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  1. I haven't read them all in depth, but bravo! These look amazing!
  2. Does anyone add characters from Imperial Assault into their games as NPCs? I'm thinking of doing that for some of mine, but I'm wondering what y'all think about that yourself.
  3. Who are your favorites to play? I've only run games, but on concept alone, I like Hawkbat and the folks in Heart of the Empire, Tyrants of Lothal, and Jabba's Realm. My girlfriend had a ball playing with Jyn and Gaarkhan.
  4. Admittedly, I've never played these games as much as I've devoured the books. These books and scenarios are all fascinating and I love imagining different ways to play through them all. As for the ones in Revolt of the Machines... is it just me or do these scenarios all end in a really depressing way? Granted, none of the scenarios in any of the books have happy endings, but these ones seem really bleak. Like they all seem to end with humanity getting stripped of all its rights at best. And wow... the nanomachine post-apocalypse actually puts me in a depressive spell. So what do you think: too bleak or is it just my imagination?
  5. This is super helpful! I'm bookmarking this thread.
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