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  1. Some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen. As a ship, I HATE the Star Viper (I just think it's ugly and doesn't look very Star Warsy to me). I LOVE yours.
  2. Kodiak3d


    "OOTINI" or more commonly spelled "UTINNI" is one of the sounds Jawa's make. The Otana is the YT-2000 from the X-wing: Alliance PC game from 1999. It's the family ship of the main character, Ace Azzameen. Here's a pic:
  3. If someone else already posted this, I apologize, but I believe those are death troopers accompanying Thrawn out of the shuttle at 00:04 in the new trailer. The front ones are in shadow, but the ones in the back are still in the light and appear to be in black armor. Also, the helmet shape appears to be that of a death trooper, but the blasters are the big giveaway.
  4. I loved this episode, but am I the only one that thinks the ion cannons were a bit overpowered? I mean, two shots disabled a light cruiser. Their shields were probably down, but even still, I'd expect it to take a few more shots.
  5. I'll be glad to see Dantooine as well. Back in the days of Star Wars Galaxies, my guild's city (Black Water) was on Dantooine.
  6. I'm just glad Saxon didn't break the ice after Sabine had him down. It was so similar to the sword fight between Bruce Wayne and Ra's Al Ghul from Batman Begins that I was expecting him to, but I'm glad they didn't go in that direction.
  7. You must be forgetting that awesome scene where the quadjumper...um...sat there and blew up. Um...yeah. That was cool, wasn't it?
  8. Love the Black Sun Headhunters.
  9. I see what you did there. Yes, these were a special battery powered edition that vibrate when they take damage.
  10. To clarify Dras' post a little bit, Pablo is a member (maybe the head?) of the Lucasfilm Story Group which is the group in charge of continuity. Pablo probably knows more about Star Wars lore than anyone else (Leland Chee might be a possible exception).
  11. While I love the design, there's already a Z-95 from the Clone Wars TV show. Of course, that's no reason to not use yours. I think it's safe to assume there are MANY variant Z-95's out there.
  12. My prediction: MC-75 cruiser (and I hope they build it so the command spire is strong and doesn't snap off easily): Hammerhead Corvette: Imperial Strike-class cruiser: Lancer-class frigate:
  13. Bought a Tantive IV on eBay and was dismayed to get it and find that the bases were malformed. I decided to contact FFG and see if they would replace them. I was up front with them that this was from an eBay purchase and I wasn't informed about the bases being warped (it was open, so I'm sure the seller was aware). To my surprise, FFG was happy to send me new bases! That's excellent customer support. Sure, it's just bases and not a model (I'm sure that would have been a different situation), but still, little things like that will keep me coming back to FFG. Thanks again, FFG :-) (Yes, I know they probably won't see this, but I sent them a thank you as well.)
  14. Funny, I just got into Armada as well and intend to just play casually. Here's what I settled on to start with: Core Set Imperial Star Destroyer Home One Rebel Squardrons I Imperial Squadrons I and II Naturally, I'll be adding more, but this seemed like it would be a fun start.
  15. I think what Gecko is saying (and I happen to agree) is that it's nice to have a return to the Galactic Civil War. The Empire vs the Rebel Alliance, not the Republic vs Separatists or the New Republic and the Resistance vs the First Order. It's good to see original X-wings and Y-wings against classic TIE fighters again. Classic stormtroopers again, the Empire in all it's glory, and Vader as the fearsome villain we knew him as before Phantom Menace. In other words, nostalgia.
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