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  1. @ThatJakeGuy @dietz057 Great talk. A solid list of tips. I already knew all the stuff you were talking about but it's really valuable to refresh and clarify it all to ensure that I'm preparing and playing well. Also thanks for the shout out about the Map Project
  2. @SlowComet Please send me some more info about what you're trying to print via a direct message on here. I link to the file you downloaded on the GitHub page and a direct quote of the info PixArt sent you would be helpful to diagnose. Thanks @robertpolson I'm busy with work for now but I hope to get back to working on the 4-Player map soon.
  3. I put together the Endor Defense Station map from Captain Terro's pack today! With that complete, the entire Jabba's Realm wave is now available to print. You can find lots more info and printing instructions on the GitHub project page. Thanks again to @evadgonzo for the image-editing help! Also: the 4-player map from Jabba's Realm is still in the works, but just when I have some more free time to work on it.
  4. It's in the works thanks to help from @evadgonzo. No timeline. Please use this newer thread in the Skirmish section for questions.
  5. Not sure if I'd want two AT-DPs since it's difficult to get multiple massive figures out of a deployment zone when there is only 1 exit (even harder when they're speed 3 with no Beast Tamer help). Current map cycle has 1 exit on Anchorhead & Nal Hutta, 2 on Jabba's Palace (though there are doors to open there). Might depend on what rotates in next. You're going to want 2 officers to get the DP into position for 2 attacks, maybe even 3.
  6. I think you played Lost Knowledge: It takes a Retrieve action to pick up a Holocron but none to discard for points. The starting lists are intentionally underpowered to encourage you to improve them; but the Rebel one might more underpowered Stormtroopers can split up Totally up to you what errata you want to play with, some like the Vader fix, are important to balance the game but that will only be apparent after you play another 5-10 games, so I wouldn't worry about those at first. I think you're asking about pre-made lists, you can see recent community lists on Tabletop Admiral or IA Armies, though they will likely include content from across all the expansions.
  7. @mellowthello had a similar issue I think? How were you both adding damage?
  8. Thanks for the print info. I'll add it to the FAQ If you want extras I think that a map from the recent Droid reinforcement wave has a chance of entering rotation at some point. Either 0-0-0 or the Jawa map probably as Chopper's map is huge.
  9. The Python source code for the groups I make is on the GitHub project page. If you clone the project you can edit just a line or two to make your own custom groupings.
  10. Yes, see recently updated printing info: "individual maps can be printed by downloading the 300 DPI Print versions linked in the table and submitting that to PixArtPrinting. To calculate the print dimensions in inches: divide the horizontal and vertical pixels by 300." If you just want to print the Nal Hutta Swamps I created a pre-cropped version too.
  11. Thanks @robertpolson! I'd rather not accept anyone's money as this is more of a labor of love. But, if you're from the USA, you can thank me by supporting Network Neutrality and making a comment showing your support with the FCC. Net Neutrality makes the economics of this map project, my New Orders IA podcast, and lots of other parts of the web that we all love financially possible. Learn more and add your comment at: BattleForTheNet.com As for the other maps, I still plan to do the map from Terro's pack first, then the 4-player Nal Hutta Borderlands. They share many tiles with the Nal Hutta Swamps which helps, but I'm not committing to any timeline. It just depends on when I have time to work on them.
  12. Printable version is ready over on the GitHub project. Thanks to @evadgonzo for the help retouching the tiles. Please also follow the project thread.
  13. Hey all, thanks to hard work and contributions from @evadgonzo, the Nal Hutta Swamps map is ready! Please visit the GitHub page to download printable templates or see web-ready images that you can link to on social media or here on the forums! I dropped the tiny slivers of indoor tiles from the deployment zones as I couldn't see the terrain type mattering there and I think it looks better as all forest. Please let me know if you notice anything else that's off. Never hurts to have folks double checking my work!
  14. Interesting idea but from a development perspective 0-Point attachments that aren't tied to a specific card are a non-starter. The reason is that they block off future design space since players will almost never not attach them at 0 cost. An upgrade that cost a few points (not 0) and increased the survivability of small figures by upping their health is a good idea though.
  15. Small rules note for large figures: your opponent can choose a space they occupy to target with an attack. Most of the time this is just the nearest space so we don't talk about it but, if shooting a Nexu, you can choose to shoot a space that is not adjacent to C-3PO (assuming you have LoS to that space) in order to avoid granting the Nexu an extra Evade from Distracting. Similarly, a Royal Guard can't hide behind an AT-ST and give all 6 spaces the defense bonus.
  16. Haha, I too has Assassinate in hand with no way to use it since you killed my 3 Hunters: IG/Vinto/Onar.
  17. Terro's map, Endor Defense Station, will come next but it shares many of the same tiles with Nal Hutta Swamps and the 4-Player Nad Hutta Borderlands so efficiencies from crossover.
  18. My GitHub project is more updated currently (Stephan is busy with other stuff at the moment). I'm working on it but don't have this map built yet as it uses many new forrest tiles from the Jabba's Realm expansion.
  19. If you mean the on large center tile: then diagonal moves are allowed between the blue spaces corners but not the red one, IIRC (by normal 1x1 non-mobile figures). Also: I added rules to my post above!
  20. The blue deployment zone is crowded by blocked and difficult terrain. Will be hard to get all your units ready to move out if you have more than 7 (non mobile/massive). Very hard for Blue to get to 3rd box (left to right) without mobile either.
  21. Seems favorable to units w/ long range like the Rangers. Mobile will help too. Agreed with @meggypeggs that melee might be tough b/c of map size.
  22. I'm working on a much nicer version of the map but here's the preview from the Ranger's sheet. Scenario A - Shielded Scenario B - Raining Freight
  23. Fixed. Thanks for the edit! There's actually not a sale for the same PVC Mesh that we've used before (at least on the USA site). The sale is for for solid PVC signs (ones you can't roll up). The maps for Rangers and Terro are the 2 that remain (along with the 4 player map). They are in the works but will take a while longer because they use many new forrest-side tiles from the expansion that need image editing. Once Terro and Rangers maps are done it will just be a JabbasRealm.jpg (I'll drop the 'incomplete').
  24. I just updated the The Dune Sea map from the Jedi Luke pack to the GitHub Project. I also updated the associated printouts and web-previews. Enjoy!
  25. Thanks for all the comments everyone. Besides Take Initiative are there other areas of the game you find frustrating and do you have fixes in mind? One thing I've seen mentioned multiple times is the strength/number of Hunter command cards that add damage. IMO, I think they can be problematic because they are powerful and plentiful. Stacking 2 or 3 cards amongst Assassinate, Tools for the Job, Heightened Reflexes, and Priority Target (plus the generic Positioning Advantage, Element of Surprise, Blitz, and Wild Attack and some Unique cards like Shyla's that add more) make deadly powerful attacks that you can't really play around or mitigate. Even a spy-based controlling list can only hope to Com Disrupt or Intel Leak 1 or 2 of those per game. If you have thoughts on those I'd love to hear them.
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