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  1. Interview with Imperial Assault Designer Jonathan Ying - Episode 12 We sat down with Imperial Assault Designer Jonathan Ying for a quick chat at SHUX. He talks to us about the origins of Imperial Assault and the skirmish mode. He also tells some other fun & interesting stories about IA development. Jonathan’s new game is called Bargain Quest. It’s up for preorder now after a successful after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. We greatly enjoyed playing it and are looking forward to our own copy. -------------------------------- I normally announce New Orders podcast episodes in a Skirmish thread since that's our focus, but we talked with Jonathan about several campaign and design elements I think folks here might be interested too. -------------------------------- You can search for 'New Orders' to find us in the Apple podcast directory (used by many other apps on iOS and Android too) or find it via the links below: Apple Podcasts Listing Overcast Podcast Listing (Overcast is a free iOS client I recommend) Pocket Casts Link (Pocket Casts is a popular Android/iOS/Web client) New Orders Homepage (where you can stream all episodes) Direct Podcast RSS Feed for any other Podcast Client Thanks for listening!
  2. New episode out now: Interview with Imperial Assault Designer Jonathan Ying - Episode 12 We sat down with Imperial Assault Designer Jonathan Ying for a quick chat at SHUX. He talks to us about the origins of Imperial Assault and the skirmish mode. He also tells some other fun & interesting stories about IA development. Jonathan’s new game is called Bargain Quest. It’s up for preorder now after a successful after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. We greatly enjoyed playing it and are looking forward to our own copy. Thanks for checking out our short break from our usual skirmish analysis. We’ll be back with Heart of the Empire discussion soon.
  3. Yeah, "created" wasn't the word I was looking for, "stole" is much better. Very cool card design ideas other than that BY is a terrible attack so at 4 points so I'd consider an offensive buff to be closer to Hera's attack levels (who may be too good).
  4. Just thinking about the title of your thread, I hope we get Doctor Aphra as an Imperial support figure eventually. For those that don't know she's the one that (loosely) created BT-1 and 0-0-0 in the comics. Works for Vader. Fun character.
  5. Bantha (with Beast Tamer of course) + Single Purpose is even better than any of those. But yeah looks good for Palp like @TheUnsullied said
  6. Thanks @kingargyle for putting this together, I don't have much to add but a few thoughts: Each JSON array (and .json file) should support 1 army with 1 command deck, if you want to save multiple armies just use multiple JSON files. (I think this is how you'e set it up but wanted to clarify.) I don't think you need to spec the Form cards for the new Shapeshifter since you don't need to declare them on any army list and they will change from turn to turn. It might be useful to think about how (if anything) you want to do to handle future errata. So far the errata have mostly changed things you don't track in the master JSON but they could theoretically change deployment point costs, ban certain cards, etc in the future. Perhaps it would be useful to have some sort of version number for example...? Ideally, VASSAL would have support for this format: @thereisnotry do you know if this is possible? i.e. spawn all of a player's army cards and figures from importing a JSON file? (I'm more interested in importing into VASSAL than out)
  7. @wannabepudge I've printed files with 10 maps without issue. PixArt seems to occasionally make bad prints. I've heard from some folks with similar issues. I would encourage you and anyone else with issues to contact them as they've been good about re-printing without charging any more. Please let me know if you do have any trouble after contacting them with your issue.
  8. Thanks for the rule clarification @Matsu Robun and @a1bert. This is why I hate companions (particularly the Junk Droid): they're just a knot of rule exceptions that are a pain even for experienced players like myself to untangle. @leacher I don't use Podbean but that Soundcloud URL should automatically redirect to the feed on my https://NewOrders.xyz domain and you can see the current episode up there now that it's had time to refresh.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I think my caching was too aggressive. I cleared the cache and it's showing up now for me in Overcast and Apple Podcasts. Give it another shot/refresh on your end.
  10. Hey folks, thanks for your patience, we've got a new episode (and in the standard podcast feed): Episode 11 - Nal Hutta Swamps & Ugnaught List In this episode we discuss the most recent map added to tournament rotation: Nal Hutta Swamps (link to detailed map preview). We also discuss the Ugnaught swarm list that has won several recent tournaments. For reference, the list is commonly made up of the following deployment cards: 4x Regular Ugnaught 2x Elite Ugnaught Onar IG-88 with Focused on the Kill
  11. The examples you cite are from a different era (Hoth and earlier), everything afterwards has been better balanced.
  12. We know the Elites cost 10 so I'm pretty sure they're going to be awesome because of that.
  13. Agreed but there is a fine balance here because if one side is significantly better then Devious Schemes becomes really good (because it gets you the better deployment zone and Round 2 Initiative). It's a tricky balance but I think some maps (like Anchorhead) go a bit too far in helping one side such that Devious Schemes becomes too powerful. Previous maps where 1 side was significantly better: Nelvanian War Zone and Mos Eisley Cantina (though Mercs were not as powerful when those were in rotation). Similarly Nal Hutta Swamps and Coruscant Landfill can be highly advantageous on one side to but mostly to certain lists (that are Rebel not Merc-based) so the Devious Schemes is useful defensively (and depending on the meta). I think this situation strikes a good balance.
  14. There's a bunch of info including answers to your questions in the Printing section of the GitHub project. The dimensions depend on what you're ordering but I do the math in advance for all the strips of combined maps. Otherwise it's 300 DPI so you can just work it out by dividing the pixel width and height by 300.
  15. If you're having trouble getting your hands on one of the official ones, its easy to have your own printed and shipped worldwide (for a very low cost) with this project that I work on: All skirmish maps are available and PixArtPrinting even has a 20% off sale this week so you can get a number of maps for cheaper.
  16. Good sale! Time to order your maps! Here's the direct link to the product. Make sure you choose the slower shipping to get the full discount. Fine print: Offer is valid on Banners from 9:00 am CST on Monday, September 18th to 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, September 24th. Available only with 7-day shipping.
  17. Link to maps mentioned by @NeverBetTheFett and @Fightwookies (you can save these as images on your phone and/or print them): Direct link to the GitHub repo to download them all.
  18. HotE features new tile-sets on both sides based on Coruscant (the location of the campaign). Based on what we've seen one side is grimy outdoor streets while the other is fancy indoor rooms (see lots of Coruscant sets from the prequels for their inspiration). I imagine the maps will be mostly those tiles and I'm not expecting many (any?) forest or desert tiles to be used. The maps will probably mix in the indoor (Imperial and Scum) tiles from the Core to fill them out. As for the Scenario? No way to tell.
  19. PixArtPrinting has 10% off site-wide for the next few days in the USA. Good time to put in an order for maps! I'm unsure if this applies to other countries but it's worth checking. Deal details: I've also added a 4-Player Maps Combined Sheet and made some other small updates to help printing the files.
  20. Thanks to the huge help from @Oslatir (and tile-editing help from @evadgonzo) the 4-Player map from Jabba's Realm is now complete! With that done, I've added both the 4-Player maps to the GitHub project page and all maps are available! Please note that the new 4-player map is huge so doesn't fit in the vertical size that all the other maps have. You can still order it solo or in a custom strip however. @wannabepudge I linked your guide from GitHub. Thanks. The maxMapsInGroup is mostly to avoid unwieldily large files but is not a specific Pixart limit. Adjust as you please.
  21. If you're just looking for a cheap playmat to facilitate quick play you can print your own (from any of the 40 released maps) from this project I work on. If you order a couple at once they get down to about $2 each map: If you're looking for a recommendation from the official maps from tournament rotation that have been printed into mats, I think the recently rotated-out ISB Headquarters is one of the the most balanced and is one of my favorites to play. Without getting too nitpick-y, Training Ground is pretty good too.
  22. Thanks @wannabepudge! Great Info. For Mac or Windows users the steps are essentially the same except you probably already have Python 2.7.X and just need to get Pillow using pip (mentioned on the links above) or your system's package manger (e.g. Mac: Homebrew or Linux: yum or apt). You'll need to dip into the command line a bit to run Python too but the command is just python download_and_convert_ia_skirmish.py
  23. Boba and Dengar seem like ideal targets for fixes once the Hunter's aren't quite so dominating. Leia is still fine just a bit hard to play/protect. A bit more health as @DerBaer suggests would be ideal but they're not going to make a fix card for just that. Maybe we'll get a General Leia eventually. I'm pretty sure that the AT-DP is the fix for the AT-ST (more or less) and would think any changes to the ST would be very unlikely. Fixes for non-film characters, like Fenn/Jyn/Saska/etc are similarly unlikely: they'll just make new characters.
  24. Thanks @Oslatir. I've solicited help from the community from the beginning so I'd be happy for your contributions. I'll be in touch via DM to share some more info with you. If anyone else is interested in helping, please get in touch before you start so that we don't inadvertently duplicate work. For everyone eager to get the 4-player map: I've been traveling for work and vacation for the past few weeks but I'm back now and with help from @Oslatir and @evadgonzo I think we can finish up the 4-Player map soon. -Nick
  25. Getting to bombs like Son of Skywalker quicker is not the way to fix the CC issues in the game. The fixes are having things costed correctly and having appropriate counters to popular strategies.
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