective gets set up and played please.
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