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  1. Finally got my copy after the mailman delivered it to the wrong house. First few chapters have me intrigued and am really looking forward for a chance to play with the card.
  2. I put together 5 decks with just core and the dunwitch cycle although they probably got weaker as I built them. The odd ball of the decks is probably Jim who I made into a full support for the most part loading him down with the first aid and the like from guardian.
  3. It could be beaus in his story all his academic skills and knowledge have become nearly useless after stepping into a world of horrors and magic. This is an alternate version to mirror his state in the book. Most likely his "real" version will have different rules at least I think it might I have no idea. Do the alternates of the other cards have different deck building rules?
  4. While I can understand not liking some aspects of this adaptation, such as the change to resources and pools, other provide an interesting challenge particularly in deck building. For instance with the requirement that to have a card in a deck you must have a hero of matching sphere. This means that for, lets say, a dwarf deck you wound really need to pick between Thorin and Dain as with two leadership and one other it would be hard to have an effective number of dwarfs or abilities. Of cores that leaves questions over what this will mean for cards that granted heroes other spheres. Also the idea that some cards can only be used while you have multiples of the same sphere pose an interesting challenge. Also some changes might be made so you can do something silly, like remover the encounter deck from the encounter deck.
  5. As no one has thought of it, what instruments would they play?
  6. Don't really see why gamers should be afraid of special dice. I mean think back to when you first realized dice could have more or less than 6 sides. Seems like the same thing to me.
  7. Don't know if this is intentional change or not but old lore says the Yasuki split from the cairn in the 4th century and new book says 3rd.
  8. Crab needs more hiruma and yasuki characters because any cause worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for. And outside of scorpion no one fights dirtier then those guys. Also they are the ones most likely to have political power.
  9. I guess that with crab they give you a chance to test your fate with the 20 goblin winter. Although now that I think of it I get more of a snake oil salesman vibe from it. *in a C.W. Fields voice* Step right up, step right up. Present 20 goblin heads and you too can be an honorable samurai. No more toiling in fields or wandering the land, for a measly 20 goblin heads Dr. Hida can transform your into a warrior all your friends will be envious of.
  10. I'm going with 1 honor loss, covert, and rather some item theft (which would totally go into my crab police deck, "I am commandeering this favored mount") or blank a characters box like himura ambusher.
  11. I like the idea of seeker/keeper only cards as it provides more weight to the choice of offensive seeker and defensive keeper. In fact it is similar to a prediction I made when they first announced the idea of keeper/seeker selection. And while it does limit its use what else is new. Lots of games have limits to what cards you can use at least this one has a better explanation then "we made it too strong". And while it might have been better to start off with a deluxe explanation with all of them in it monetarily that's not a good way to start and it lets the deluxe boxes contain big endings to each cycles story.
  12. If only they would finish the lore dramas.
  13. It's not even racism as they are all rokugani (unicorns are mixed but they are still primarily rokugani) making fun of another clan could be considered xenophobic but otherwise it's about as racist as a yo mama joke for example, Hey, Phoenix! Yo champion so dumb they thought maho was a personal concubine.
  14. So crab can now buy attachments out from under people. Already one of my favorite crab sub themes is making a showing. also I am on the pro-roll cards side. It makes the decision of roll a lot more meaningful then just "do I want more influence or another province of x ring?"
  15. Seeker and keeper are roles used in official events selected by the hatemoto. You can find the rolls here. The fist selection will only last a few months but when winter court happens they will choose again. As for shadowlands it's hard to say if it will get its own faction. In the past it has been one but was limited to military only victory mostly because using shadowlands cards usually costs honor as well. For now it's a way to "play dirty" as shadowlands cards usually have a powerful effects but honor loss is a bit more dangerous in this edition.
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