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  1. Looks like a solid brawler/hunter list. You'll probably get more out of the extra Focus from the Focus Bros than Jabba. Weequays and Onar all use focus well (Onar mostly uses likes it for the accuracy) I run both Devious & Take Ini in my merc list. Useful vs mercs and in Round 3. At 0 points it's a low investment cost. I agree that the Bantha was awesome and would love to see more lists playing him. Hard to make it work on the Swamps & Palace though!
  2. No. You can't count spaces through a door: it's as if the tiles were completely separated by a black line. Doors also block adjacency so you can't Blast/Flamethrower through them that way either.
  3. I don't think you can do that unless you're massive/mobile. You wouldn't be able to move off the space because you can't move through red lines. Agreed that it would be nice if FFG organized a Rulings Wiki, etc. @a1bert maintains an officially unofficial thread on BGG with FFG rulings: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1373530/ffg-unofficial-answers-rules-questions-thread-read
  4. I think Jets, Vader, and Palp all can benefit a lot from Urgency and would look for a 0-point slot for it...
  5. We would be able to give you better advice if we know what deployment card list you were running with him. Could you share that? It makes a big difference in how I weight my CC picks.
  6. I've seen the dream with a friend's R2 killing Vader getting 2 dmg on the roll then and surging for Pierce 2 against a Vader defense roll of 2 Def after foresight. (Was before Zillo though!)
  7. If you're going to VASSAL please get yourself a microphone: it makes the games run so much smoother and quicker! Even if you're not very fluent in English we can still communicate with Yes/No/Wait/OK much more efficiently with voice chat. It won't cost you anything either if you already have a smartphone. Just download the Discord app for iOS or Android and sign into the BoardWars' Discord server with the app. You can use speakerphone or use the headphones with mic that came with your phone. (Skype also works if Discord is otherwise unavailable to you.) /end soapbox
  8. R2 could be a solid pick right now as half of the 6 tournament-map starting positions have a Terminal within 3 spaces or less while the other half are 4 (so you'll need to move R2 up with Hera to get a first turn Scomp). I wouldn't run him without Hera to get him out 4 spaces from the deployment zone to a terminal R1 on maps like Nal Hutta or one side of Jabba's Palace though... but he's obvious better on the new Jawa map than Anchorhead. Conversely, I've played lots of Chopper and know that he provides a lot of value by ramming to move or damage things pretty often. Shocking your opponent officers etc is good too.
  9. I like to keep my maps flat under my bed in a big pile so they aren't curled when I want to play. In-Rotation maps on top, no order other than that. For transport it's fine to roll them up with a rubber band as you suggest, though if you have space in a car you can keep them flat. Any curls they develop can be reversed by curling the opposite way when you set up but it's always nice not to have to do that.
  10. BTW: Nice analysis @brettpkelly Everyone is always welcome to use the IA skirmish map images I put up on GitHub. Here's the new map for further reference/discussion:
  11. The 'current tournament rotation' image (a group of the 3 maps in rotation) has been updated with the new Mos Eisley Back Alleys map. But here's just the new map for your discussion/enjoyment.
  12. Slack is great but I don't have time for another Slack! But here are some IA-related emoji that I created for another Slack/Discord. I think you'll find them useful. IA Slack Emoji.zip
  13. Well we haven't got any HotE maps in rotation yet so any analysis on them is likely useful for future rotations.
  14. Thanks to the valuable contributions from @leacher and Paul Windram, I'm pleased to announce that the first skirmish map from Heart of the Empire is complete! It's Uscru Entertainment District from Ahsoka's pack: Full size images are available on the GitHub project page. (JSON has been updated too @kingargyle) Also important today: if you're from the US, there's an important battle for Network Neutrality going on right now. If you care about this project: you should know that GitHub, Discord, and other sites/services used in the creation of these maps rely on Network Neutrality to work as we all expect them to. To learn more and help keep the internet working for us all, please go to BattleForTheNet and contact your representative. Thanks!
  15. My favorite tournament map is ISB Headquarters from Blaise's pack. I think it's the favorite for a lot of folks on here because it's not symmetric but is well balanced with interesting objectives in both scenarios. PS: if you're going to print skirmish maps do them on vinyl at full (playmat) size.
  16. People were just talking about this in the main area: Besides the stuff they mention you probably want a copy of Negation for each player which is part of the Hoth Box.
  17. To anyone having trouble printing (tagging @buckero0 here) feel free to DM me here or on the BoardWars Discord or open a ticket on GitHub. If you are having any problems, the following info helps me help you: What image you ordered (a filename or link for specificity) What size you printed at (you can find this in your Printi Order History) Specific info on the problem (an email from Printi or a picture of your maps that didn't turn out as expected) Thanks!
  18. Too bad we could never to Single Purpose to double Grenadier back in the Trooper-swarm days. (Okay, more like probably a good thing)
  19. You still have to do damage to apply keywords or conditions (including Cleave, Blast, Focus, etc) So no Cleave in your scenario.
  20. Here's the official article showing the prizes https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/4/you-can-either-profit-by-this/
  21. Here's your official article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/4/you-can-either-profit-by-this/
  22. Steam Link: Star_Wars_Imperial_Assault__Legends_of_the_Alliance
  23. https://m.imgur.com/a/2kQZK Pics via @RogueLieutenant
  24. iOS app is out now too: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-wars-imperial-assault/id1310959130?mt=8 Maybe put link on first post @Mantis731 ?
  25. Just to be clear, are you hoping this thread is about discussing house-rules and changes to existing command cards? Or are you hoping to categorize existing command cards as printed? Those 2 things are very different. A discussion and categorization system for existing command cards similar to @theaficionado ratings for deployment cards is something that's useful to all players, especially new ones. House rules are less useful to those of us who enjoy playing in events. We are largely stuck with the official cards as printed: they're the rules we can agree upon. So while it might be nice to sometimes think about other rules, it doesn't mean much unless there are people willing to run a tournament with the modifications.
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