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  1. That's a carry over from the first version. I'll update it. I first decided to put it under discipline with the Pathfinder mindset in mind. But in the end, switched to Perception as finding the imperfections in an illusion is something I think fits perception better than Discipline.
  2. Skills Guide is approaching Electrum tier!!! For this occasion, I offer this special discount for the next 10 people buying it. Follow this link and get Skills Guide at half price. (4.95$) EDIT: All the discount were redeemed, thank you everyone
  3. Oh it did take time. A lot of time! But I feel like the community really could benefit from this work so I invested the hours. I'm pretty glad with the result Will give it updates for typo corrections and may even add more to it.
  4. Skills Guide has reached Silver Tier in just two weeks! I'm glad the community is enjoying it. I have received kind words regarding the content. This was a colossal work and I'm glad to realize it was well worth the effort. Thank you for your support, and don't forget to give it a rating and maybe a review, letting the community know your opinion of it.
  5. The full-size preview has been extended to include the first Introduction page, as well as the Cool skill, as an example of what you'll find in the doc.
  6. I’m super happy to present you my latest Genesys Foundry contribution: Skills Guide. Within its pages, you will find lots of new options to add narrative effects to skills checks: Different ways to use the core skills, suggested difficulties, modifiers, symbol usage, and example scenarios with dice roll interpretation. Have you ever rolled a check but did not have any idea on how to spend the symbols? This guide has you covered with suggestions for EVERY SINGLE SKILL!!! Skills Guide is compatible with every setting and will even provide tips for setting up new knowledge, combat, and magic skills for your own setting!
  7. December 15th is the last day to vote for the next Foundry Spotlight. I'd be super glad if you would support Inquisition. It takes 2 minutes of your time and can make a big difference to me. All you need to do is send an email to foundryspotlight@fantasyflightgames.com with the subject of "Inquisition" and the body being a simple one or two sentence reason why you think Inquisition should have an article written about it. You can even vote if you haven't bought the document but are curious to know FFG's take of reviewing it.
  8. The Skills Guide includes a lots of suggestions for ways to use skills, each one coming with suggestions for difficulties, modifiers, symbol usages, and example for each skill usage suggestion. It includes rules for Skill Channlenges, Story Rolls, Knowledge Boons, Dehydration/Starvation, Sleep Deprivation, and more! The document is just above 100 pages. It's currently within the last stretch of writing process. I expect the document to be released late December/early January.
  9. I must admit I haven't personnally but @drainsmith, which is probably the guy who provided the community with the most creations, had given Scribus a try and found some limitations that did not make it really a good alternative. Never heard of sK1. The page you linked seems more like a vector tool though. Even them compare it to Abode Illustrator rather than Adobe InDesign. Might check it anyway. Thanks
  10. As many of you might know, Column Span is a MUST HAVE feature to design documents the same way FFG does. While InDesign does it, it is the most expensive software to make documents and since many of us are not willing to pay that much money, we use Affinity Publisher. But Publisher lacks that feature. Personally, it's the main thing that makes me continue using InDesign instead of Affinity. Fortunately, it is possible to ask for new feature implements. We can only hope that the most people asking for it, the better the chances of getting it, and getting it soon. So as a Foundry Creator, I would greatly appreciate if you could go to that Affinity Publisher Feature Request thread and type in a comment saying youd like to have that request. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/64963-span-columns/& Even if you are not a Foundry Creator yourself, taking few minutes to go there and write such comment will contribute to see more great-looking foundry content as it will become more accessible. Thank you.
  11. Inquisition has reached the Silver Tier! Thanks everyone for the support! For those of you who haven't got it yet, the Black Friday sale is closing up soon. Benefit from the Inquisition bundle and get both the main doc as well as the adventure module for half the price! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/295823/Inquisition-BUNDLE
  12. Same. Downloaded the thing before but the link seems broken now. Maybe it's intentional to have it released on the Foundry?
  13. Inquisition: Black Friday week sale!For a limited time only, get Inquisition setting and the Dying Light adventure module as a bundle at 50% off!Follow the link and get your bundle https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/295823/
  14. I had to do the same when I put Inquisition on the foudnry. I had to remove tons of artwork. Found a nice free of rights picture for the cover and backcover. As for being the first thing you write, I wouldn't worry. Inquisition was my first published worked as well and I think people are pretty happy with it. It's close to reaching Silver tier. You gotta start somewhere.
  15. I just downloaded the file and quickly browsed it. Seems like this could have been a good Foundry product. Is there anything preventing you from putting it there?
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