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  1. What great news! I'm really stoked. I'm guessing they will find a way for the Lucrehulk being something like the huge ship SSD style. My real hope and plea is FFG please give us Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers or at least the Imp Support ship. In either era does anyone think we will get these?
  2. As long as we are given a Dreadnought heavy cruiser, Imp support for runner up, and a Dorean Gunship I'm cool with frigging anything.
  3. Will we at least get the imperial support vessel from rebels if not the old Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser? Again I'll buy 10 myself if they pull on the old Dreads
  4. You Sir should be congratulated as, no joke, you are much more patient than I am.
  5. At least FFG is consistent
  6. Did they mention anything about the Katana fleet?
  7. Just give me Dreadnought heavy cruisers and from there any faction is cool with me
  8. I will be sure and mention this to the game stores no longer stocking Armada. Maybe we can put on a chess tourney to raise money for an Armada grant.
  9. I like to ask how many games of chess are being played at your local game store?
  10. Its true most Armada players don't have the patience of a Jedi but FFG is doing a pretty good Imperial impression with their new super weapon.
  11. FFG is practicing going silent in preparation for releasing the lost Katana fleet expansion Not seen for years and now ready to storm the Galaxy!
  12. I'm getting at least one. I'm excited for it and really hope FFG keeps good stuff coming our way, even if it's slowly. I promise I'll buy 10 Dreadnought heavy cruisers if they bring em on.
  13. Good its working I'm working on a custom officer Jar Jar upgrade that for 10 points causes confusion on 2 friendly ships that results in all defense tokens being exhausted on those ships. However for the remainder of the round on those 2 ships you may re roll any number of dice twice.
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