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  1. PixArtPrinting Cyber Monday sale with same 30% Discount as Black Friday runs through this evening to 11:59 pm CST on Monday, November 27th. https://www.pixartprinting.com/signage/banners-mesh/pvc-banner/ BTW, if you haven't yet, I recommend ordering the maps from the Droid Reinforcement wave as it's very likely that some of these maps will rotate into tournament play soon. Here's a map strip with just those 3 maps.
  2. I think this is a question for @jacenat about the ratings on this page. The star rating are currently missing from the table on that page (though are still available on individual reviews). Seems like a simple mistake.
  3. Not a mistake. The only difference is if it's teams of 2 vs 2 or Free-For-All.
  4. 30% off all orders is the best deal of the year if you want Pixart printing on these maps: https://www.pixartprinting.com/signage/banners-mesh/pvc-banner/ Sale runs to 11:59 pm CST on Saturday, November 25th. You can order the full set of all pre-HotE maps for less than $80 We’re slowly working on the many new tiles from HotE but have no timeline. Thanks for the community help on that.
  5. We mentioned this scenario (time stamped link): https://overcast.fm/+HKqk4IwfM/30:50 Just don’t think it’s as good as Face to Face, but you would want to find room for it in a Brawler list with Vader.
  6. Episode 14 – Heart of the Empire Command Card Review In this episode we review all the Command Cards from the recent Heart of the Empire wave. If you’d like to follow allong with visuals, we used these Boardwars.eu pages: Heart of the Empire Box Command Cards Ahsoka Command Cards Maul Command Cards Palpatine Command Cards For feedback you can find us on Twitter @IANewOrders or right here! Thanks for listening!
  7. On http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/ when picking a faction. Only the bullet points are clickable, not the faction names Even the clickable bullet points don't have the correct properties such that the browser shows a glove for the mouse pointer (standard for a link) instead of a regular arrow (which usually means no link and no text).
  8. Depending on your platform and settings: you can still type into a dropdown on most (all?) desktop browsers to select an item and use the keyboard arrow keys to change the selection as well. Dropdowns would work better on mobile too by establishing some bounding values and allowing the user to quickly swipe through to select one.
  9. Worth noting for new players: you can use your iOS or Android smartphone with the Discord & Skype apps to voice chat. Yep: Imperial Assault Skirmish Online on VASSAL - How To (though some things have been improved and refined since @jacenat made that video)
  10. 88-Z need not be among the Imperial Deployment options as it is not possible to take it in Skirmish. Max cost might work better as a dropdown with integers from 0 to 18 (Current Max, Un-modded Vader)
  11. That is the correct ruling. It's a poorly worded card because it's from the Core set before Skirmish was more thought-out.
  12. Thanks @TheUnsullied and all for the great discussion. I'm glad to see people using the maps that @ibsh and I built. BTW, if you want to show a full map you can use the web versions I put up on GitHub: they're 10% of the download size of the printable images generally but largely indistinguishable when shown on a screen. For example here's Jabba's Palace: @Tvboy if you need access to the raw map data to make your gridded previews let me know. Thanks!
  13. Thanks @Deadwolf I'm less knowledgeable about Campaign obviously so I'll take your word about RG there. Good thing they were errataed in both.
  14. Two follow up questions for you @a1bert: Can you confirm that the rules on Page 8 of the HotE manual under Special Situations Regarding Attacks do not apply here. I'm pretty sure they don't because the wording on the Emperor ability is different, but I got some questions on this in a recent podcast. I think the difference comes from the wording (i.e. on Murne's False Orders: "Choose a hostile figure with a figure cost of 3 or less within 3 spaces. Perform a move or attack with that figure." where you do get to chose the attack's target vs Emperor: "Once during your activation, you may choose another figure within 4 spaces. That figure interrupts to perform an attack" where that figure's owner choose a target.) Assuming the logic from your post above remains true: Emperor doesn't require line of sight for the ability, so you could theoretically use it to target an opponent's figure around a corner. If the figure you targeted had LOS only to figures that were normally friendly, the figures controller would still have to pick one to attack. Correct?
  15. I already have several standardized layouts/dimensions, so I'd be happy to work with them to help make ordering easier. I also think it's unlikely they could do the whole thing because of copyright issues, but maybe they could improve their ordering interface so you could save dimensions as URL parameters (easy to link to from project page).
  16. In the past there was a cool trophy for the winner, clear Dice for top 8-ish, some other plastic tokens for top 16. lots of promo cards for everyone. They will announce prizes before the events start.
  17. The designers are 100% aware that Focus is a problem in Skirmish. HotE power tokens are an attempt to address one of the problems with Focus: it's not granular enough & is too big of a buff. Self-Focusing figures like IG-88 and BT are another attempt. Seems likely they will watch how these fare and use what we learn to create new designs to address Focus problems in the future.
  18. Episode 13 – Heart of the Empire Deployment Cards Initial Review In this episode we have some initial reactions to the skirmish deployment cards from Heart of the Empire. We start with Imperial cards, then move to Mercenary cards, and finally discuss Rebel cards. Some small corrections for things I misspoke about in the episode: I say Vader with Driven by Hatred is 12 points but he’s actually 13 ( 18 point base -5 on the attachment). I was talking about using a command card I called Tools for the Job with Han but actually meant Smuggled Supplies. We totally read J4X-7 wrong: it give pierce to enemy figures it's adjacent to. Will mention in next episode. For feedback you can find us on Twitter @IANewOrders or post right here. Thanks for listening and we’ll be back soon to talk about the new Command Cards!
  19. I would be support standardized round times after setup: I think 55min was the the standard before they switched to 65 min when including setup. I understand why large tournaments don't have a start after setup though, because it slows down an already slow process: everyone has to wait for the last person to get set up which could take more than 10 min at someplace like GenCon or Worlds. But something that was 20 people or less should have no problem getting things sorted quicker.
  20. Late 2017/Early 2018 Regional locations have been announced. Hope your favorite stores are on the list https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/events/2017-regional-championships/imperial-assault/ Hope to see lots of folks here in Northern CA at Game Kastle Mountain View. I'll be helping out with the event, maybe donating some prizes. @kingargyle posted in the main thread but it will be buried there in a week so I figured it would be best to dupe it here:
  21. Thanks @jacenat @kingargyle maybe you could get a DB dump from http://ia-armies.com or http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/ then? Wouldn't hurt to start working with them now since ideally they should export your format. I think @werdnaegni runs Tabletop Admiral…
  22. Could you use http://cards.boardwars.eu to get name/pack info for the command cards? Perhaps @jacenat could make a dump of the relevant DB data for you.
  23. Generic kitchen or office scissors have worked fine for me. My script and pre-generated strips add a hairline of white between maps to help you cut them apart.
  24. Thanks for your kind words @cnemmick. However, we can't really comment about beta testing.
  25. The bottom space in black is so that it matches the height of the other maps (so you can print in a strip). This helps because as @Kelbesq notes in the post below, PixArt has a minimum area charge, thus you can order a few maps for the same price as a small map. (But sure it would work fine to pre-crop the image first.)
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