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  1. Did this character during 'the Race for The Throne'. Background isn't mine. Bayushi Oroji Bushi. Courtier. Cost: 4, Military: 3, Political: 4, Glory: 1 After Oroji enters play, dishonor a personality a target player controls. Select one of his provinces except stronghold: reduce the province strength by 1 until the end of the conflict. (Selected province' strength cannot go below 1).
  2. If you like hiding during black outs or pooping with the lights off you might be a Scorpion. lol
  3. If you go research for 'The Race for The Throne', it is one of those most memorable events for L5R players. I for one felt I was part of the community, part of the story too, I shared my skills, my time and my talents just for my clan to win the throne. I've met friends around the world. It goes not just for me, you'll see players representing the clan by dressing up during a kotei, and many more. There is a lot creativity going on. It was really interesting.
  4. I like the artwork for the personalities. I also like the idea of honor loss plus draw cards, perfect feel for the scorpion.
  5. I like the art very much. Wish they bring back the experienced system. Feels great to see characters evolve and see their art change as well. Would be nice, imo, if the fate icon on a personality is tailored to their specific clan. The pink flower looks so 'craney'. lol ...can't wait to experience the game, wish my store can get the core boxes sooner.
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