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  1. There's only so many places to run and hide in the galaxy and while your doing that, people that others love are suffering.
  2. One of my big frustrations with the New Canon is that they finally had an opportunity to clean up all the discrepancies that arose from three decades of material but they only keep creating new discrepancies and inaccuracies. Home One, now MC80a, was always supposed to be the largest and most advanced MC80 but it now has a smaller armament than the standard MC80. Furthermore, two official sources list different lengths, one as 1200m and another 1300m, while MC80s range from 1200-1500m. They haven't even been using the most recent old canon but rather random old canon. Then there is the absurdity of the armaments on the new trilogy ships which range from absurdly high to absurdly low. The Resurgent-class originally had 5000 turbolasers alone before having its entire armament reduce to the still ridiculous 1500. Meanwhile the MC85 has literally no weapons.
  3. I think the cost of Aces could use some adjusting. Maybe Armada 2.0 will keep the cards but update the points like Age of Sigmar has been doing with it's General's Handbook. I would prefer that to a mass overhaul like they did with X-wing 2.0.
  4. Would you be able to provide a link to Armada Italy or the photos. I have searched quite a bit and can't find them/it anywhere. Thanks.
  5. That's impressive considering Garm is rather lacklustre.
  6. Am I to assume this means that a Rebel Fleet with Garm Bel Iblis as it's commander won the GenCon Armada tournament?
  7. Leland Chee of Lucasfilm has confirmed on Twitter that the Starhawk was made using a pre-existing Lucasfilm design and that FFG is the first to depict it in media. https://mobile.twitter.com/HolocronKeeper/status/1156965451231973377
  8. The generally held consensus among political scientists is that terrorists use terror tactics and strategy to achieve their political goals through terror and fear. The Rebel Alliance could probably be fairly said to be using political violence, that is violence to achieve political goals. In my view, the legitimacy of political violence is generally a question of moral relativity. Back to the Starhawk. It is definitely designed to be a battleship and not a command ship, as Admiral Ackbar choose to continue to use Home One as his flagship. I would be surprised if it came with any defensive retrofits or fleet command slots.
  9. Does anyone else find it odd that the Starhawk is listed as a Rebel Alliance ship when it is very much in fact a New Republic ship?
  10. Three of the titles for the Starhawk are likely to be Amity, Concord and Unity if we go by the Aftermath novels.
  11. Found it! It's on pg 72 of the Rebel Files. Includes an annotation by Caluan Ematt wondering if this is what the First Order is up to.
  12. So excited to finally have an official depiction of the Star-Hawk. EEEEEEEEK! Is the Onager-class Star Destroyer going to be from episode 9? If so that means we could see the MC85, Resurgent-class and other sequel trilogy ships!
  13. Firstly, I would like to say that I do not have inside information and that this post is conjecture on my part, but, I thought it important to bring to people's attention. I am a fan of tabletop gaming in general and am an avid collector, player and fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Today Games Workshop announced that they upcoming Sylvaneth battletome was being delayed by an unforseeable number of months due to a 'bilateral trade' issue that has resulted in an import delay. Their entertaining and honest explanation for this can be found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/08/a-late-bloom-for-the-sylvaneth/ I am unsure if this is a BREXIT related issue, but I suspect it is more likely related to broader world trade tensions with China. The reason for this being is that Games Workshop produces the vast majority of its models, with the exception of some scenery pieces, in the United Kingdom, while other products such as battletomes, dice, etc. are produced in China. Furthermore, Games Workshop's most recent gaming magazine talks about another one of their unreleased products as having been released the previous month. I should note Games Workshop probably felt obliged to get out in front of this issue due to leaks of the finished Battletome and new dice, spells and scenery appearing online yesterday. Now, as many of you are aware, FFG Armada miniatures are produced in China which means a similar delay could be in store for us. Again, this is conjecture on my part but I thought I would put it forward given how notorious FFG has been in the past for communicating delays and the fact that this particular product has already seen multiple delays and still has no firm release date.
  14. I would really like to see the MC85 Heavy Cruiser as canonically it was in use by the New Republic during the end of the original trilogy era and would give the rebel alliance a 'huge' ship to match the Imperial's Executor class. I also wouldn't mind seeing Starhawks if only so we have a canon representation of what they actually look like.
  15. Fleet Commands have never been amazing because before the only ship that could use them had the durability and maneuverability of a bathtub and it was therefore risky to invest in a strategy that relied on them. While the fleet commands themselves do not appear amazing it is the synergy they have with other upgrades that makes them potentially very powerful. Motti on an ISD2 with Chimaera and Shields to Maximum provides increased hull strength and a passive point of shield recovery each turn fleet wide. If you add Redundant Shields to Motti you then have a 14 hull flagship that is passively recovering two shield points each turn. Thrawn instead of Motti is arguably even more dangerous as Thrawn could provide a fleet wide bonus engineering command dial 3 out of 5 turns. In short you now have an incredibly tanky flagship that provides continual fleet wide healing bonuses and is an excellent form of points denial. This is just off the top my head and I am sure others could find even more nasty combos than this.
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