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  1. Another question: Why weren't the officers just given separate deployment cards for skirmish vs campaign like R2-D2 has? I think I'd prefer that template for the cards if I was going to get/make physical versions. The existing one can be the Campaign card and the new one with 2 movement points will be the skirmish one.
  2. FFG should really find a way to release these errataed cards physically. So FFG: please put out a booster pack of the new cards shown in your article. Bundle it with another IA release and/or sell them for a reasonable amount (less than $5) individually. Please like this post if you agree! Update: see post above: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/196473-skirmish-errata-for-december-2015/?p=1949164
  3. Woah: huge number of skirmish changes for both Rebels and Imperials: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/12/21/great-change-in-the-galaxy/ This basically means a whole new metagame. Thoughts? -------------------------------- Update: FFG has been responding to contacts saying that updated cards will be provided in upcoming Organized Play products such as Tournament Kits. In the meantime: here's a PDF of the new cards released on 12/21 for you to print (I had extra space so I threw in the Smuggler too). It's sized to print on 8.5x11" paper at 100%.
  4. Woah: huge number of skirmish changes for both Rebels and Imperials: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/12/21/great-change-in-the-galaxy/ Moved decussation up to main IA forums since it's a big change. Go here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/196473-skirmish-errata-for-december-2015/
  5. Unless you only play with your friends who agree to weaken or not play Gaurds/Saboteurs, you can't ignore the comparison because you're going to have to play against them in any tournament!
  6. I agree HK Assassin Droids are very sniper-ish, especially the elites with Priority Target. I think Loku might be decent in skirmish if you can get his Special Forces Focus started, it's easier to sustain it. Maybe not Tier 1 with 4x4 & Rebel Blast, but probably good enough for Tier 2. The issue DerBaer pointed out is true too. It also manifests itself in the Skirmish rules which mostly limit figures to 1 move and 1 attack. Since you have 2 actions you might as well be moving in close then attacking if you want to hit. If figures had other good things to do with their actions besides move, of if you got move points automatically somehow, the game would be more friendly to snipers. Set Your Sights tries to address this by giving some bonuses if you don't move and spend 2 actions to attack, which I think is a nice design.
  7. HK Droids might be good in skirmishes where you can keep them at range. Remember you do get 3 attack dice and 2 figures for just 8 points which is pretty good even if most of the dice are blue. (I think 2 blue die have are better than 1 red at both the best and worst case, plus you get the accuracy.)
  8. Problem is that Dengar is over-costed as discussed here. But since you have Temporarly Alliance you could sub in Elite Saboteurs for the same point cost. Also remember that you can only use Punishing Strike (Dengar's command upgrade) once per round. Otherwise it's a cool list. Not sure how competitive it is though.
  9. Half a Royal Guard Deployment for 7 points instead of 8 is a pretty fair comparison for Dengar. It clearly underscores how Degnar is over-costed at 7 (or maybe the real problem is that RGs are under-costed?) For the same 7 points, the Rebels can get a pair of Elite Saboteurs which are similarly each comparable to a single Dengar. Since he's unique, you can't even bring multiple Dengars in your squad to get multiple stuns: so you'll inflict, at most, 1 stun per turn (barring special effects).
  10. The preview is up on FFG. Skirmish-Focused Thoughts: In skirmish I want more than 2 attack die for a 7 cost figure. 8 health/4 movement/surge for 2 damage/+2 accuracy is all stuff you can get on cheaper figures generally, so you're going to need to get a lot of value from Contempt and Punishment. Luckily, I think they're both good abilities but I'm not sure if they justify 7 points in skirmish. On the plus side, this gives the gives the Merc faction access to Stun. It seems like you'll usually be choosing Stun as the condition anyway, but the flexibility is good, as is the ability to use extra surges to add more conditions. You could easily Stun, Weaken, and Bleed a figure on a good die role. So I'm not sure about Dengar, he's certainly not a powerhouse for his point cost as Boba is… Also, for skirmish, Punishing Strike seems expensive for 2 points, I think it would have been very powerful at 1 point. It does upgrade your Bleeds to Stuns though, which is really good considering many Merc figures can inflict Bleed (Transoshans and Nexu are the most common). Dengar's command card seems pretty good, but you do have to survive an attack which limits the window of use significantly. The targeting restriction is also a downside: you might not want to shoot back at the figure shooting Dengar. It's fair for 2 points but not amazing. The other command cards both seem bad because they're either only situationally good or because symmetric points are just bad. Also, FWIW Both Dengar and his Punishing Strike could improve in the future if powerful new Harmful Conditions are introduced. As far as we know, Stun/Weaken/Bleed are the only ones in the game now but who knows about the future. Update: after the recent errata for Gaurds and Sabs, Dengar is looking a lot better. We'll see soon just how much better.
  11. I'll second that Nexu, particularly the Elites, are pretty good. The automatic bleed on both, and the auto cleave on the elite are particularly good aspects too that are easy to overlook. Granted, bleed is not as good as stun, but it will often eat up an action to remove it just the same. I had high hopes for the Hired Guns but have been disappointed so far since they die very quickly and don't always strike back for much at all. The HK droids and Wampas due in the Hoth expansion both have some good potential in the future. I've done 1 or 2 test skirmishes with them so far: pretty good.
  12. Thanks for the links everyone. They're all helpful, though I wish FFG did a better job reporting these.
  13. Good to know. Thanks. I'm still looking for details on the top 16.
  14. FFG published a list of the the top 16 players for IA Skirmish at their recent World Championship event on Twitter. However I haven't seen anything about the deployment/command card lists these players used. Is there anywhere I can find this info? I'd be interested in knowing how the metagame is doing at the top-tier. Thanks!
  15. Tougher Than They Look seems like it could be overpowered especially since you get 3 figures for 5 points. This makes it really easy to cluster around or block objectives while requiring multiple attacks to get through (which seems kinda un-sneaky, FWIW). I assume you could use Blast to get around these restrictions and kill more figures, but if your list doesn't have (good) blast attacks then you're in for a lot of hassle if you want to cut the little guys down. I realize you tried to reduce their effectiveness as attackers to compensate but I'm not sure that's enough of a downside when they can trade focus for stuns means they have approx 1.5 green attack die (which is pretty good) once you average things out. If you don't move them then you have 2 green attack die which is very strong. Basically, my gut is that you need to nerf them a bit.
  16. Haven't had a chance to play with them but the general consensus is that Elite Hired guns aren't great. Better to add an Elite Nexu since they're also 6 points.
  17. No expert here but personally I'd want to spend the points you spent on Rebel High Command, Balance of the Force, and R2 on figures that can actually attack. You're putting 6 points there into upgrades for your command deck which means your command cards are really going to have to be powerful and useful to keep you of the back foot. Personally, I prefer the Elite Rebel Saboteurs over the gray ones so for a quick tweak I'd spend 4 of those 6 points on upgrading those 2 groups to Elite.
  18. Pretty funny, but probably not a great use of your skirmish points. This is something I'd like to do in a campaign setting if we ever get a card like Explosive Armaments in the campaign.
  19. Someone put it on IA Armies: http://ia-armies.com/army/p3RzV84c Haven't tried any new Wookies yet myself.
  20. I enjoy both Campaign and Skirmish, so, I like the idea of including 1x Regular and 1x Elite card for every figure group in a campaign box (i.e. 2x Reg & 2x Elite Royal Guard cards in the Core box). The other ideas of breaking everything into more ally packs seem hit and miss with me. Sure, I would like to be able to get more Royal Gaurds without buying more full core sets, but I'd also hate to have to re-buy lots of allies packs just to get a few cards that weren't included in the base game packages. As it is, I'm pretty disappointed at the new Stormtrooper Villain pack: new sculpts are nice but since they're using the same base deployment cards there's not that much new gameplay options.
  21. I've played 5-10 skirmishes against Biv and the trick to him is to be very aggressive. Charge in so that he's close to two enemies and gets the bonus defense. That generally makes him pretty hard to kill for a figure of his point value. I generally target other figures first because of this and he ends up doing a bunch of damage with his Up-Close attacks unless I'm lucky or careful to buff the guys he can actually reach with extra defense from Royal Guards, etc.
  22. Looks like the new Hired Gun Merc Squaddies got previewed today. These green dudes have above average movement and a bonus death attack to compensate for weak defense. Seems like they might be good focused on objectives while Boba & the Trandos brawl it up. Here's a sample list I plan to try once I get the actual figures: Boba Fett Elite Trandoshan Hunter Trandoshan Hunter Elite Hired Gun Nexu Only 5 activations might be the big weakness... Might be better to cross with Imperials for Royal Gaurds and Officers or Rebels for Focus from Gideon and C-3PO but I think it's worth a shot.
  23. A) If you're a campaign player: just save up and get Twin Shadows as it's great for a Campaign Play and will give you the most Campaign play for your buck. B) The packs so far have only required the core game and state this on the packs. The only skirmish map with Twin Shadows tiles is the map that comes with that expansion. Scratch that, Boba's Skirmish mission does require Twin Shadows tiles, while R2-D2 & C3PO, and Kayn Somos skirmish maps only require a Core Set. On the campaign side, R2-D2 & C3PO, and Kayn Somos require Twin Shadows, while Boba does not. The other Wave 1 packs only require core set tiles.
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