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  1. I absolutley do know, because I don't bully people on twitch!
  2. I can 100% say that i've never bullied a kid on twitch
  3. It's not dogpiling. He just upset at large group of people in one hit
  4. God damnit Timathius. Can you just for once let me get in first 😂
  5. Honestly, man. This didn't start because you made a mistake on stream. It started because because you were being an arsehole on the facebook thread. I don't speak for everyone. But I think that's what you should be apologizing for
  6. Because we generally love almost all of them?
  7. The fact that so many people are vocal about his bad attitude is nobody else's fault. It's not like we're all working together, just because we all think he's a s*** person
  8. I am also grateful that my straight edge pre-measure matches my calculated arc now
  9. This is not something I can remember ever being asked, but I recently found out that there's a huge split between people that measure from base, and people that measure from ship token. It has just never come up. Nobody seems to notice
  10. What kind of serial killer uses the term "milquetoast"?
  11. It's...... not an answer
  12. @punkUser would you be interested in painting the faces of one of the known fair dice, and testing it?
  13. I don't really differentiate between judge and marshall. Anyone I ask to help run an event of mine is made a marshall And I didn't mean "you" personally
  14. You can technically say no, but all that does is delay the start of the game while you wait for a judge to come over and tell you that you're going to share
  15. I'm fairly sure that that is not the reason for the rule
  16. I took a bottle of fireball to nationals last year. Shared it around, of course, but it was gone by lunch, and so was I 😂
  17. Repainted in the original scheme, because the box paint is terrible.
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