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  1. Do you gain the new aptitudes? If so, and you already have TWO redundancies, what do you do then?
  2. SgtSmackface

    Looking to join a game

    Anyone running an only war game they wanna invite me to? Add me on skype at rageusmaximus
  3. SgtSmackface

    Looking for a GM for Dark heresy

    Sorry it took me so long to see your post! Unfortunately I have never had luck with group finding on roll20, add me on skype perhaps if you wanna search together? (assuming you're still loking as I am now.) username is rageusmaximus
  4. SgtSmackface

    Sanctioned Xenos

    Horrible necro but where do I find this
  5. SgtSmackface

    How Many Evasions are Allowed

    I've always ruled that it's "in addition to" meaning you can dodge twice and parry once, or parry twice and dodge once, for a total of 3 reactions. This gives the players a now not-insignificant way to ignore damage, but that's what dual-wielding and lightning attack is for, Whirlwind of Death even if you're willing to explain why you've allowed it for your enemies and not your players.
  6. SgtSmackface

    Primitive threats for powerful PCs?

    There's also the option of fiat, I have in the past used the inquisitor to inform the players that their current gear is far too conspicuous for the mission and will simply get them killed or the enemy they're hunting will just hunker down, good luck finding them then. If none of those seem appealing, you can always take the diabolodon profile from the deathwatch book... hehe.....hehehehe... There's also the possibility that this rogue psyker has attracted a bit of an enslaver problem as well, not too unbelievable due to the nature of that thinned veil. There's the omni-present threat of some major A-hole out in the swamps deciding to augment and heresy-fy the local creatures to see how they'd make for bodyguards/deadly pets/etc. Last but not least, the spider idea is a great one. Just sling Web at them until something sticks, at which point they get swamped (hehe) by hordes of enemies, ow my head, ow my leg hey where'd my bolter go? And now you've got a planet of the apes type scenario where one of the creatures has "somehow rolled a 1 and discovered how you use a bolter"!
  7. SgtSmackface

    Heresy and Archeotech

    BTW, local law enforcement= Enforcers (arbite rank, pretty confusing sometimes 8| ) Arbites=Arbites.
  8. SgtSmackface

    Need Players

  9. SgtSmackface

    You Know You're Playing Deathwatch When...

    When you're seriously debating whether you could fight a primarch and win or not.
  10. SgtSmackface

    good free movie, 40k fans may like.

    Commenting so I can find this when I have time. Thanks based Prof.
  11. SgtSmackface

    Having Trouble Understanding Money

    It's also an abstraction of your influence and power, your ability to tell people they belong to you, in other words. A rogue trader with PF5 probably has his ship and only that, while a Rogue Trader with PF 200 likely owns several high resource systems in the Expanse, feeding him with raw materials to build things with. He would also very likely own several large business fronts in the Imperium, selling products and services, while he almost certainly holds a great deal of sway in local politics and has an army of killing machines nigh unstoppable.
  12. SgtSmackface

    Bionic Question

    I'd just use the Cerebral Plug from Dark Heresy.
  13. SgtSmackface

    Starship Construction Utility RTSU v1.41 Published

    Everytime I click the download link it gives me 50 redirects. Is there any other way to download?
  14. SgtSmackface

    Looking for a GM for Dark heresy

    No problem, I recently made a post looking for a Rogue Trader GM if you're interested in that instead though?