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  1. Hey guys. just wanted some clarifications after reading the rules book. If you roll TWO tackle dice and get TWO "Target Down/Pow" results, does that mean you injure that target player and he is removed from that match-up? OR is he just "Down" no matter how many "Target Down/POW" Results you roll? Vice versa for TWO "Tackler Down/Cross" symbols? Does your tackler get in injured and removed from that match-up or is he just "Downed"? Do you have to roll dice to Injure "Downed" players, or are they automatically removed from play when tackled by a standing player? If not, then do you just use their Downed star player number to figure out the dice? If that is the case is any number higher than "0" you roll two tackle dice? When you discard your cards into a pile next to your team deck, do you shuffle those into your team deck at the beginning of every maintenance phase? Cheers guys
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