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  1. short answer, no. Originally i thought it would be, but with comms net and throwing those shields around, that thing can live for a long time. The SSD is in a good spot, not to OP, but powerful and versatile enough to fit into the competitive meta.
  2. Here is hoping that we get news today... in preparation to ask better questions. The primary questions I have; How does Salvo work? How does the Onager's front arc work? what date do we expect this to drop?
  3. Myself and a buddy debated on suprise attack and there is a bit of ambiguity. The mission states at to distance 5 of the first players edge, however, does not say it must be in the deployment area. we agreed this means you can place the station outside the deployment area. for example, he placed it right on the 3' edge. is this correct?
  4. No, I think the turning point of the SSD will be the upgrade cards. Palp commander, Vader crew, etc will be the real winners here. they bring so much to empire and how they will function.
  5. since most squads with swarm are moderately priced and powered, except for interceptors, I think it is a fair price.
  6. So Rebellion in the Rim was "On the Boat" a few weeks ago and now the SSD is "On the Boat." My question is, will we have RitR 2 to 3 weeks prior to the SSD, or do you think FFG will hold out on us and drop them at the same time?
  7. so now that is on the boat, HYPE TRAIIINNNN.... it is time....
  8. Hmm, the Han/Lando idea might be valid. They both say "Millennium Falcon" but no bullet next to that indication.
  9. The expansion, because new missions. I mean, all these things are going to be super cool, but some will be cooler than others.
  10. What will be his impact on the game though... did not even had to open it. But hey, I am still excited about our new release.
  11. Thats a solid idea, just bake in extra squads and allow one player to manage all the squads.
  12. So, after digging through ideas and thoughts on the new sector fleet play, a few ideas came to mind that might alter how you play a larger scale game versus your normal 400 point game. Here are my few thoughts. First and foremost, I think squads, although still powerful, get a pretty solid nerf in this. Only able to be a quarter of the fleet means that at 600 points (compared to a standard 400 point fleet), at maximum, you add an additional 16 points worth of squads and then a minimum of 184 extra points for your ships. I think this format invites really solid fleet ideas and ship play. Second major take away, I think having initiative may not be the biggest thing in the world with higher points. Being able to last first is cool still, but it seems that being able to do that might mean you are closer to danger. What other ideas or contrary ideas do you have?
  13. It is not new stuff, but god does this make me so excited, i do not think people even understand.
  14. 4 hours for a regional, 2 hours for a store champ. We have 3 stores in town, but we never get a regional.
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