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  1. What kind of serial killer uses the term "milquetoast"?
  2. I've never played any of the huge ships
  3. It's...... not an answer
  4. @punkUser would you be interested in painting the faces of one of the known fair dice, and testing it?
  5. I don't really differentiate between judge and marshall. Anyone I ask to help run an event of mine is made a marshall And I didn't mean "you" personally
  6. You can technically say no, but all that does is delay the start of the game while you wait for a judge to come over and tell you that you're going to share
  7. I'm fairly sure that that is not the reason for the rule
  8. I took a bottle of fireball to nationals last year. Shared it around, of course, but it was gone by lunch, and so was I 😂
  9. Repainted in the original scheme, because the box paint is terrible.
  10. The answer is yes What we should be worrying about, is whether Amazon have done a good job converting The Boys to tv
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