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  1. Hi, in my last Twilight Imperium game I noticed that I was missing my "Conquer the Weak" objective card. I got in touch with FFG / Asmodee customer service through the website. They quickly responded that they would send me a replacement card and just a couple weeks later, my replacement arrived by UPS! I wanted to say thank you because Twilight Imperium 4th. Edition has been my favorite game since I got it and it means a lot to know that FFG / Asmodee cares that I get to enjoy the full-experience everytime that I play. Thanks!
  2. I love Twilight Imperium 4th. edition! Even though the 17 races are a lot, I wonder if there will ever be expansions with new races? Since we have a cat race, a turtle race, fish race, I wish that the game included a dog race. What got me thinking about this are the Tines from Vernor Vinge's "A Fire Upon the Deep." It's cool how the Tines are canines and that they form communal packs that then operate as a single entity. In my opinion, they seem like they would play in a way that would be unique from the other TI races but still fit into the TI universe.
  3. I'm thinking of flying my Y's in a pair as a compliment to an IG88-B. The extra damage of BTL-A4 TLT's is appealing but I'm worried that I will lose the opportunity to shoot often enough with the Y's limited maneuverability.
  4. I'm debating which way to outfit Scum Y-wings is better??? Hired Gun, BTL-A4, TLT, Unhinged Astromech or Hired Gun, TLT, Unhinged Astromech Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
  5. That's a great point about Obsidian's being strong against all the PS2 Y-wings & laser turrets. I hadn't considered Night Beast before either so I will give him some consideration now, too!
  6. Ha ha, he sounds like my kind of pilot then! I'll have to give him a spot in my swarm!
  7. I've continued tweaking the TIE swarm that I'm planning to take to my next tournament. Here's the list as of today: Howlrunner with elusiveness Backstabber Dark Curse 4 x Academy Pilots I feel Howlrunner and Backstabber are well worth their extra points. Is Dark Curse worthy of a spot in a competitive swarm? If I swapped him out for another Academy, I would have enough points to give Backstabber an Engine Upgrade or Howlrunner a Shield Upgrade... Thanks for your advice!
  8. Awesome tips, thanks! Since I have limited ships at the moment I'm going to try this variant in a friendly game today. Howlrunner, swarm tactics, stealth device 4x Academy 1x Saber Squadron, predator, stealth device Cheers!
  9. Hi, I'm a pretty new player and I'm thinking about taking a TIE Swarm to my next tournament. Here are the two options I'm considering: Classic 8: 4x Academy 4x Obsidian Or: 5x Academy 2x Alpha Squadron Interceptors with Auto thrusters. Any advice on which will give me the best chance at tournament success? Thanks!
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